Saturday, May 28, 2011

First love!

Jonas has fallen in love, and as much as I wish it was with me, I'm afraid I stand no chance next to Emily.

You remember I told you about the group of new mums I'm meeting up with once a week, well one of the other mums has a little girl called Emily, and Jonas fell in love rigth away... too bad for him Emily played hard to get, and hardly noticed him the first time:(

But on Wednesday we met up at Emily's house, and on her own territory she warmed up to him, and they held hands.

Emily's first love might be her dad, but she is warming up to Jonas:)

Emily is actually born on the same day as Jonas, and next Saturday they will meet at the church, not to get married, but they are both getting baptised, but who knows... some day they might get married!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I have been baking...

Apparently becoming a mum also mean you get domestic. Well I felt like baking, so the other day I made what in Danish is called "pølsehorn" and directly translated it's "sausage horns", these a great for a light/fast lunch or a snack. So here is pretty much how it went...

Getting out all the ingredients... or well almost all the ingredients, the hotdog sausages is missing.

Dissolving the yeast into the heated milk.

Adding the flour, butter, sugar and salt, and getting ready to get my hands messy...

After getting my hands into the whole mess, I was just hoping Jonas wouldn't wake up right then and there... luckily he didn't:)

The finished dough, just needed to sit for a few minutes, before moving on.
Rolling out the dough, adding the sausages...
Rolling up the horns...

Basting the horns with milk before going in the oven...
The finished result! Which is now eaten or frozen for later consumption:)

And here is the recipe:

500 gram wheat flour

150 gram butter

75 gram yeast

2½ dl milk

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

Heat the milk and dissolve the yeast.

Mix with the rest of the ingredients, knead it together to a smooth dough.

Divide them into 3 equal parts and leave them for a few minutes.

The roll each part out like a pizza, and cut into 6 pieces and roll around the sausage.

Leave them in a warm place for 30 minutes to rise.

Baste the horns with milk or whipped egg.

Bake at 250 degrees celsius for 10 minutes.

Enjoy! And have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 9

It's Wednesday, so time for another Wedding Wednesday post. Today I'm going to tell you about the place we had the reception.

We decided to have the reception and the party at an assembly hall just 5 minutes walk from our place, and just across the street from the church. Usually assembly halls across Denmark has a fairly low standard to what food the serve etc. But this assembly hall was taken over by a great chef a few years earlier, and have a really good reputation.

So the place doesn't look fancy on the outside, but they have really done a good job on fixing up the inside. We got a really great service, and the best part is that those who didn't know the assembly hall, was definitely not expecting anything like it. I remember my cousins husband telling the chef that he was expecting a way lower standard when he saw the wedding was in an assembly hall.

That was it about our reception, or at least about where we had the reception. Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My handsome date

Well this weekend was a long one, not that it's over yet. Friday was a national holiday, so my husband was off work. Though on Friday we had to go to some friends sons confirmation. The weather was really great, and luckily Jonas fell asleep on the way there, so he slept through lunch, so I was able to eat without him on my lap:)

But after his nap he turned on his charm, and charmed everyone at the party:) Look at my handsome date!

Saturday we had a really relaxing day, well my husband is building a shed for our garden tools, and I was helping out while Jonas was napping, I'll end up being a real handy-woman!

Today my husband and friend are driving to Germany to do a little shopping. We need wine, beer and sodas for the baptism, and that is just a lot cheaper in Germany. But since Jonas doesn't have a passport yet we couldn't go... so after he will be baptised we will get him a passport. So now they are in Germany, Jonas is sleeping and I'm blogging.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 8

Wednesday is here again, so it's time for another Wedding Wednesday post, and today I'm going to tell you about the little accessories, like the jewelry, the shoes, the veil etc. I'm also supposed to tell you what the bridesmaids were wearing, but I didn't have any bridesmaids, it's not all that common in Denmark, so I'm just going to leave that out.

I'll start with the shoes, funny story really... when I went to try on dresses, I borrowed a pair of shoes at the store. After having decided on the dress, I realised the shoes I were wearing I really liked, and best of all they were really comfortable... so I asked if I could buy them, and I got a really great deal, half the price of the new ones, because others might have borrowed them while trying on dresses.

My shoes, with a little heel, but not too much because then I'll be taller than my husband, and a lower heel is also more comfortable. I might colour them so I can use them again... but what colour? Black is the safe way to go, but it will also depend on the clothes I will wear with it!

My veil, well the lady at the store just put one on me, so I could get an idea of the whole look, and again I took that one, I guess I'm pretty good at making decisions... or the lady at the store just knew what I liked, without me knowing it ahead of time... Also in my hair were some little twirlies that I ordered online since I thought they would go well with my necklace.

My veil, you can barely see the twirlies, but they are there!

My garter was I actually borrowed from a friend that had been married 1½ year earlier, so it was both my something borrowed and something blue... well my earrings was also borrowed from my mum. The necklace is a Swarovski cross that my husband bought me when we visited Prague back in 2004.

Showing of my garter (it's a common tradition in Denmark, as well as the groom is showing his boxers). You can see the necklace, but for at better look see the top picture of the blog:)

I guess that was it for my accessories. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My week so far...

This week have been fun, on Tuesday Jonas and I went to baby singing at a church in town. Some of the girls from my midwife group asked if we wanted to come along, and Jonas really seemed to enjoy it... well at least part of it, just until he fell asleep.

Jonas taking a nap on the couch in his PJ from Wendy

Afterwards we met up at our place, and just imagine 5 girls with their babies... well to say the least that doesn't go over quiet:) I really enjoy spending time with these girls, which is a bit strange, because the first time I met them at the midwife... well let's just say I didn't think the most about some of them. But I guess now we just have so much in common after having followed each other through the pregnancies and everything.

Jonas just haning out!
Yesterday I went to meet up with a group of mum who live really close by, and we have all given birth within the same month. It's the municipality that sets up these groups, I guess they figure it some kind of support system for mums. I used to think that it was kind of silly, but now... well I did sign up for it, so I guess not so silly after all. I guess it's because now I'm staying home on maternity leave for so long (I'm starting work the day before Jonas turns 1 year old), it's just nice to meet up with other people during the day, because let's face it, you don't get a whole lot smarter talking to a baby, and some adult contact is good for you:)

So on Wednesday they are all coming here, and then we start taking turns visiting each other every week. Well in the beginning it will be every week, and then after the summer we might switch to every other week, but we will see how it goes.

Hope you all will have a fab weekend, mine will be spent watching the Eurovision song contest, a bit of baking and a little cleaning... and Jonas and I might have a job modelling again:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 7

Wednesday, and you know what that mean... Wedding Wednesday, and today I'm going to tell you about the dress.

I did not have an idea of what I wanted it to be like, it's not like I have always known how it should look. I remember back in the earlier nineties I saw some dresses that I thought back then that was how my dress should be if I ever got married... but if you hadn't noticed what was in back then... well is was not what I was going for in 2009! I thought I wanted something that was tight all the way to my knees, and then it would be huge from there down... well that was in the early nineties, which is almost the eighties...

Me in my dress just before going to the church. I don't have any good close up pictures of the dress unfortunately...

So then I started looking around for a dress in the fall 2008 I had no clue to what I wanted. On one hand I would like something simple, but on the other hand I wanted something amazing since I wouldn't get the chance again. Our neighbour knew a dress designer who would make my dress, I just had to know somewhat what I wanted... and besides I wouldn't be without trying dresses.

I found this online, so you have a better view of the details!

I went to a bridal shop with my mum and my brothers girlfriend. The woman asked what I wanted, and I said "I'm not sure, but something simple and something amazing, and preferably with a halterneck". The woman and I picked out a few dresses, but they didn't have many with a halterneck, but they could sew one on she said. The first dress I try was actually the one I got, I tried about 8 dresses, and every time I looked over at the dress I had on first. I was just so right, and I bought it, I figured since it was all I wanted, why go to the trouble of getting one made... I had figured I would like parts of one and parts of another.

I bought the first dress I tried on, and that's the story about my dress:)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Party Planning...

Well first of all I'm going to wish you all a Happy Mothers Day, my first as a mother:) So thank you Jonas for the tablecloth and the worlds best mum bookmarks (which I might have bought myself)...

At the moment I'm planning our annual Survivor Party, some of you might remember it from last year. We have invited about 30 people, who will be divided in a red and a blue team, and they will spent the day competing in different party games, and one by one they will be voted of, and in the end we will have a winner.

Last years winner

But this is where I might need a little help from you guys. I have to come up with a lot of party games where 2 teams can compete against each other (or a few people from each team). So I figured you guys might have some great ideas, and maybe some games I had never heard of... so please let me know, because I would like to come up with games that we haven't used before.

Happy Sunday and Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 6

Yet again it's Wednesday, and time for a Wedding Wednesday post. Today I'm going to tell about the colours and the flowers that we used.

I decided on a light green and ivory or white being the colours used at our wedding. For me to choose a pink or a purple just seemed to girlish, and after all green is the colour of hope, so I guess it couldn't fit better.

This picture is probably one of the best of my bouquet. Mostly roses, some clematis etc. It's actually a colleague of mine who made it, she used to work at a florist, and offered to make my bouquet... and she did a really good job if you ask me:)

A picture of one of the tables, I guess we were pretty lucky that our party favours matched the napkins. The day we went to talk about the table settings, flowers, napkins, food etc. I had forgot to bring along one of the little bags my mum had all ready made for the party favours, so we were going through their napkins, and I said I think this one will match... I didn't go back later to check, it wasn't until we drop of the party favours the day before I got to see them together... I guess you can be lucky sometimes.

Last a little peak of what was in the party favours, some candy, a piece of chocolate, a little perfume, some mints, a few painkillers for the day after, a toothpick and a dance card. It's not all that common with party favours in Denmark, but we had been at some friends wedding, where they had them, and we stole their idea. Everyone loved them, and the best thing was it was kind of an ice breaker for the people seated together who didn't know each other... though it didn't seem to be a problem for people to get the talk going!

Well that was it with our colours.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The day I got to be a model...

Yep I got to be a model for a few hours... well more like 20-30 minutes. And honestly it was not all that glamorous, there were no stylist to dress me, no make up artist, no one to get me coffee, nothing... expect for a really cute male model.

My husband needed to set the lights in his new studio, and needed someone to "model" for him, so Jonas and I got to do a photo shoot with him! The things is I didn't get to even change my clothes or do my make up, so this is how I look on a Friday night, when I have been home all day taking care of my baby, who for the record hardly slept on Friday because he had a little cold and a stuffy nose (try getting a baby to blow his nose! I ended up being the mean mummy trying to rinse his nose).

Any ways the pictures were just taken so he could see if the lights were set up right... and here is a picture of us after my husband have been playing a bit with it in photoshop.

I learned that modelling is not all it's cracked up to be... but if I get to model with so cute models every time, well then maybe, but just maybe I could cope with it.