Thursday, May 31, 2012

In 5 days I will be in...

Edinburgh, and in 6 days I will meet up with her again and I get to meet her little baby girl. We first met in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2002, we were both there as a part of our studies. I can't believe it's been 10 years, well it's not 10 years since we last met, that is "only" 8 years ago. Wendy came to Denmark to visit me and another Danish girl we also got to know in Slovenia. So does this count as a blogger meet up? Since I knew her before blogging I don't think that it counts.
 Okay it wasn't all studying, we had quite a few parties too. It's me on the left, Wendy in the middle and on the right is the other Danish girl.

I'm super excited about going, though not nearly ready to go. I will be working all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and until 4.00 pm the latest on Monday. So packing has to be done in between. Though I have written a list so I think I can pack fairly fast, though you really need a lot more when travelling with a kid:)

So have a great weekend everyone, and hopefully I will be able to blog again before leaving:)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sun and water fights...

Today the weather yet again was amazing, the only downside to this warm weather is that Jonas has a bit of trouble sleeping in the afternoon. Luckily it's cooler in the garage, so we ended up putting his pram in there instead of outside (in Denmark it's very common that babies/toddlers sleep outside in their pram, pretty much no matter what the weather is like).

This afternoon Jonas got a drink of water, and every time we filled his cup he took a sip and the spilled the rest on the ground or on himself. In the end he was pretty wet so I decided to have a little water fight with him, and started spraying him with the hose... and he loved it:)

Have a great weekend everyone, I will be enjoying an extra long one since Monday is a holiday here in Denmark!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm still here...

I haven't disappeared completely, but I seem to have been hit by a bloggers block.
Well sort of, when I get an idea of what to blog about I either don't have the time or the energy to do it, and when I have the time and energy to blog... well then I don't have the ideas!

Since my last post nothing much have happened, I have been working, spending time with my family and I guess that is pretty much it! Though I don't know when I will be blogging again, because now the weather is finally great here in Denmark, maybe a bit too hot. So the next couple of days I will be enjoy the weather, because we never know how long it will last.

Though I will leave you with a picture from this weekend of Jonas in his sandbox, I guess that sums up pretty good what we have been doing the last couple of weeks. I know I said the weather was great here, and he is wearing a sweater, but on Saturday I wasn't as hot as it is now.

Ohh and another BIG thing has happened since my last post, Jonas has started walking... well at least a few steps, but he is taking a few extra steps every day now, so pretty soon he will be running around:)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another finished project...

Remember I started crocheting a blanket? Well I have finally finished it, and here you have it. I think it goes pretty well with our pillows, though the last couple of days have been really warm here, so the use of the blanket haven't come in handy yet... but winter will come around again.

I have also bought yarn for my next project. Depending on the result this may or may not be the only thing you will ever hear about it:)

 I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the best, but I can't be bothered to take some new ones:) Have great weekend everyone:)