Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well, it all started very well with my scheduled posts, but then it just went down hill from there, and my little blog got neglected over Christmas, it seemed that between work, family and Christmas I just didn't have time to blog. But here is a few pictures from around Christmas.
The first picture is of me and Jonas fooling around. A friend from my knitting group made us santa hats with our names on it, aren't they cool? She also made a bag for santa to carry the presents in when he visited us, it had both Jonas' name and our address, so Santa knew where to go:)
Jonas got presents all through the day, and still he was overwhelmed in the evening and we had to save some of the presents for the 25th. Here he is opening a vacuum cleaner, which he was afraid of at first, but now he is vacuming all around the house:)
In the evening we got a visit from Santa, Jonas really enjoyed his visit, and helped Santa hand out presents to everyone.
Unwrapping yet another present, though he is quite tidy when unwrapping. All the paper has to go in the trash can, though he accepted to put into the plastic bag too.
There you have my little recap of Christmas, and I guess all that is left to say is Happy New Year all, I'll be back in 2013.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, hope you will have a wonderful time with your families.
I hope Santa has been good to you this year:)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Playful food

I guess I could have called this a "Cooking with Connie" post too, and then again not really. This Christmas Jonas is getting a play kitchen, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a hit, why you ask? Well because it has been standing in our guest room for the last 2 months now, and every time he gets a chance to get in there he is playing with it. I had the best laugh one morning when I walked in on him playing with his Christmas gift, not only was he pretending to cook, but he had got into the cat food, so in one of the pots there were cat food, and he was stirring away:)
I figured he needed some play food instead of cat food so I looked for recipe for crocheted play food, and found this great website. So far I have made an egg, some fried eggs, and a burnt donut... burnt because I only had dark brown yarn, but I doubt that it will bother him all that much. The recipe actually calls for coloured pearls as sprinkles, but since I don't have any pearls and I'm pretty sure Jonas will eat them if them fall of, instead I have sown on sprinkles with coloured yarn. 

I'm looking forward to cooking up some more for his kitchen:)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas DIY

I have made a few Christmas things this year, and if you haven't noticed I have been quite a bit into crocheting this last year. So I made some Christmas trees, which is super easy to make, and even better they will survive a Jonas attack:)
Well, almost survive a Jonas attack, some of the stars are pretty crooked, but that can easily be fixed.
I also made a flag garland, in Denmark it's common to have a garland with the Danish flag on your tree. I have just googled it to find out why we do this. One of the reasons seems to be that from 1864-1920 it was prohibited to show the Danish flag outside in the Southern part of Denmark since it was occupied by the Germans. So in order to show that you were Danish the people started having the Danish flag on coffee cups, pillows etc. which also led to them putting them on the Christmas tree. 

Though you don't get a picture of them on the tree for now, since we aren't putting up the tree until the 23rd. 

Ohh and then I just had to show off the Christmas decoration I got from some former colleagues that came to visit last weekend, I really love it, and especially the purple colour, I had just decided that my Christmas table this year would be purple, so I guess this will fit just in:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cooking with Connie

Time for another "Cooking with Connie" post, this time I made Nutella truffles. I actually made those last year too, remember? Well this year I haven't made nearly as many cookies or candies as I did last year since we ended up throwing out so much last year. I did decide to make the nutella truffles since they were my favourite. 

They are super easy to make, all you need is:
125 grams of milk chocolate
25 grams of butter
2 tablespoons of cream
2 tablespoons of nutella
75 grams chopped hazelnuts

Melt the chocolate, butter and cream over a water bath, after it has all melted add the nutella and let it cool down. I ended up putting it in the fridge for about an hour. After it has cooled down you roll it into little balls and roll them in the chopped hazelnuts. The hazelnuts can be replaced with sprinkles like I did last year.


I will be busy over the next week or so with work and Christmas, but for the first time ever I have actually scheduled some posts ahead of time, so you will actually get more regular post from me than I have been showing lately:)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

LouenHide pictures...

Better late than never... I received my bag in the end of October, and back then I  promised pictures of it, and of how I would style it. I was considering waiting for tomorrow since I am in desperately need of a haircut, and I have an appointment tomorrow, but I figured after working all day my preferred outfit would probably not go with the bag...
This is my first outfit post, so please bare with me:) I'm not good at posing, it doesn't feel all that comfortable.
My next problem is that usually in an outfit post people will tell you the brand of the items of clothes they are wearing and where they bought it... well let's see the top/cardigan my cousin didn't want anymore so I nailed it, the jeans... well they were in my closet from before I gave birth, and the boots I bought on sale last winter at a discount shoe store:)
But the bag, you just have to drop by LouenHide to get that, and I have used it plenty all ready, it has become my new favorite, especially because of the size, you can fit everything into it:)
Have a great weekend everyone, at least of what's left of it:)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cooking with Connie

It's time for another cooking with Connie post, and again I have been baking, though this time I had a little helper. Jonas was helping me bake cookies.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my little helper, I had my hands full trying not to get the cookie dough all over the kitchen, since Jonas wasn't the best at sitting still at the table, but what can you expect from a 21 month old boy? 

I do have a picture of the result, and I can't tell you how much I regretted not just putting plain white icing on all of them, but since I had started with the Christmas trees I continued... at least until I got to the stars and hearts.
So now we are a bit closer to being ready for Christmas. This weekend I also bought the last presents and got them wrapped. So we are getting closer to being ready, but there is still 2 weeks left, so I have to get my Christmas cards out soon:)

Have a great week everyone:)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bad timing...

I can't believe it has been over a week since I blogged... life just went busy, and I'm not going to bore you with the details.

On Monday Jonas woke up with a fever, so he couldn't go to daycare. Frank stayed home with him, and Yesterday I had taken the day off to go to his Christmas party with the daycare. He didn't have a fever in the   morning, so we went. He met Santa, got a gift and danced around the Christmas tree, all in all we had a fab time. We went home, got lunch and I put him down for his nap... 1 hour and 45 minutes later we woke up and was warmer than the sun. So the fever was back.... I went to the doctor with him in the afternoon, luckily there was nothing wrong, we just had to wait it out. Normally we would get Franks parents to babysit him so we could go to work, but they are on vacation, right now they are on the beach in Bali, enjoying the sun instead of the snow we got over the weekend. So Jonas getting sick now really sucks, if only he could have waited a week, they are back home this Saturday. 

So today I rearranged my work schedule, so I can go to work when Frank gets home, and the guy who was working tonight took my shift this morning, lucky me to have such great co workers. 

When I put Jonas down for his nap a little while ago he didn't have a fever, and I hope it's over, but if it isn't my dad will be able to be here tomorrow. Though my parents lived almost 2 hours away, and I don't want them to drive here if it isn't necessary. 

Though Jonas doesn't act like a sick kid, except for having a fever he is doing everything he usually does. Though he has just recently discover the photos on my phone, and now also the camera:)

Have a great week everyone:)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Her name is mum"

Today I was at work, there was quite a lot of customers, and at one point I walked by a mum and her boy in the cart. I recognized the boy from one of the places Jonas has been in daycare, and said "Hi Lucas", he said hi, and I walked on. After I could hear him say "Mum, her name is mum", luckily she recognized me as well, and said "yes, that is Jonas' mum, did you recognize her?"

That comment really made me smile, and I'm sure the next customer got just a little bigger smile than usual. So my name is mum, how cute is that? 

Hope you had a great weekend:) I have tomorrow off, and I will spent it Christmas shopping with my mum.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yet another finished project...

Sorry for have been MIA, but I seem to been way too busy for blogging the last week or so...I have today of, and now Jonas is napping, so I thought I would write a quick post.
So what is easier than snapping a picture with your phone of your last project? Well nothing, since I can't come up with anything else to blog about. So here you have my latest project, a blanket for Jonas.
So now he can cuddle up in his chair in front of the TV on the long winter nights... or should I say afternoons:) Just one problem, he doesn't really watch TV, or sit still for that long, but I'm sure he will like when he is older:)
Have a great day, I will continue mine with a cup of coffee and a few DIY Christmas projects!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 years ago...

I started my job at the department store... well it was 10 years on Wednesday. So I guess it's about 10 years and a week ago I called my old boss (I had worked there after school, while studying), and asked her if she needed someone to help out at Christmas time, just until I got a real job...

10 years later I'm still there, though not in the same position any longer... I never thought I would be in the same place for that long, but the great colleagues are worth it. And I think the possibility of switching from one department to another, well that is probably why it doesn't feels like I had the same job for 10 years.

I was celebrated with breakfast with my own department and lots of gifts:) Sorry for the poor picture, my cell phone doesn't take that good pictures. I got the 3 books "Fifty Shades" which I have heard a lot about, but I haven't got around to reading yet (they just came out in Danish in the last couple of months). I had planned on putting them on my Christmas wish list, but that isn't necessary now:)

Here is to 10 more years, or should we say 5 years to start with, I do believe they also celebrate 15 years:) Have a great weekend everyone:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A little annoyed...

The past 5 days have been quite busy... I was working from 8.30 am to 10.00 pm on Friday, Saturday morning Jonas and I had his swimming class, and at noon I went to work until 10 pm and again Sunday from noon till 10 pm. Monday morning the alarm went off at 5 am so I could get the last packing done before I had to leave for my 2 day course. I dropped Jonas of at daycare at 6.45 am and started the long 2½ hour drive...

I arrived at 9.15 am, and when I came down to the conference room where the course should be held there was only 1 other than me... and the 3 people teaching us... at 9.30 where we were suppose to start we were still just 2 people, so our teachers decided to wait a little to see if more people showed up... maybe some was stuck in traffic. A little after 10.00 am 3 people showed up, they had taken a ferry to get there, and one of the 4 motors on the ferry had broken down and caused a delay. This I can accept, I know they did what they could to get there on time, but a break down on the ferry... well you don't expect that. 

Meanwhile our teachers had started calling around, and it turned out a lot of people had forgotten etc. That's were I get annoyed... honestly how can you forget? I got the dates before my summer vacation, a bit early maybe, but I wrote in my calendar. A little over a month ago I received a mail with the assignment we had to do ahead of time, so if I had forgotten this would be a reminder.

The teachers didn't think we were enough people to continue... so we were sent home! That's where I get a bit annoyed, I had driven for 2½ hours after 3 long working days, only to drink 3 cups of coffee and make the 2½ hours drive back....

What a waste of time!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet friends:)

On Tuesday night the girls from my knitting group were at my place, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Every month I look forward to the day we are meeting up.

This time one of the girls had a little surprise for us...

She made each of us a case for our crocheting pins, isn't it really cute? Now I just need fill it... so far I only have 2 crocheting pins, but now I have an excuse to get more:)

Have a great weekend everyone, I probably won't be blogging the next week, since I will be working all weekend, and Monday and Tuesday I will be away on course for work. It's a  bit weird having to be away from Jonas for 2 days, I'm going to miss his hugs and kisses in the morning... well not only in the morning the whole day, he loves to give kisses, but I guess I must fill up on them before leaving early Monday morning.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It has arrived:)

My LouenHide bag that is:) Technically it arrived on Monday while I was at work, and I had to order a new delivery... but remember my post about "The Danish Way"? I talked about how we pay high taxes, and if that wasn't enough they will add taxes to the goods you buy... well also to the good you import or win, and even if this is a prize they told me to pay VAT for receiving it. 

But it was very much worth it, I love the bag. So far I only got some pictures of the bag, well because I look very much like I should just spent the day relaxing at home with Jonas (I was told the delivery would be some time between 8 am and 5 pm, it was here at 9.45 am, so I'm not stranded at the house for the rest of the day). I love the bag all ready, and I can't wait to show it off:)

The sweet people from LouenHide also added a beach bag for me, how sweet is that. 
I'm super happy that I entered Vanisha's giveaway and won. Thank you Vanisha and LouenHide!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cooking with Connie

It's time for another "Cooking with Connie" post, and again it's not really a cooking post, but a baking post. On Friday I asked a colleague what I should make for dessert Friday night when a friend of ours were visiting.

She gave me a fast and easy recipe for something that I never got the name for, but I guess I can call it a "Strawberry and Raspberry crumble".

It was super easy to make, and tasted really great. I'm sorry for the poor quality of pictures, but I only got pictures with my phone.
As I said it's super easy and here you have the recipe:

60 grams of oatmeal
100 grams of sugar
140 grams of butter
a handful almonds
90 grams of flour
All of the above is mixed into a dough.

Frozen fruit (I used a small bag of strawberries and a small bag of raspberries)

Put the frozen fruit in an ovenproof dish, sprinkle the fruit with some extra sugar, or put the crumble dough on top. Bake for 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Serve with ice cream.


Monday, October 22, 2012

I've got mail!

Remember I told you I won Luckie's Thank You Giveaway?

Well just before the weekend started I got my prize in the mail. Luckie made this cute wallet, credit card holder and ear bud case for me.

I love the colours, and especially the ear bud case will come in handy when travelling:) Thank you Luckie!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucky me:)

This morning when the alarm rang we decided to sleep just half an hour longer... Frank were able to drop off Jonas this morning so I actually got to work earlier than usual. When we got up it was a still dark and rainy, and the day continued to be gray and rainy.
But while I was making Jonas his oatmeal I was checking my mail on my phone, and my day just got a bit better... there was a mail from Vanisha, which always makes me happy, but the message in this mail made me do a little happy dance.
I can't believe how lucky I was. This all made my day, and when things a work were a little hectic today (we had a power blackout) I just had to remind myself that it was still a good day.
Well that was is for now, I just had to brag about. In the future the great colour of my LouenHide bag will put a smile on my face and a rainy day. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Danish way...

Well it seems like when I mention my 5 weeks vacation or 1 year of maternity leave I get comments about how lucky we are in Denmark. And yes we are lucky, but we also pay high taxes, almost 50% of our income is paid in taxes.

I don't think I would have it any other way though, because the high taxes gives us a lot of things too, like the ability to stay on maternity leave for a year, free schools (that is if you choose the public schools, which are great schools), free education (the university is free, though you have to pay for your own books), student grants (you get paid to study, not a huge amount, but mine covered rent and food, and then I had a job on the side for all the fun things), free dental until you are 18 (imagine the cost if you would have to get braces), free doctors and hospitals (it didn't cost us anything to have me in the hospital for a few days after I gave birth, or having Jonas x-rayed when he broke his collarbone).  There is probably a lot more we get for our taxes, but that is just what I came up with at the top of my head.

But then they want more than the 50%, but they aren't going to take it from you salary, they will hide it on the goods you buy. Recently the made a fat tax, where sugar and fat products should be taxed harder... though it seems like even the fat free products have got more expensive...

Or try buying a car! I remember when we were in the USA all those big fancy cars that were driving around, actually you don't have to go further than Germany so see big fancy cars that will be a lot cheaper than in Denmark. Just to give you a quick example, I went to Fords American web page and a Ford Focus the prizes starts at $16.200 the same car at Fords Danish website starts at $36.500... that's the tax system for you, no wonder there is a lot of crappy cars in Denmark! And on top of the high prices you have to pay taxes for owning the car! And then there is the gas prices, it's around $1,92, not too bad you think, well that is pr. liter, so if you want the price for a gallon it will be $7,26! I know we don't drive that long distances here to get to a from work, but let's face it you would have to get a really good salary to afford the long distances!

Still I wouldn't want it any other way, because I love my vacations, the free hospitals etc. The cars might be expensive, the food prices might have gone up, but I wouldn't have miss out on my 1 year of maternity leave for lower taxes and then paying everything myself.  So after all I'm pretty content living the Danish way!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vanisha's giveaway and puddle jumping...

You should go check out Vanisha's blog, because she is hosting a LouenHide giveaway. Yeah I get an extra entry for blogging about it (which mean a better chance of winning), but to be honest I'm not sure that is a good idea... now maybe more will enter, and therefore my chances are falling again. But I have come to the conclusion that I don't have that many readers, so I will risk it.
Otherwise I have been busy enjoying my vacation. Jonas and I have enjoyed the week so far, we have been painting (I tell I got my own little Picasso here), been to the mini zoo, gone to the dentist, gone puddle jumping and most of all been playing with his trains.
Ohh, and I just won a giveaway over at Cranberry Portage, but hey that doesn't mean I don't need to win Vanisha's giveaway, so honestly I'm not sure any of you readers can pull off that bag, so there is no reason for you to enter the giveaway:)
Have a great day everyone:)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday on the farm:)

Yesterday Jonas and I drove to my cousins farm, where they had an open farm arrangement. Everyone could come an visit. They have a chicken farm, so you could pet 2 day old chickens... well at least the 6 that had been taken out of the barn. 
Looking at 2-day old chicks with my dad  
Go out to field an look at the big chickens, play on the hay playground etc. Though the hay playground was for bigger kids, so Jonas didn't go on that. You could also get a ride on the trailer of a tractor, where you got to see the fields with vegetable.

In the field with the hens and my mum
You could even get a pony ride, though we just talked to them, Jonas wasn't too font of them. At the farm they also have a little farm store where they sell vegetables, chickens etc. They recently added a kitchen to the store and started a catering business.So you were able to try a lot of the different foods.
Petting the horse, not his favorite!
Afterwards we visited my parents and spent the night. Today Jonas helped my dad collecting apples in the backyard.
You get hungry from all that work, good thing he was paid in apples:)
Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vacation time again:)

This is where I love the Danish system, 5 weeks paid vacation every year... and most people also have 5 extra days, so actually I can have 6 weeks paid vacation every year, though the 5 days extra I use one every now and then. 

So this coming week I'm using my 4 week of vacation (a vacation year goes from May 1st til April 30th). I have used 3 weeks during the summer, and then usually it's nice to have one in the fall, since springtime doesn't seem so hard to go through because of the lighter weather and the national holidays. 

It's only me and Jonas having a week off though, because Franks work is quite busy at the moment, and he will be able to get the day between Christmas and New Year off, which is when the daycare is closed. 

So this weeks, we don't have any big plans. Tomorrow we have just decided to go to an open farm arrangement at my cousin and her husbands farm. My parents are there to help out, and I figured Jonas would like to see the chickens, drive the tractor and play in the hay. Afterwards we are going to stay at my parents till Monday.

Otherwise we don't have any plans, but it the weather will continue raining I know we will be using our rain suit and rubber boots. Though Tuesday Jonas has an appointment at the dentist, I'm not quite sure how he will like that... but again the Danish system is to thank for free dentist till you turn 18, so we might as well use it. 

Have a great weekend everyone:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cupcake anyone?

Tonight I'm meeting up with the girls in my knitting group again, and I promised one of their daughters some cupcakes... you might remember I brought cupcakes to one of them a few weeks back. Well I also gave her a crocheted cupcake, which her 7-year old daughter fell in love with.
So I promised I would make some for her to play with, and this is the result so far.
She is the sweetest girl, and as soon as she heard Jonas had broken his collarbone she worried about him, and wanted to buy him a get well gift. So last Monday her mum handed me a gift for Jonas at work, and said that her girl wanted him to have it. So it seems like Jonas made a really great friend in her, he loved running around trying to do what she was doing, and the best thing was probably that she still think he is fun, and not just an annoying kid. But I guess that shows that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and what does it matter that she is much older than him:)
Have a great day:)

Friday, September 21, 2012


So it looks like fall is arriving in Denmark, and Jonas have been puddle jumping. It seems like it's raining a lot, though it is probably not more than the usual in September, but you have little boy who loves to be outside it seems like it's raining all the time. So this is where the rain suit and rubber boots comes in handy.

Maybe I should find my on rubber boots and go puddle jumping with Jonas... or maybe I should get some new ones, there are some really nice rubber boots out there...
Like these pink ones from Ilse Jacobsen, she is a Danish designer, and has a lot of really cool rubber boots.
Or these pearlecent green Hunter rubber boots, who doesn't like Hunter rubber boots? The hard thing will be deciding which ones to get... or maybe I should just clean my leopard print rubber boots, and bought a few years back, but hardly ever used...

Try to enjoy the fall, even when it rains:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A little update...

Seems like life been way too busy lately. Or well we haven't done much, but with Jonas' broken collarbone it just seems like we have been even more busy. 

We have been to the hospital today for a check up, and it was healing very well. So the doctor recommended him to keep the wrap on for another week, though we could take it of for him to get a bath and when he was sleeping. And even better... we don't have to go back for another check.

Frank has the rest of the week off, so Jonas isn't going back to daycare until Monday, and by then it should have healed a lot more. Though we are really lucky to have grandparents that are able and willing to babysit Jonas while we are at work. Last week my mother in law watched him for 2 days, and Friday I was off work. Sunday afternoon my mum arrived with bus, and my dad picked her up today. I could get used to having her live here... getting home to a clean house, no laundry, and a nice home cooked meal... all that she has done while entertaining Jonas for a whole day. 

Well that will be the little update for now. Don't know when I will be back since I will be working all day both Friday and Saturday. So until then have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My little wild boy...

Monday they called from daycare that they thought Jonas was getting sick, because after his nap he wouldn't do anything, he was just laying on a blanket on the floor or cuddling up with his "daycare-mum". I stayed home yesterday, and took him to the doctor in the morning, who thought it was the flu. Most of the day he was just laying on his blanket... it wasn't until the afternoon he started getting up a little. I noticed he was using his left arm properly, but he had a small bruise on his arm, and I figured that was hurting a little.

We kept him home today, and my mother in-law came over to watch him. When I got home she said that it seemed like his left arm was hurting when she tried to pick him up. And she had also noticed that he didn't really use his left arm properly. So we ended up taking him to the doctor again, he sent us up to x-ray, and it  turned out he had broken his collarbone... so now he got some kind of wrap around his arms, which he will have to wear for a week. (I will get pictures another day, when we got home from the hospital we just had to hurry up with some dinner, and then a very late bedtime). 

So tomorrow my mother in-law will watch him again, then I will be working the night between Thursday and Friday, so I will have Friday off. I will be tired, but then Frank is off early on Fridays, so I will get to sleep when he gets home. My mum will come up Sunday night and stay till Wednesday, so he will get to stay at home at least a week, so he will have to rest his arms as much as possible, which will be hard, and probably even harder if he is in daycare. 

I'm just happy that we have a great support system... Thank God for grandparents!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cooking with Connie

It's time for another cooking with Connie post... well again it should be baking with Connie, but that just doesn't have a good ring to it:)

I am going to visit a coworker and friend (who is also in our little knitting group) had surgery done on Thursday. She had excess skin removed from above her eyes, so Jonas and I are going to visit her this afternoon, and I promised to bring cake.

I made Toblerone cupcakes, you can find the recipe here, I have used some of her recipes before, unfortunately Alicia stopped blogging about 1½ years ago, but her great recipes are still there for us to use:)

I had a bit of trouble with the piping bag, the first one broke, so I had to do with a plastic bag, then I hadn't chopped the toblerone enough, so it kept blocking the tip, so in the end I just use a plastic bag, and well they didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but the taste will be the same:)

I made the same cupcakes for our Survivor party, though I just use a plain butter icing with a bit of food colouring, and that didn't stick in the piping bag, so here is proof that it doesn't always turn out too bad:)
Have a great weekend:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm still here...

Yeah I'm still here, though it seems like the last few weeks have flown by. It feels like I have been on the go all the time. I've been to 2 home parties with children's clothes, and Jonas doesn't even know how spoil he is! 

Last Wednesday I met up with the girls in our knitting club, which I just love, we have an amazing time. Two of the girls from my knitting club actually is also blogging, though in Danish, but I guess google translate can help you out, or you can just enjoy their pictures, since they mostly blog about their DIY projects. So check out Susanne  this dress is actually for me, isn't it cool? and Camilla.

On Saturday morning Jonas had a swimming class, we decided to start him up again this fall, though he is not too happy about it, I guess he has forgotten how fun he used to have their, but it has been better for each time we go, so we will keep it up:) On Saturday night we were at a birthday party and Jonas slept at Frank's parents house all by himself (he is a big boy now). He had enjoyed himself and of course he got spoil rotten. And we got to sleep in late on Sunday... well by 9.00 am I had been awake a few times, and gave up sleeping anymore... though the party had taken it's toll on my voice, and by Sunday I hardly had any voice left, which is really annoying, though Frank thought it was pretty nice having a hangover and a wife without a voice:)

Well that will be all for now, I hope to blog a bit more this weekend:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An almost finished project...

 Remember last time I finished a project, I showed you the yarn for a new project. Well it has been under construction for quite a while, but it seemed like when summer hit, it was just too warm to knit in the thick yarn. But now I have almost finished it, just need to fix the ends. So what did I make? I knitted a cardigan/bolero for myself...
Don't mind the stain on the t-shirt... hey it was late Sunday night, and I didn't even realise they were there until I saw the photo...

And a picture from the back...

Now I am refreshing my socks knitting skills, because tomorrow I will be "teaching" the girls in my knitting/crocheting group to knit socks. We started our little group this spring, we are 6 girls, and we meet up once a month. I really enjoy their company, and I am looking forward to tomorrow, though I am not the best teacher, luckily most of them knows how to knit, so hopefully it won't be to challenging.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Survivor Party

Well this Saturday was our Survivor Party, the weather was amazing, and the party was great. We had lots of fun and I am all ready excited about next years party.

Here is a few pictures from the day. Ahead of time both teams were told to make a team drink. The winners would get brunch and the losers would get cornflakes and oatmeal.

 The red team showed up with red sodas and popped a strawberry down the bottle:) They said their new style was the didn't drink this year.
The blue team made jello shots and a some kind of mystery drink. Needless to say the blue team won, which disappointed the red team, they thought it was their turn to win the brunch... but it doesn't go by turn, so the blue team had their well deserved brunch. After the blue team was named the winner, the red team said "screw it we will have a cold beer".
The first game was a relay of 3 little games, the first part they had to roll a ping-pong ball down ruler and hit a shot glass.

 Second they had to move 3 m&ms using a straw...
 and the last part they had to move an egg from a top of a bottle to another bottle only using a string. The red team won big time here, though the ruler the blue team used turned out to be a bit crooked, so he never got the ball in the shot glass.
 Another game they had 3 cans of fruit and had to stand on 2 of them and move the third one, and that way the could walk over the finish line. The girl on the red team was really great at it, and the guy on the blue team was really drunk, so he gave up quite fast...
 In another game they had to move water from a bucket and fill a glass, again the red team won...
 We also had a "balloon dancing" game. 2 people from each team should compete with a balloon between their heads, going under a ladder etc. again the red team won.
 Here they are getting pasta penne on a spaghetti, I just love her face in that picture.

We ended up with a red team member winning this years survivor party. I know it seems like the red team won everything, but actually they won pretty much the same amount of games, but the funniest pictures are from the games the red team won.

As you can see we had an amazing time, and I can wait for next year, which will be our 5th time. We are thinking about making it a "greatest hits" and use some of the best games from all the other years.