Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fish and seals:)

We spent a few hours today at the Fisheries and Maritime museum here in Esbjerg. At my work they have season passes that we can borrow for free, so I took them home on Friday, and today we went there. Shortly after we arrived it was time for the seals to be fed, I thought it was pretty neat seeing them swim around, one of them were waving etc. though they didn't really catch Jonas' attention.
After the feeding we went inside to see the different aquariums, that seemed to be a bit more interesting for Jonas, and the best part was a little aquarium where he could walk along, and he thought he could pet the fish... he loved it, he kept talking while walking from one end to the other.

They also have a lot of outside displays about the fishing history in Denmark, and in Esbjerg. Though Jonas just liked being outside, and preferably being carried instead of being in his stroller. The last stop was at the playground, where he tried a few things, but his favorite was probably the swing, he really seemed to enjoy it.

Now he is napping, Frank has just left to see a soccer game, and I have a little time for myself. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Favourite things swap:)

You might remember I joined Lin's favourite things swap. I was paired with Luckie, and last Thursday I finally got around to go to the post office to send her package. This Thursday I received a package from her, and it couldn't have come at a better time:)

The night between Wednesday and Thursday Jonas wasn't sleeping much, he had a fever, he was coughing and just really fuzzy. On Thursday my husband took him to the doctor and it turned out it was the beginning of pneumonia, and he is now on medicine. So the last couple of days have been tiring to say the least.

So getting home from work on Thursday, after not having slept much during the night, then having a really busy day at work, well receiving a package in the mail just made my day:)

On the picture you can see the sweet things Luckie sent me. She sent me a really sweet apron and a bib for Jonas, both some she had made herself... how I wish my sewing skills were better:) Some really cute note cards, a trio of nail polish (how did she know that my favourite colour is green?), a little book, a scented candle (roasted marshmellows, which I forgot to get in the picture) some chocolate and some candy... suddenly my long day and night with very little sleep didn't seem all that bad... thank you Luckie:)

Jonas is doing a little better, the fever is gone (luckily, because then he can go to daycare tomorrow, because we don't have anyone that is able to help us out tomorrow), though he is still coughing, but he is also eating more than he has been the last few days. So hopefully he will soon be healthy and happy again:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today it seems like I have done a lot of waiting...
  • Calling different places, and being put on hold
  • Waiting in line for about 15 minutes at the post office, and the line wasn't even that long
  • Waiting in line at the pharmacy
  • Waiting in line at the grocery store
Let's face it, we spent a lot of time waiting, luckily this didn't happen on Tuesday, because that was the day I getting things done on my to do list at work, though it seemed every time I could cross one thing off the list 2 more had been added... yeah it was one of those days!

Now I'm just looking forward till tomorrow afternoon, when the weekend is very welcomed, and even better is that on Tuesday I will also have a day of:)

Happy weekend!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Where did the Easter break go?

Honestly 2 days off during Easter doesn't feel like a break, more like a weekend... Though I shouldn't complain since I only worked 4 hours both Thursday and Friday, and then 14 hours on Saturday. When I got to work at 6.00 am on Saturday morning I was thinking, "only 14 hours till closing..." at 7.00 I looked at the watched thinking "only 13 hours till closing", and then suddenly we got busy and the next time I look at the watch counting the hours it was 3.00 pm and I was finally getting lunch and thinking "only 5 hours till closing".

The day suddenly went fast, and by the end of the day my hands were dry and cracked from the water, cold weather etc. I knew my hand lotion at home was running low, so I went over to the perfume department to pick up a new one... I decided to try a different one, well kind of had to, because they don't carry the one I usually get. So I tried one from Nivea, The SOS hand balm, repair and care... I must say I am impressed...
My hands are really getting a lot softer now, and best of all it's so much cheaper than the one I usually use, so that's win. I can definitetly recommend it, I was very impressed:)

Hope your Easter break has been amazing!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm kind of lucky...

I guess it's a bit lucky the my working weekend is this week, during Easter... how is that lucky you ask? Well I work weekends every 4 weeks, which mean I will be working Friday 7.30 am till 9.15 pm, Saturday from 7.30 am till 6.30 pm and if the department store is open on Sunday (which so far is only the first and last Sunday of the month) I will be working from 8.00 am till 5.15 pm.
I also work every Monday from 7.30 am till 9.15 pm, except for the week that I'm working during the weekend, on those Mondays I'm only working till around 4.00 pm.
So here is why I am lucky, yesterday was the Monday I wasn't working till closing time (win), since the department store will be closed Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday due to Easter, well then I won't be working till closing Friday (win). But since I am working in the garden center we are open during Easter, but another win is that I only have to work a few hours on Thursday and Friday morning. Then I will be working all of Saturday, and we are open 2 hours longer than normal, but then Sunday it's not my turn, and the last win is that since Monday is also a part of Easter I will "miss out" on my long day there too...
And that's why I consider myself lucky:)