Friday, October 29, 2010

Ready to relax...

Finally the weekend is here, I hate that the pregnancy is making me so tired! But tonight I'm staying on the couch, my husband went out with some old friends from University, so I got the TV all to myself... though nothing really good is on, so now I'm "watching" "Dancing with the stars", not so much watching as it is more background noise...

Tomorrow we are going to the first Christmas party this year, which I'm looking forward to, because by then I will have more energy and will be ready to party all night, well at least I will be able to enjoy all the good food.

The pregnancy has changed a few things in my life, both good and bad! I believe my temper has become a bit more like in my teen years... not a good thing! I have become more crafty... or well I now finish things, not only just start them... a good thing, because I made this and my baby boy is going to be wearing it after he is born...

We are still discussing names, and some people say you don't know what to call him until he is here... I don't know if they are right. But I do know I'm not naming him Gareth.... Wendy! Thanks for the suggestion, but it ain't happening;) I also had a colleague suggest that I would name him Gustav, which is a quite popular name here now, but that ain't happening either because I do believe Gustav the cat will be a bit annoyed having to share his name... and I doubt we need to piss him more off, because he will be annoyed that he will not get all the attention any longer.

On another note I just realised that tomorrow it will be 1 year since I started my blog... wow a lot have happened since, back then I just started writing thinking no one would ever read it, and no I do have a few regular readers, and I'm happy you have been sticking around, and all your comments makes me smile and really feel appreciated, so thank you all:)

I hope you all will have a wonderful Halloween weekend, which I by the way wished would be celebrated more in Denmark... so no dressing up for me this year!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is my Tuesday...

Last week my friend Wendy over at redboots started a new series, I didn't get to participate last week, but this week you can't stop me. The topic this week is Love!

So here it is... This is my Love!

I guess that one is easy:) I hate the picture though, but so far it's the only one I have of my belly. It's a few weeks old, and my husband took it just after I arrive home after working all day Saturday and Sunday, I was just ready to lie on the couch. But I do love my belly... or I guess I love what's inside.

Today I have the day of, but I do have an doctors appointment in about an hour and a half so maybe I should go get ready. So far I have only been eating breakfast, drinking coffee and reading blogs... so I guess a shower is in order next.

I had a long weekend, but I'm proud to say I wasn't nearly as exhausted as last time I worked the entire weekend. And our shelves at the store are now packed with Christmas decorations, of course that puts a smile on my face, and since putting that up all Sunday somehow made the Sunday go by fast.

I also got to the Baby Bazaar on Sunday, but I guess I have bought a lot of stuff all ready so I didn't really buy much. Though there were a lot of toys, but I figured there is going to be a bazaar again in April, so I'll wait a bit with the toys. Though I must say a lot of the clothes people were selling I wasn't too impressed with, it had been washed way too many times, I don't get why you would try and sell that?

Ohh well this is my Tuesday, pop over to redboots and participate, and next weeks theme is vacation, so you can count me in there too:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A busy weekend is ahead...

This weekend is going to be a busy one, and I almost can't wait for it to be over, and Tuesday to be here, so I have the day off.

It's going to be an exciting weekend as well, but right now I'm so tired I can't see my way out of it. I have to work the whole weekend, but luckily I can start late tomorrow, so I'm not meeting until noon. On Saturday I will be working all day as well, and when I get home my parents will be here, and we are going out for dinner.

On Sunday our whole department are going to build our Christmas department, which I'm really excited about, I always get in a really good mood when the Christmas decorations comes out.

Though on Sunday a friend of mine is also arranging something called a "Baby Bazaar", which she has done 3 times before, with lots of success. I have never attended one, for obvious reasons (not having a baby), but it's a place where you can book a table and sell all your old baby stuff. So I'm leaving from the Christmas building a few hours, so that my mum and I can go to the bazaar and see if there is anything I need. I'm sure there is a lot of things I would love to have, and I'm looking forward to spending a little time with my mum.

But I'm also looking forward till Tuesday where I will have the day off, and I will be able to sleep in late.

I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wonderful weekend!

I just had the most wonderful weekend this weekend, and it isn't over yet! We started Friday evening having dinner at my sister in law, it was her birthday yesterday, but since we wouldn't be able to make it on her birthday, she decided to celebrate on Friday. There is nothing better than being invited out for dinner... mostly because then I don't have to cook myself...

She had cooked a delicious dinner, and we really enjoyed ourselves, and we got to meet her new boyfriend, whom seemed really nice, and we are looking forward to getting to know him better.

My sister in law and me on our vacation in Singapore, I must admit my drink was a virgin... though we fooled people when posting it on Facebook, and at that time no one knew I was pregnant.

My parents in law were there too, and I do believe they are a wee bit excited about being grandparents soon... because my mother in law had been looking for a baby duvet, but hadn't found one. But just before leaving for the birthday she had seen there were one on sale this Monday at the department store I'm working at, so she gave me money so I could buy it myself. And I got some money from them and my parents as a subsidy to the stroller (they didn't know I all ready bought one), but I can easily spent those money on something else:)

On Saturday I started cleaning out the closet at the baby room, all that stuff we have saved, and for what? So a lot got thrown out... I can't believe all the winter jackets I actually had... though not many of them will fit this winter, and even if the did I probably wouldn't wear them... so now we are giving my mum them, so she can take them to the Red Cross second hand shop she is working at once a week, and then I can feel like having done a good deed!

Saturday evening we went to a friends 30Th birthday party, which really excited me, because once again I didn't have to cook, but I know he is the best chef... and I wasn't disappointed. He just came home in July from spending 2 years in Singapore, so off course we had to start with a Singapore Sling, and as the amazing host he is, he had made virgin Singapore Slings for me:)

Today I have been cleaning another closets, and now will spent the rest of the day relaxing with a good cup of coffee... or probably more.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All those thing you need to get ready...

Oh boy you need a lot of stuff when expecting a baby, I know I have said it before, but it still seems to surprise me. But I'm trying not to go overboard, but I'm really excited so every once in a while I need to buy something the our boy:)

Though right now the department store I'm working in is celebrating their 40Th anniversary, which is done with a lot of great sales. So on Sunday I got a few items to get ready... and the best thing is that it might be cheap, but I get an 8 % discount on all non-food items I buy at our store:) (and 6 % on food items).
So as said on Sunday I got these items...

    A BornFree start set including 4 bottles, a couple of pacifiers, brush for cleaning bottles and a sterilizer for sterilizing the bottles.

    A kids table and 2 chairs, which is actually all buckets with lids, so my boy can store some of his toys in there.

    A baby towel, one of those there has a hat on it.

Today I went shopping again... and got a "snowsuit", because I do remember while working in the clothing department how many parents asked for snowsuits in January, and we had been sold out for months... so I got one today.

Tomorrow our department store is having a 40% sale on all prams and strollers. So even though I had said I wanted to wait a bit longer before buying in, but it's not getting this cheap again, and then the 8% on top of it... well I'm buying a pram tomorrow!

This is not the exact same model I'm getting, but close, the wheels will be a bit bigger and the tray underneath will be netting instead and the pram itself will be a bit bigger. So when February come we will be driving in style!
So now I have to wait a bit before buying more stuff... or well who knows, I might find another really good offer, which will be to good to pass up:)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's been a busy week at work, and it isn't over yet since I'm working both Saturday and Sunday. So not much have happened this week, and not much to tell, but I decided to join Lauren's fun over at The Little Things We Do.

1. The first thing I do in the morning to start my day is get in shower and get ready for work. If I don't decide to snooze too much I will have time for a cup of coffee and a little morning TV before leaving.

2. Today I wish I was not working tomorrow, and then I would go somewhere exciting. Instead I will be staying home, going to bed early... or maybe not, because Denmark is playing a soccer game against Portugal tonight, and I might have to cheer for them... or maybe for Portugal (I made a bet at work saying Portugal would win 1-0).

3. If I had an extra $100 in my bank account today I'd go buy a lot of baby stuff... I have a really long list of things we need to get before the baby arriving... good thing Christmas is coming before the baby:)

4. Tomorrow I will be at work from 7.30 am till 6.15 pm and then dinner will probably consist on some takeaway and the rest of the night will be spent on the couch before heading to bed early as I will be working again Sunday!

5. Two things that don't go together are my sick husband this week and my temper... I'm not good at coping with his whining... as some of you might have seen he also commented on my last post saying he had a flu which only hit men, and which is much more dangerous than the one women and children gets...

6. Something I can never pass up at the grocery store is chocolate milk... well that is something I haven't been able pass up after I got pregnant, it kind of magically jumps into my cart!

7. The last time I tried something new was does a new chocolate bar with cookies and cream count? Because they had someone handing out tests on them at work today... otherwise I can't quite remember. Though I have signed up for a Zumba class next Saturday, but so far I'm still on a waiting list. Oh and of course being pregnant is new to me and going to the midwife yesterday was also something new... oh so I don try new things every once in a while:)

Have a happy weekend!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A wonderful busy weekend

This weekend is the last in a long time where I didn't have any plans, over the next couple of months I will either be working, we will be a different parties or on vacation.

So when we got up on Saturday we started clearing the room that is going to be the baby's room. My husband drove away with some stuff and I cleaned the room, and then painted it. I had hoped it wasn't necessary since we have hardly used the room, but after clearing everything out it need a bit of paint. The worst part is probably getting everything ready for painting, because after a few hours of painting I was all done!
I still have the closets to clean out, but that is a project for another day:) In the afternoon we were invited to the neighbours, because they had been celebrating her birthday with their families on Friday evening, and had a ton of cheese and crackers leftover from the dessert. And they know if there is something we really love, well then it's cheese and crackers (it was actually the dessert at our wedding, due to my husband not eating ice cream, cake etc.) Eating all the cheese resulted in us not really being hungry for dinner.
Saturday evening was spent on the couch watching TV and just relaxing. Nice change from the many busy weekends to come.
This morning we decided to go out for brunch, which was really nice. Somehow brunch is just a lot better when people are serving you, and you don't have to make it yourself. The bad thing is there are so many things to choose from, and you eat way to much. So I skipped lunch, but I guess that is the idea of brunch anyways!
This afternoon I did all the ironing, which has been growing on me, but after about an hour of ironing, there is nothing left... at least for a few days! Otherwise Sunday has been spent relaxing, watching our local soccer team play, but since we thought it was too cold to go see it, we watched it on TV.
Now my husband has gone to bed, he is starting to feel a bit under the weather. So now I'm just happy I have to work late tomorrow, so I don't have to listen to him whine. How come men a so pathetic when they are sick?