Monday, July 7, 2014

Life just got busy...

I don't know where the last 2 weeks went, life just got busy I guess....

Almost 2 weeks ago we attended Jonas' end of year concert, which was really fun. Unfortunately our pictures didn't turn out that well, so you will have to do without.

When he got home from his concert his pacifiers tasted bad. We had been telling him that then you get too big the pacifiers will taste bad. So before going to his concert I had brush all his pacifiers with a kind of nail polish that helps nail biters quit nail biting. He first looked at it, tried it again and the took it out looking it again... I asked what was wrong, and he told me it tasted bad. I told him he must have gotten too big, which he accepted, well almost just before falling asleep for a nap he said "mummy I want to be little again".
Handing over the pacifiers to the pirates in Legoland
Since then he only asked for it once the same evening, and tried it again, and it still tasted bad. So since then there has been no problem. So last Tuesday we went to Legoland with a colleague of mine and her 2 daughters. Jonas handed over all his pacifiers to the Pirates, and in return got a box of Lego.

A ride in the canoe with my colleagues daughter
Otherwise I have pretty much just been working... well until Saturday, we decided to have a impulsive BBQ in the street with the neighbours. We told people to bring their own food, and started a BBQ. We had a really nice evening, and at some point I had to race one of the neighbours on stilts... it went okay, but I lost, so later on, after a bit more wine I figured it was time for a rematch... That wasn't a good idea. I ended up falling, my foot hurt, but I figured a good nights sleep would do it good.

My foot after a trip to the emergency room
Well Sunday morning it wasn't better, so I ended up going to the emergency room. It turned out one of the bones in my foot was broken! So now I'm on crutches for a few weeks. I was on work today because we are really not many people this week since its vacation time, so I felt bad if I had to call in sick, though I did office work all day. Now the next 4 days just need to be over, then it will be my turn to have a vacation.