Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 thing I'm looking forward to...

I'm now 11 days past my due date, and I do believe it's fair for me to look forward to not being pregnant any longer! So here is 10 things I'm looking forward to after I'm done being pregnant.

  1. Holding my little baby boy

  2. Being able to get out of bed without sounding like a 90 year-old lady
  3. via

  4. Being able to tie my own shoes (okay so far that only happened once, but you feel a bit silly when your husband has to help you)
  5. Not having to go to the toilet 20 times during the night, I'm probably gonna be up with the baby, but that's okay
  6. Being able to comfortably shave my legs, they are so far away so I'm just glad it's still snowing, so I can skip shaving every once in a while
  7. Being able to get dressed without working up a sweat
  8. Not looking around the floor if I'm picking something up, thinking what else can I do while I'm down here?
  9. Getting to drink coffee again, since I'll hopefully be done having heartburns
  10. Being able to get up from the couch without thinking "this is hard work"
  11. Blogging about something else than pregnancy and annoying calls to hear if I have given birth!
That is something to look forward to if you ask me:) Hopefully only a few more days left!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Still no baby!!!

First I want to thank you all for your sweet comments, they really cheered me up:)
I'm now 9 days past my due date, and I don't think he is on his way yet. Yesterday I had an appointment at the midwife, and as expected she ordered a time for an ultrasound next Wednesday, when I'm exactly 2 weeks past my due date.
Some of the appointments at the midwife has been in groups, I was in a group with 4 other girls, one was expecting her second child, and the rest of us was first timers. I was the suppose to be the first one to give birth, but yesterday she could tell me 2 of the others had given birth all ready. One had just given birth (about a week early) and the other girl had given birth last week, but she wasn't due until the middle of March, so almost a month early. I'm really thinking about her, and hoping everything will be all right. But I must admit when I first heard 2 of them had given birth I thought it was so unfair!
Because of my appointment at the midwife my husband had taken the day of, which meant I was able to go see my colleagues in the morning. It was so nice being back there to see them all, but I don't really miss work, but I do miss the social part of it. But I guess I moved around a bit more than I'm now used to, so in the afternoon I wasn't feeling too well, and in the evening I really had trouble getting up after sitting down. A good nights sleep has helped, but I guess today will also be a relaxing day. For a short while yesterday afternoon I was thinking I was going into labour, but I think it was just my body telling me to relax.
Hope you all will have a great weekend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

If I had known then, what I know now....

If I had known that I would pass my due date with 5 days and still counting back when I got pregnant, I might have lied to everyone and told them I was due March 1st!

Patience has never been a strong side of mine, but I'm mentally preparing myself for not going into labour in the next week or so. It's perfectly normal that a first time pregnancy will pass the due date with up to 2 weeks. Convincing myself is starting to work, but when I get a phone call or a text from someone asking if I have given birth...


And all of the sudden I feel like they are blaming me for doing something wrong. When I tell them I still haven't given birth, they answer they didn't think so, because then I would have called or texted them... well why the h*** do you ask then? Rationally I know people only ask because they are interested and because they care, but because of the hormones (or what do I know) I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

It all became too much on Saturday where I broke down crying! Not a thing I'm proud of, but I just couldn't take it any longer. So now I'm screening my calls only answering when my parents or my in laws are calling (can you believe that my mother in law didn't call until yesterday, and I hadn't talked to her since Monday, almost a whole week), or if I know that this is someone I can talk honestly to, and I haven't been answering any texts over the weekend (one friend have been texting me everyday to hear if I have given birth, and that she doesn't expect me to but if I can please make sure I will tell her as soon as I have!).

On Thursday a couple of friends came by after they had been grocery shopping. It was the best, they weren't asking if it wasn't about time to pop the baby. She actually told me a neutral friend had come home from a skiing vacation and asked them if I had given birth. She had given the perfect answer "I don't know, but I'm sure we will know if she have, and I'm not calling them to ask, I remember that being the worst thing people could do when I was pregnant". I love her for that comment, if only she talked to more of our friends:)

So if I haven't given birth by Thursday I have an appointment at the midwife, where I think she will order an ultrasound for the week after, and if then I still haven't given birth they might give me something to go into labour all depending on how the ultrasound will go.

Sorry for the long complaining post, I hope you all will have a great week!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A few years ago I signed up for this thing online where you get to review new products coming into the Danish market. I only had the chance to review a few products earlier on, but now I got the chance to review... chocolate! Is there anyone better to that than a pregnant choco-holic?

So yesterday in the mail I received 20 bars of chocolate from Ritter Sport! Yeah!!! They put a new taste on the Danish market in January, which is Strawberry Yoghurt. I now have to get different people to taste the different kinds, and the see what they think about the new one. Well since I only received it yesterday only my husband and I have tested the new taste. I have a thing about berries in chocolate, I don't think they belong there... as well as raisins doesn't belong in cakes. So to say the least I was quite sceptic trying out the Strawberry Yoghurt chocolate...

But surprise, surprise... I really liked it. It must be because they freeze dry their strawberries, because they taste really fresh and not artificial at all. Well the chocolate is good as always, the cocoa beans are from 3 different places (West Africa, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar). I must admit even though I liked it, my favourite is still their Butter Biscuit. My husband weren't too fond of the Strawberry Yoghurt, which really didn't surprise me at all, since he doesn't like strawberries, his favourite is the Marzipan, which also have a darker chocolate.

So now I just have to have people over so they can taste the chocolate, but I guess that will come automatically as soon as I give birth... hopefully soon!

Enough about the chocolate for now! My due date is today... but I doubt anything is going to happen, I feel great like I have done all the way through my pregnancy. There is a lot of myths going on to have you could start your labour, like climbing stairs, drinking coffee, eating spicy food.... I don't believe them. Though we got quite a lot of snow yesterday, and I figured I would shovel our driveway in order to get the labour started.... I can now confirm that is also a myth! Maybe I should do that again today, hey maybe the neighbours would like me to shovel their driveways as well...

Have a great day, hopefully the next time I'll be posting there will be a new addition to our little family!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The weekend is over, and 2 days to go...

So the weekend is over, and as promised my husband took my out for dinner, but we changed it to Friday night, because we were invited for dinner at some friends on Saturday.

We had a really great dinner, and afterwards spent the evening on the couch with a movie. So Friday was a really great day, first with a visit from the mail man, the a great dinner and last a movie relaxing on the couch.

The place we had dinner via

Saturday was my husbands birthday, and honestly we didn't do much. He started doing some cleaning, I must admit I don't have the energy for doing too much anylonger, so what a great way to spent your birthday! Saturday night we went to some friends house for dinner, and had a really nice time. So nice not having to cook dinner 2 nights in a row:)

Sunday we did even less, slept in late, a little cleaning otherwise we were just hanging around the house hoping that I would go into labour. But I didn't... I'm due on Wednesday, but honestly I don't think he is coming before the weekend now, I don't know why, just a feeling I have!

My brother called and asked me to get it over with before Tuesday or otherwise he would be pleased if I waited till Sunday! The thing is he is moving into a new house, and my parents are going to help from Thursday till Saturday, and he knows they will skip out if I give birth:) I'll try to meet his demands, but I can't promise anything!

Otherwise I'm getting sick and tired of people calling to ask if I have given birth yet. At first it was only my parents and my parents in law, but now a lot of friends are calling as well, and honestly I doubt I goes any faster by them calling! Maybe I'll start screening my calls, or leave a message on the answering machine "No I haven't given birth yet, I'll let you know when it happens". A friend of my husband gave me a great idea yesterday when I complained about my mother in law calling everyday. Next time you will just say "Yeah I gave birth a couple of days ago, didn't Frank call you?" I think it would be a great joke, only she calls everyday so I guess I can't use it!

Hope you all will have great week!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I got mail:)

Is there anything better than receiving real mail, not just e-mails? And I'm not talking about the mail you receive from the bank etc. No receiving mail from friends, that is the best. Probably because it doesn't happen so often, but I guess I can only blame myself, I'm not good at writing letters and cards, an e-mail is just so much faster! But after the joy this mail brought me I must be better at writing cards and letters myself!

This wasn't just a card or letter it was a whole package, and it was from Wendy. I met Wendy back in 2002 when we both were studying in Slovenia, and both had a love for pancakes with nutella and banana (but that is a whole other story). So a few weeks ago she wrote me an e-mail asking for my address, and I was excited because I thought there was a letter on my way, but this was even better.

So this is what I found inside the package, a card for all three of us, a gift for the mum-to-be (me) and 2 gifts for the baby.

I read the cutest card, and I really want to meet up with Wendy again, and hopefully it wont be to long, but who knows. I opened the package for me, and I can now really pamper myself and wait for the baby to come.

At this point I was considering waiting to open the 2 presents for the baby till my husband is home, but no, I was way too excited. I'm telling you my baby boy can now enter a competition for the best dressed baby. Aren't these just too cute?

And the monkey, and I'm sure Jonas is going to love him, ohh Wendy I might name him Gareth! Wendy has a thing for me naming our boy Gareth (but that too is a whole other story).

Doesn't he look like a Gareth?

Thank you so much Wendy I love the presents, and it for sure cheered up my day, I guess this will be one less day of nothingness, this week just seem to get better and better.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The nothing post!

Yesterday my mum called, and started asking me what I was doing, to which I replied "nothing", and bit further into the conversation she asked what I had been up to during the day, to which I replied "nothing". I'm spending my days doing nothing! Well so far today I have folded the laundry and emptied the dishwasher and I'm considering taking the vacuum for a test drive!
Last night I was on the couch with my laptop and my husband asked me what I was doing, to which I replied "reading blogs", and he asked if I had been blogging myself yesterday to which I replied "No, I have nothing to blog about:)" So my husband decided it was probably about time I got out of the house, so he invited me our for dinner on Saturday (forgetting it is his birthday), I just had to decide where I wanted to go! But we don't dare make any reservations, so I guess we will go wherever we can get a table, who knows we might end up eating a sandwich at the hospital!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 weeks to go!

Today it's exactly 2 weeks to my due date! When I first got pregnant I honestly didn't understand why women in the end of their pregnancy couldn't wait for it to be over, I had never felt better, yeah I was a bit tired, but I felt amazing!
But now I get it, you don't sleep all that well, you are not all that mobile and you are even more tired... and I have a few aches if I walk to much. So if he comes earlier, he is more than welcome! Another reason you can't wait for it to be over must be the excitement of meeting this little new person who you will have full responsibility for, which is a bit nerve wrecking too, when you think about it!
So I'm now really paying attention to every little ache that haven't been there before, and every time I ask myself "could this be it? am I going into labour?" But so far that hasn't been it, and even though everyone says you will now then the real contractions start, I can't help thinking will I really?
Have a nice Wednesday everyone!