Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oops, where did the last week go?

I'm still here, but I have no idea where the last week went. Well last weekend we were meeting up the orchestra I used to play with, and we had a wonderful weekend.

The last week at work has been crazy busy, and I really can't wait for this next week to be over, because then I will be off for a week, and I doubt I will miss work.

I seem to be relaxing and getting my mind off things by crocheting, and yesterday I made this bird.

It's a copy of the Danish designer Kay Bojesen's bird, though I'm not completely satisfied, I think the body got a bit too long, but I guess I can change that in the next one. I also need to get some eyes for the bird.

I'm not sure I will be showing my colleague this one, because last time I showed her the can covers I ended up making so many that I can't keep count. She first asked me to make some for her, and then there were a lot of her friends who wanted them too... so I think I have been making close to 50 by now, so they are no longer so much fun to make.

Hope you are all doing well.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics began almost a week ago, and I must admit I haven't been that excited this time. Not that the Winter Olympics ever really got me excited. Wellback in 1998 in Nagano I actually got up in the middle of the night to watch the Womens Curling Finale. Before the Olympics in 1998 not many Danes knew what curling was, or that we had a team in the Olympics. The women surprised everyone and took home a silver medal.

Since then our biggest hope in the Winter Olympics have been our Curling teams, but this year.... Well they just suck. I think the men won one game and all I remember is the women losing one game after another. 

So nothing to get excited about. Do you follow the Olympics? 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A finished project... again:)

I finished another project, a pair of felted slippers for Jonas. 

That was probably one of the easiest and fastest project I have ever made. You knit a "long" piece, sew it together.
They look huge, actually they fit me before throwing them in the washer.
You wash them at 60 degrees Celsius, and they come out several sizes smaller.

And here you have the finished project on Jonas. What a great look, boxers and slippers! We are potty training and not wearing pants makes it easier reaching the toilet in time:)
And last a picture of the slippers without Jonas, he found it hard to stand still for me to take a picture.

But hey wasn't that a super easy project, I think I will make some for myself as well.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The sweet challenges of motherhood

One of the sweet challenges of being a mother is potty training... and we are in the middle of it.

The thing is, we have enrolled Jonas in the Early Years programme at the international school instead of regular kindergarten. But a few things are different there from regular kindergarten, one is that they have to be diaper free. Jonas was really good at telling us he had to go potty when he needed to do number 2, but hey I had to go ruin that last summer. I figured we had a week off without any plans, so I will take the diaper off him, and ohh did that backfire! He was crying that he wanted to put a diaper on, what a great mum I was. That also made him not tell us when he had to go.

Since he is starting the Early Years programme on March 1st we figured we needed to start training, and this weekend we did! Saturday morning went fine, without accidents, but after his nap... well it went downhill from there, and we had to put clean underwear on him what felt like a million times.

Sunday went a lot better, only one half accident, he had gone into the bathroom, but was a bit too slow getting his underpants off, but hey he was trying. He is still wearing a diaper in daycare but we take it off him when he gets home, and since Sunday no accidents, hurrah! 

Today I took him grocery shopping without a diaper, our first trip out of the house diaper free. We did a fast shopping trip, because he still isn't too good a telling us when to go, we keep asking him and he says yes or no, so a fast shopping trip without accidents was a success. So I still got hope that he will be diaper free before March 1st., I must admit I wasn't too sure Saturday afternoon!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to normal

Well we seem to be getting back to our normal routine now. Jonas is over the chicken pox, and will be back in daycare tomorrow.

My mum came here on Monday afternoon and stayed till Friday, so we could still go to work and she would watch Jonas. The thing is when my mum is here she doesn't only take care of Jonas... she cleans, she cooks and she does the laundry... it's like having an Au pair.

On Thursday I think Jonas would have been ready for daycare, but since my mum was here he stayed home. On Friday my dad came as well, because they were attending grandparents day in the daycare. They had a really nice time, and Jonas had been really excited to see all his friends again.

While my mum was here it was snowing, and when I arrived home late on Tuesday night after working till 10.00 pm this was the sight I saw.
They had been building snowmen, all of five snowmen. Jonas really had enjoyed himself, and didn't want to go inside. On Wednesday the had gone out to decorate them with carrot noses and pebble buttons and eyes.
My mum tried to get a picture of him and all 5 snowmen, but he kept moving around, so she got one without telling him she was photographing him.

Now there isn't much left of the snowmen, hopefully that means that spring is here, or is here very soon anyways. Though Jonas is a bit upset that his snowmen is gone.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.