Friday, April 30, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

What a week, I've been so busy with work, but luckily today is a holiday in Denmark so I'm having a long weekend! So I will have time to catch up on everyones blogs.

Anyways, it's Friday, which means it's time for Fill In The Blank Friday. Lauren over at The Little Things We Do have chosen the theme for this week should be movies, so here are my blanks.

1. My absolute favorite movie of all time is "The Long Kiss Goodnight" I saw the first time while I was in high school, and I just loved Samuel L. Jackson.

2. My favorite movie as a child was a Danish movie called something like "The Baroness at the gas station", it was about a girl who lived with her uncles at a gas station because her mother had died, and no one knew who her father was. It turns out her father was a Baron who also had passed away, but his mother wants her to take over after her. The girl is a real tomboy and the old baroness tries to turn her into a lady.

3. The best movie quote ever is from "Forrest Gump" said by Forrest "Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get".

4. My favorite actress is Meg Ryan, she just mad a lot of great movies, I loved her in everything from "Sleepless in Seattle" to "You've got mail" and another plus is her always good looking hair Also My favorite actor is a tie between Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hanks, both great actors, I mainly like Samuel for "The Long Kiss Goodnight" but let's face it Tom Hanks did a lot of great movies, and lot of them with Meg Ryan, so whats not to love?

5. The movie I could watch over and over is "Grease" I just love the songs, I pretty much knows the movies by heart.

6. My favorite movie genre is depending on my mood, but I'm love a romantic comedy.

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is I don't really have plans to watch movies this weekend, but they are having a "Romantic Comedy " theme on one of the Danish stations this weekend, which means they are showing "50 first dates", "There is something about Mary", "Keeping the Faith" and a lot more , so I might end up watching a movie or two.

Hope you all will have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drunk or a kid? answers!

Okay here we go with my answers, I guess some of the stories might need a little explanation...

1. Kid, let's face it, if a guy had peed on me while I was drunk I wouldn't tell you about it! No this happened when I was 5 and the boy was 4, we were at his house just down the street and he told me to go home, and as annoying as I can be I stayed! So he peed on my leg, and I never played with him again! Though I am now friends with him on facebook...

2. Kid. You didn't see that one coming, I guess that could have happened when I was drunk. But it was a summer when I was at my cousins, and the boy next door was really annoying and my youngest cousin told him that I was famous and had been in a lot of cornflakes commercials and I just followed the fun. To this day my cousin still calls me Connie Cornflakes.

3. Drunk. It was on a ski trip to Austria we had won at work with a shampoo brand. Me and 2 colleagues went with about 10 other people from other stores and everything was paid for. So with everything paid right from getting on the plane to the after skiing and the taxi back, well that's just disaster waiting to happen. I got quite drunk and for some reason thought I was a ninja, maybe because I thought I so great at skiing... NOT. Anyways I tried to do a circular kick and ended up falling and spraining something in my thigh, though I didn't realise until the day after, I guess the alcohol was covering for the pain.

4. Drunk. That was at my bachelorette party, we were split into 2 teams and had to compete in a lot of different game. One of them I had to compete with another girl in who could fit the most marshmallows in her mouth. I had to go first, which I to this day still think is unfair, and when I reached 12 she was looking at me a bit scared, but I was thinking, of course she is, I would do the same in hope of her stopping so I could beat her. So I continued and ended up with 23, and then it was her turn she only got to 13. I was drunk at the time, but I would do it again if I was competing with someone.
I don't have a picture of me with the marshmallows in my mouth, but I have one with the stripper. He was so fun and it was so awkward at first, but I got another drink, and I guess my inner porn star came out;)

Thanks for playing along, and thank you Carrie for posting about this fun game!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drunk or a kid?

I just read the funniest post over at Laugh, Love, Eat Ice Cream, and Carrie had watched an episode of "How I met your mother" where Marshall had introduced a funny new game. Basically, someone tells a story about something ridiculous they did and people have to guess - when you did that were you “Drunk” or “A Kid?”

I want to play along, and you guys are welcome to guess the answers and leave a comment, and I will post the answers in a few days.

1. I friend of mine once told me that he would pee on my leg if I didn't leave the room... I didn't leave the room, and he kept his promise... some friend!

2. I once told someone I was famous, and had done quite a few commercials.

3. I once pretended being a ninja and ended up spraining a muscle in my thigh.

4. I once had 23 marshmallows in my mouth at once.

Isn't that fun? Hope you guys will play along!

The weekend is getting closer

I can't wait till I'm off work tomorrow, don't get me wrong I love my job, but the weekend is very much needed!

I didn't get a hangover later on Sunday, which I still can't believe. I had so much energy and suggested we should go look for more flowers for the garden, but my husband pointed out the he bet I didn't care to plant them when I got home, to which I could only agree... I just wanted to do something fun and he suggested that I could mop the floor or pull weeds... where is the fun in that? So we decided to watch a movie, and about 30 minutes into the movies I was asleep on the couch!

But the afternoon nap on Sunday wasn't enough, so I went to sleep early on Sunday. But on Monday I was still tired, again I went to bed early and it isn't until today that I'm feeling back to my usual self... I guess I didn't get a hangover but I was tired for almost a week, but it was worth it.

On Tuesday me and 3 colleagues went across Denmark to see some of the other departments store in our chain (there are 14 across Denmark). We started out driving to Copenhagen, and then moved back. We went to 6 other stores, and I was exhausted when I got back and then working 13 hours yesterday. The trip gave us a lot of great ideas to what we could improve, but it also confirmed us in the things we were doing right. It also made me think about how lucky I am living in such a small country, where you can easily drive from one side of the country to the other in the matter of a few hours... so why is it that I hardly ever go to Copenhagen?

This weekend I will be relaxing... well on Saturday I'm going to my brothers fiances birthday, its her birthday today and we have been invited for lunch on Saturday, though my husband won't be able to make it since he sign up for photographing course. On Saturday night we have been invited for dinner at my husbands sisters place, since she has a new kitchen and would like to cook for us. But Sunday I will be relaxing, and depending on the weather I might be doing a bit of gardening.

The birthday girl, Mette, at our "survivor party" last year. Happy birthday Mette!

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you will have a great one!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I feel great, but where is the hangover?

We had a party with work last night at my place, we had a blast! I got just a tiny bit drunk, and got to bed at 3 a.m.
I couldn't really sleep and at 8 a.m. I was up cleaning after the party, I feel super energetic and better than ever. But I'm a bit scared, because I'm sure it will hit me at some point, and that will probably be at dinner time with my husbands parents.

I have never felt so good the day after, even if its a party where I haven't been drinking. People say their hangovers get worse the older they get, but hey if this is the way I'm going to feel, then I'm looking forward to growing old:)

I haven't made any plans for today, except for dinner at my parents in laws house, so I suddenly have a whole day extra isn't that great?

Another thing that's great is my colleagues, this is what they gave me for hosting the party.

A Le Creuset heart shaped dish filled with candy, aren't they the sweetest?

Have a lovely Sunday, I'm off to eat some leftover food from yesterday, there must be a ton of leftover food!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

Yeah it's time for Lauren's fill in the blank Friday, and I'm joining the fun.1. The first thing I do in the morning is wake up my husband since he doesn't always hear the alarm, then set the alarm again and turnover and sleep for another hour.

2. Every night before bed I set the alarm, read a bit, and check the alarm again before turning of the light (I don't have some disorder I just don't like being late... okay I'm not totally normal, but that is the only thing I check over and over again)

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is curl up on the couch, watch TV, eat chocolate and drink coffee.

4. Something that makes me cringe is the way parents talk to their kids while shopping. Since I'm working in a department store I hear a lot, I can't believe how angry the parents can get when a kids ask for something or starts to whine! For goodness sake what do they think will happen if their kids have been up early, had a long day, and then their parents takes the shopping, no wonder if they are tired.

5. Social situations excites me if I know and like the people I'm in the situation with, if it is with strangers I usually don't care too much about it. This weekend we are having a party with the people from my department at work, the party is going to be a my house and I'm super excited about it.

6. I like to collect I don't collect a lot of things, but our trip to the USA in 2007 we started a new tradition. Instead of buying a lot of souvenirs that seems cool at the sight, but not so cool when it's brought into our house, we now buy a magnet to put on our board (we soon needs a bigger board). So we are collecting magnets from the places we visit, and are reminded of all our great vacations every day.

7. Weekends are for relaxing, catching up with friends and family and partying, this weekend I will for sure be partying. And some weekends are for doing housework, but not this one, I'm pretty sure I wont be able to do any housework on Sunday, I'll probably be hungover and will have to babysit the couch and the TV.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


This have been a crazy week at work, so I haven't had the energy to blog about our trip to Berlin until now, but here it is.
We had an amazing trip, and words can't describe the city, so I will show you with some pictures instead.
The Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz, it's a complex with lots of cafes, restaurants and a cinema.
My husband and I having lunch at the Sony Center
Me in front of parts of the wall standing a Potsdamer Platz. It's really hard to imagine that this beautiful city was separated by a concrete wall from 1961-1989.
A memorial for the almost 6 million Jews murdered in Europe during the Second World War. It looks like a field of burial caskets.
The Brandenburger Gate is a former city gate. The wall passed just west of the Brandenburger Gate and the gate became a symbol of the divided city.
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, the church was first built in 1895 and destroyed during the Second World War. Afterwards they discussed whether to tear it down or renovate it. The solution was to built a new church around the remains of the old church.
The TV tower, we had talked about going to the top and having lunch, but when we got there the was a 2 hour line to get to the top, so we decided that Berlin has so many other things to offer, so we didn't want to waste time standing in line.
Around Berlin stood a lot of bear, which is the city of Berlins landmark. And off course I had to get my picture taken with him.

I just had to get a picture of the red and green man at the pedestrian crossing, he is wearing a hat, isn't that just the cutest?

Well that was just a few pictures from our trip, I can definitely recommend going there! The Germans were all kind, understanding and helpful, and the have a lot of great places to eat, and get a few of these....

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A year has passed...

I can't believe that at this time a year ago we had been married for about 24 hours! Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary! We started the morning in Berlin and drove the 6 hours back, and were really tired.
The box that we weren't allowed to open until yesterday

But lets face it, none of us are really romantic, I want to be, and I love the romantic movies, but when I try to be its just not for us, it comes over all awkward. If my husband would do all these romantic things I would worry... because he has never been that way before, so why would he suddenly start! I guess that's just one of the reasons we fit together!
My husband got the box opened
But we did celebrate when we got home. At our wedding a friend of mine held a speech and in the end all the guests go a red paper heart, on which the should write something.
All ready to drink and start reading
All the hearts were put in a locked container and we weren't allowed to open it until our first anniversary! Inside the box was a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses and a whole lot of hearts.
All the hearts, just waiting to be read!
We had a lot of fun reading them. I had dreaded some of the notes, because I was sure a lot of people would write something about having kids, but there were none of that kind, but a lot of fun comments about how drunk people had got:) Here is just a few of them.

This one is from the girl who were our toastmaster, it says "I'm drunk and you paid... thanks for a great day."

A friend of my husband wrote this "You are now legally allowed to have sex"

A friend of my from Sweden, whom I got to know in the USA 12 years ago, gave us 3 bottles of wine, the first to be opened on our 1st anniversary, the second bottle is for the 3rd anniversary and the third bottle for our 5th anniversary.The bottle of wine to celebrate our first anniversary as husband and wife
But since we just go home, and hadn't planned anything for dinner we ended up eating pizza and drinking red wine. The rest of the bottle we took with us in front of the TV and watched a few movies. So we had a relaxing and fun anniversary, just like we liked it to be:)

A closeup of the wine bottle and the tag

These were some really great ideas, and it brought back some great memories. I might be using the one with the hearts for my brothers wedding, its so fun reading the thoughts of happy drunk people a year later:)

Hope you all enjoyed Easter, I for sure did, more about our trip to Berlin will follow.