Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend is here!

Yeah the weekend is finally here, and very much needed. I will be off work until Monday afternoon, and then I will be working all through the night. I'm actually looking forward to pulling an all-nighter. The last week I have felt hopelessly behind, but every time I try to get something done a bit faster I have been disturbed by co-workers, customers or something else. But Monday afternoon its going to be all Christmas mood for me and a colleague, we are going to stuff the store with all our Christmas items, and do all the things I don't have time to do in a normal workday.
I will spend the weekend thinking a bit Christmas at home as well, I will start decorating during the weekend, though I'm sure that my husband would prefer I kept it at work:) We are also going to support our local soccer team tomorrow, they are having their last home game this season tomorrow, and we have been invited to the lounge by some friends, which means free food and even better free beer, just one little tiny minus about it, I have an spinning class at 8.30 Sunday morning...

My parents old dog Pluto in my soccer jersey, go EfB...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A great Sunday

I'm feeling fantastic today, I had a date with my neighbour at nine this morning to go to the gym. I might end up being one of those people, it was actually quite nice, so I might end up in good shape:D On the way home from the gym we went by a factory outlet, that were selling cheap scarfs, stockings, bathing suits, jewelery, watches etc. Though this time they didn't have that much to temp me, so I only ended up with 3 pair of leggings and a watch for only 95 danish krones (about $19).
Now have the rest of the day to do whatever I want, usually I would be cleaning, but my really sweet husband cleaned yesterday, and did most of the laundry. Its raining though so I'm not going to do any outdoor activity, but maybe I should finish arranging out wedding pictures.
Ohh yeah the other day I wrote a dear 16 year old Connie letter, after being inspired by Wendy's letter, I mailed to her, and she posted it on her blog, you can see it here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Me and Max Factor have a secret...

I had the day off yesterday, and what a great day. I slept in late, got up and went to the hairdresser, and cut my hair a lot shorter, the hairdresser said she took about a year and a half of hair of my head. I also got it bleached, and I really love my new hair.

Okay not the best picture, the web cam in my laptop is not the best, but it has to do. My hairdresser is the nicest girl, well I met her for the first time yesterday, but I love her. When she coloured my hair she said that my bangs were going blond, just a really nice way of saying that I going grey. I have never wanted to admit it, but now I'm saying I'm going blond not grey:D

Last night me and so co-workers went to a Max Factor night with people from other stores as well. The make-up artist they use in the Danish commercials were there to tell about the products, and showed how to do the perfect make up. These nights are always quite nice, and we always get a bag with different products. Yesterday was no difference, we got an eye-shadow, a foundation and 2 different mascaras. As the title of this post says, one of the is our little secret. In February Max Factor is releasing a new mascara called "lash extension effect mascara". And we got the new mascara, its suppose to give you longer lashes, clump-free etc. I have now tried it, and I must say its amazing, I don't know if my lashes are longer, but its easy to put on, the lashes don't clump together so it looks like I have more lashes. So look forward to February, its definitely worth spending your money on. I usually have it with mascaras as I do with shoes, I have to wear them for a week or two before the fit comfortably, but this one fit right away.

So I had the greatest day yesterday, and are now hoping the weekend will be just as good. I've joined a gym, and are starting tomorrow, I had swored I would never be "one of those people", but why not try, this one is just build, opened last weekend, and are 2 minutes walk from my house, and half the price of all others. So if my legs are hurting too much after my first time, you will find me blogging;)

Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mr. Catlounge

Oh well, I couldn't find a purse matched the red shoes, so I decided to that I would wear another black pair, but some without heels. That was until 10 minutes before leaving, then I tried to fix my old stilettos, and a managed to make them look okay, so I went with them. It worked fine all night, though they now look even more ruined than before, but who cares, I now have time to practice wearing my new shoes.

The Christmas party went great, some people got a bit too drunk, but I had a lot of fun. On Sunday we went to brunch at some friends house, its been ages since we have seen them, and we had the most amazing day. It was really relaxing, lots of food, good conversation, wish it could have continued even longer:D

One night last week when I was surfing the Internet, I came by a site where I could enter my cat in a competition called Miss/Mr. Catlounge, I figured why not try it, he could end up winning a years worth of cat food. He is currently number 8, which took me quite by surprise, since more than 1200 cats have entered. So if you would like to vote for him go to and search for Gustav from Esbjerg. You have to vote for 3 cats, and you should of course give Gustav the first place;o)

Here is the picture that so far have got Gustav to the 8th place, I know he is a bit older and bigger now, but hey I thought more people would vote for a kitten! So vote for him:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top model... or not!

I suddenly understand the girls in shows like "Americas next top model", I've always had a good laugh when watching them try to walk in heels, while thinking to myself, how hard can it be, if I was in the show, I would blow the judges away... well maybe not. I never had much trouble wearing heels, and with our Christmas party at work coming up next weekend, I have the cutest dress, but had ruined my really good, and yeah bit old, stilettos. So yesterday I went to buy a new pair, I found the nicest black satin, open toe shoes, they would go perfect with the dress... but I now know, heels are not just heels. These a just about an inch higher than any of my other heels, and yeah that certainly makes a difference. My feet are hurting, I can't walk nice in the sober, so just imagine me a tiny bit drunk, and trying to dance on a probably wet dance floor (wet from the spilled beer, that's the way the Christmas parties always turns out), I don't think it will be a pretty sight. I fear that I won't be able to walk in them by Saturday, so now I regret not buying a really nice red pair, because I didn't have a purse that matched... well maybe I should go for the red pair and buy a new purse as well? One thing is sure, I'm going shoe shopping again tomorrow, but hey that's not a bad thing, and hopefully by practicing I will be able to wear my black satin open toe shoes for new year:)