Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm glad I learned first aid...

Back in January I took a course in first aid, and then I haven't thought much of it since. That was until this Sunday, my work shift had just ended, and since I was off on Monday I just wanted to write an e-mail with a few things to my colleague... then I heard them calling for Samaritan to the front area of the store. So I ran from the back of the store to the front, and this reminded me I should start running, because I'm in really bad shape. 

By the time I got to the front 2 others were all ready there doing what they should do, our cleaning assistant had collapsed and started cramping. He was having an epileptic attack, and they had all ready called for an ambulance, so everything was in control, and all I could do was keep the customers away, and guide them the other way around, and go wait for the ambulance. I talked to our cleaning assistant yesterday and he was fine, though a little bruised on his elbow and hip from the fall. He told me he hadn't had an attack for over 3 years, so now he had to go through a lot of test again. 

So even though it might not be the worst thing to arrive at, I was glad I had my first aid course, but I was happy to see someone was all ready in control of the situation when I got there.

To end things on a little happier note, Monday Jonas and I went to visit a friend of mine who is on maternity leave. Jonas wasn't too impressed with the baby, she is now 5 months, and is starting to grab things, so Jonas thought she was taking his toys... so he was happier with a visit to the playground and the baby sleeping in her pram.

And 2 more days and I will have a week off from work, and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it:)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A responsible mum

This Saturday my husband and I where going to a concert with a Danish band called "Nephew", but we needed a babysitter. Most times call Franks parents, and they are happy to take Jonas, but a few weeks ago a friend of ours said that if we ever needed a babysitter his 14 year old daugther had started babysitting. We figured that this was a good opportunity to try her, since we could put Jonas to bed before leaving, so there wouldn't really be much for her to do besides be there. She came over almost 45 minutters before we left, so she played with Jonas a bit before bedtime. A responsible mum would day this was good in case he woke up, he would know she was here etc.

As a responsible mum, and left my cell phone number with her... Well at least I tried being a responsible mum, because I also left my phone in the charger.... Okay before you get too upset by this I had also left Franks number, and her dad lives close by, so it wasn't like she couldn't get hold of anyone. Though I doubt we would have heart the phone at the concert, but it didn't matter, because it all went well, and she hadn't tried calling us.

And as the responsible mum I am, I did drive her home, so she didn't have to get out by herself at midnight. 

Oh and the concert was amazing:)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new job = fewer hours = a very busy me...

I don't get it. I thought that my new job with fewer hours would leave me more time to blogging etc. So far that hasn't happened.

Last Monday I had the day off, because I had been working during the weekend. Jonas and I enjoyed ourselves, carving a pumpkin, visiting the playground etc. Well Jonas didn't do the carving, it is probably best not leaving him with a knife, but he coloured some small pumpkins while I carved the big one.

Last Tuesday I started the new job, but so far I haven't really started my new position, it's been a little crazy there the last 2 weeks... but hopefully soon I will start my new assignments. But I love have a schedule to follow, so when my plan says I'm off a 3.00 pm I can leave at 3.00 pm and not feel guilty about leaving it to someone else.

On Saturday Jonas and I had invited my parents and my brother to Legoland. None of them had been there since we were kids, I think they said the last time they were there was in 1988... so a lot had changed, to say the least. Jonas loved showing them around, as soon as he saw the train he told my mum that they had to go on it, my brother laughed, but a little to early, because he wanted him and my dad to come along as well. I actually think my brother secretly liked it.

The best thing about going with my parents and brother was that my brother and I got to try some of the wilder rides, and my parents would watch Jonas. I had also told Jonas that his uncle would take him on his "wild" rides, so my brother had to get into "the worm" which didn't leave much space for his legs.

We had a really fun day, and returned with a very tired boy.

On Sunday night Jonas started running a fever, and has been home sick Monday - Wednesday. Luckily enough Frank was also sick Monday and Tuesday, and my parents in law had him on Wednesday. Today he was back in daycare, which meant a very tired boy again today.

Hopefully I will get to update the blog a little more frequently now, but who knows, it seems like I said that a hundred times. Have a great weekend.