Thursday, December 26, 2013


So now Christmas is over, and tomorrow I will be back at work. Well only tomorrow, then I have the weekend off, so I guess it's not that bad.

We had a really nice Christmas, which I will try to blog about later, for now I will just leave you with a few pictures of some of the ornaments I made for our tree this year.
 Some cornets (I have no idea if the is the right word, but I have no idea what it's called in English, so I have to rely on google translate). and the flag garland from last year.
 A crocheted Christmas heart, and included 2 of those in the ornament swap I participated in.
 Today we were at a Christmas get together with my family, and as tradition prescribes we went for a walk after eating, and the walk took us to the Queen summer castle in Graasten.

The next picture will require parental guidance, I crocheted a few can covers for some prank gifts.
Hopefully I haven't offended anyone.
 Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas:)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Is Christmas really just 4 days away?

Okay I can't believe that Christmas is just 4 short days away... the last couple of weeks have just been crazy/busy. It seems like the only day I had off was last Wednesday, which Jonas and I spent driving the bus into town, go swimming and ride the bus back. He thought it was so much fun, and was extremely tired afterwards, so tired he fell asleep on the bus ride back home:)
Otherwise it's been a mix of work and different Christmas gatherings. Then last my parents called that my uncle had passed away. He had been sick for quite a while, and when he passed away he was all prepared for it. He had talked to his 2 sons, his brothers (my father), and was ready to go. He was sure he was going to meet up with his wife again. I started to worry that the funeral would be on Saturday, where I was working. It was a really busy weekend, and would pretty much be impossible to trade away. Well the funeral ended up being this Tuesday, which was my day off. It was a really beautiful funeral, and nice to see lots of my family which we only see every second year at family reunions, though the occasion could have been better.

Though since I had planned to get a lot done on Tuesday, so I could get ready for  Christmas, well I was left a little behind. Though driving 1½ hour each way did put me a bit in the Christmas mood, I finally got time to listen to my Christmas Cd's. Luckily I have the weekend off, and will be getting the rest ready for Christmas. My parents will arrive on Sunday, so my mum will help get a little cleaning done, and cook Christmas dinner. 

On Christmas Eve we will be 10 people here for dinner and opening gifts. Both our parents, my brother and Franks brother and sister. So in case I don't get around to blogging again before Christmas, which I probably won't, the Merry Christmas everyone:)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ornament Swap 2013

Yesterday I recieved my Ornament Swap package from the sweet Daniele, you can find her on instagram under danielehamilton.

We found the package in our mailbox rigth after Jonas' nap, and she was so sweet that she had also send a package for Jonas.

He was really excited opening his gift, and got a really sweet ornament with a blue bow on it, and she had made him a name tag.

I got a really pretty homemade ornament with Christmas trees, which I can't wait to hang on the tree. She also send a sweet Texas dishtowel.

The gifts were beautifully wrapped, and Jonas really loved the Christmas tree with a star and a bell on his package.

Thank you so much Daniele, and thank you Erin for hosting this years swap.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Finally the weekend has arrived... as much as I love my job, this week has been loooong... well probably because I was working till midnight Friday and was out partying  on Saturday. 

Tonight my husband is at his company's Christmas party, so Jonas and I have been hanging out and having fun. For me dinner when home alone is almost always nachos... I love nachos, and my husband, well not so much, he sees it as a snack. Well let's just say I don't mind my dinner being a snack... a large snack. As always I end up making to big a portion, but my eyes can always eat more than my stomach.

Since Jonas isn't into nachos either, well he like the tortilla chips, but you can't feed your kid that for dinner (yeah I know double standards). He had a piece of bread/sandwich and a yogurt, and as a Friday treat he was allowed to eat in front of the TV. 

Sorry for the poor quality of photos, blame it on my phone!
We really know how to rock a Friday night when daddy is out:) Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Can you believe it's December all ready? Where did the last 11 monts go?

I have started our Christmas decorations, but I don't quite feel the holiday spirit yet, but hopefully that will come soon. 

This weekend I went to my first Christmas party/girls night out. We had a blast, and I was so tired yesterday, even though I got home at 1.00 am, but I have a feeling that working till midnight on Friday also had to be blamed.

Otherwise December 1st also meant the first day of Jonas' advent calendar, that my mum and my mother in law made for him. He is being spoiled rotten. There were supposed to be a picture here of his advent calendar, but my IPad is not letting me upload the photo, and I am to lazy to turn on the computer.

Hope you all have had a great start of December.

Friday, November 22, 2013

A day off?

Well this day off was not planned, and honestly I would rater be at work. I'm home with a sick little boy. I feel bad for leaving my colleagues hanging, and having to work extra. But my parents in law are on vacation in Thailand, so we were left without a babysitter.

Even if it's cold we don't need blankets etc. because I got my own personal heater sitting next to me surfing youtube for Cars and Mickey Mouse. This gives me a chance to explore my new instagram account. I got it when I received my ornament swap partner, her name is Daniele Hamilton, and since she had no blog, I had to look her up on Instagram. I don't know if you can find people without an account, but I couldn't figure that out, so I created one instead. So now you can follow me in instagram under conniedahlchristensen. 

So far not much is happening there, I'm just lokning around, or should I day stalking people:) so far I have found a few bloggers, but please let me know where to find you, so I can stalking you too:)

Okay I will get back to fever boy, he wants to watch something else, and needs help. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A finished project - and just in time

This spring or early summer I realised a friend of ours were turning 50 in the end of November. She had asked at one point if I would make her a blanket, because she really like the one I had on the couch. I said sure, just buy the yarn and I will make it. So far she hasn't bought yarn, but I have...
And now I have finished the blanket, that she will have for her birthday. I figured that would be a great gift, and I would have a project to do. Though I have to remind myself never to make hexagons again, squares are so much easier to sew together in the end.
Though I'm really happy about the result, and hopefully she will be too:)

Monday, November 18, 2013

A weekend of birthdays

On Thursday my brother turned 40. I called to wish him a Happy Birthday, and asked where our invitation was. He said that our mum had said that I was working, so he figured it was no use inviting us, to which I replied it wasn't until the weekend I was working. So we had to find a date later on for us to celebrate his birthday.
Little did he know, and on Friday afternoon we went to a bar close to his home. Some of he colleagues had arranged a surprise party for him. It was the best, he had no clue, and he was speechless when he arrived. He had even complained to one of his colleagues that "My sister isn't coming for my birthday, she is always working!" We stayed at the bar for a few hours, and then all of us went out for dinner. I was a really nice afternoon/evening.
Saturday night I was at another 40th birthday party, for a friend of mine, she was having an all girls party, and we had a fab time. But I so tired yesterday, and unfortunately I had to work at 1 pm till 10 pm.
I have today of, and I had considered keeping Jonas home, but I figured I could use a little alone time, get a few things done around the house, and I have to be home because there is suppose to come a guy and fix our Internet, since it is not always running too great. So I figured Jonas would have more fun with his friends in daycare.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Movember

Since a lot of people, okay a lot of guys are joining in on Movember I figured I would too...

Okay the picture is taken back in August at our survivor party, and my brother and I had our family picture taken:) 

Come and join in on the Movember fun, and raise awareness on mens health!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ornament Swap

A few years ago I joined in on Micaela's annual Ornament Swap, I really loved it, but for some reason the last couple of years I haven't joined in on the fun. This year Micaela is expecting her second daughter right around Christmas time, and we all know how motherhood will keep you busy, so she asked the sweet Erin to host it instead. 

This year I'm joining in on the fun, and you can to, just head over to Pugh's News and see how to join. I can't wait to see who I will be paired with this year:)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My vacation is over...

I can't believe I just spent a week of my vacation time, and I haven't really done much. Well Jonas and I have been hanging out playing with his cars, trains and watching Disney Junior. 

On Monday there was a storm around, and several times I looked out in the backyard fearing the our trampoline would fly away, I knew it was secured, but every once in a while I couldn't help thinking okay now it's flying... so today we took it down, because I woke up during the night hearing the wind, and couldn't fall asleep again because I kept worrying about the trampoline... so hopefully now I will get more sleep:)

My parents came to visit on Wednesday, and on Thursday my mum and I drove to Århus (a big city about 2 hours away) to do some Christmas shopping. My mum pretty much finished her Christmas shopping, and I got some of mine done, but still have some left that I couldn't or wouldn't buy there in case they needed to be exchanged.

On Friday we were all attending my father in law's 70 birthday, he had a big party, and Jonas was entertaining everyone there. Otherwise it's been a very relaxing week. Several times I figured I would blog, but it's easier to do when Jonas is sleeping, so when he was napping I was thinking I will do it tonight when he is in bed, and when he was in bed I figured I would do it tomorrow when he is napping.... 

We will end the weekend and my vacation with dinner at my parents in law since my mother in law has her birthday tomorrow. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm glad I learned first aid...

Back in January I took a course in first aid, and then I haven't thought much of it since. That was until this Sunday, my work shift had just ended, and since I was off on Monday I just wanted to write an e-mail with a few things to my colleague... then I heard them calling for Samaritan to the front area of the store. So I ran from the back of the store to the front, and this reminded me I should start running, because I'm in really bad shape. 

By the time I got to the front 2 others were all ready there doing what they should do, our cleaning assistant had collapsed and started cramping. He was having an epileptic attack, and they had all ready called for an ambulance, so everything was in control, and all I could do was keep the customers away, and guide them the other way around, and go wait for the ambulance. I talked to our cleaning assistant yesterday and he was fine, though a little bruised on his elbow and hip from the fall. He told me he hadn't had an attack for over 3 years, so now he had to go through a lot of test again. 

So even though it might not be the worst thing to arrive at, I was glad I had my first aid course, but I was happy to see someone was all ready in control of the situation when I got there.

To end things on a little happier note, Monday Jonas and I went to visit a friend of mine who is on maternity leave. Jonas wasn't too impressed with the baby, she is now 5 months, and is starting to grab things, so Jonas thought she was taking his toys... so he was happier with a visit to the playground and the baby sleeping in her pram.

And 2 more days and I will have a week off from work, and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it:)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A responsible mum

This Saturday my husband and I where going to a concert with a Danish band called "Nephew", but we needed a babysitter. Most times call Franks parents, and they are happy to take Jonas, but a few weeks ago a friend of ours said that if we ever needed a babysitter his 14 year old daugther had started babysitting. We figured that this was a good opportunity to try her, since we could put Jonas to bed before leaving, so there wouldn't really be much for her to do besides be there. She came over almost 45 minutters before we left, so she played with Jonas a bit before bedtime. A responsible mum would day this was good in case he woke up, he would know she was here etc.

As a responsible mum, and left my cell phone number with her... Well at least I tried being a responsible mum, because I also left my phone in the charger.... Okay before you get too upset by this I had also left Franks number, and her dad lives close by, so it wasn't like she couldn't get hold of anyone. Though I doubt we would have heart the phone at the concert, but it didn't matter, because it all went well, and she hadn't tried calling us.

And as the responsible mum I am, I did drive her home, so she didn't have to get out by herself at midnight. 

Oh and the concert was amazing:)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new job = fewer hours = a very busy me...

I don't get it. I thought that my new job with fewer hours would leave me more time to blogging etc. So far that hasn't happened.

Last Monday I had the day off, because I had been working during the weekend. Jonas and I enjoyed ourselves, carving a pumpkin, visiting the playground etc. Well Jonas didn't do the carving, it is probably best not leaving him with a knife, but he coloured some small pumpkins while I carved the big one.

Last Tuesday I started the new job, but so far I haven't really started my new position, it's been a little crazy there the last 2 weeks... but hopefully soon I will start my new assignments. But I love have a schedule to follow, so when my plan says I'm off a 3.00 pm I can leave at 3.00 pm and not feel guilty about leaving it to someone else.

On Saturday Jonas and I had invited my parents and my brother to Legoland. None of them had been there since we were kids, I think they said the last time they were there was in 1988... so a lot had changed, to say the least. Jonas loved showing them around, as soon as he saw the train he told my mum that they had to go on it, my brother laughed, but a little to early, because he wanted him and my dad to come along as well. I actually think my brother secretly liked it.

The best thing about going with my parents and brother was that my brother and I got to try some of the wilder rides, and my parents would watch Jonas. I had also told Jonas that his uncle would take him on his "wild" rides, so my brother had to get into "the worm" which didn't leave much space for his legs.

We had a really fun day, and returned with a very tired boy.

On Sunday night Jonas started running a fever, and has been home sick Monday - Wednesday. Luckily enough Frank was also sick Monday and Tuesday, and my parents in law had him on Wednesday. Today he was back in daycare, which meant a very tired boy again today.

Hopefully I will get to update the blog a little more frequently now, but who knows, it seems like I said that a hundred times. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A fun weekend

This past weekend my parents had invited us and my brother on a small getaway in a cabin about 2 hours away. 

It was a really small cabin, but it was a really nice and relaxing weekend. We spent time at the beach, the playground and shopping. Though the shopping wasn't my favorite part since I wasn't feeling too well.

My ear was really hurting, and I was considering seeing a doctor, though it seemed a bit of a hazzle since I would have to find out where to go etc. So I decided to wait till the afternoon, but for some strange reason after eating lunch it got better, and by Sunday morning it was all gone.... I don't know how or why, maybe it was in the food?

I hope to get around to blog a bit more from next week, since then I will be starting my new job, and therefor fewer hours working:)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sorry to leave you hanging...

Sorry I haven't been blogging after all this going on at work. It wasn't until Thursday last week I got to know what department and what job I would have by October 1st. 

But to start at the beginning, this organisational changes was the kick in the butt I needed to make a decision I have been considering for quite a while. Pretty much since I got back from my maternity leave I have been playing with idea of quitting my job as a sales leader and getting a regular job with only 37 hours a week (which is a fulltime job in Denmark). 

So when it was my turn to talk to our head boss I told her that she didn't need to find a space for me on the organisational chart, I would prefer a 37 hour job week instead. She said they would find me something, but of course she could not tell me what before she know who would be in which positions. 

Last Thursday I was told I get to stay in the non-food department, and in the long run I will get more "office" work, but for the rest of year I will stay in the garden center.

So I am really excited about starting my "new" job. I wanted to blog about it this weekend, but I got a really bad cold so I was in bed most of Saturday and just plain lazy on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So far so good...

Well it turned out a lot of organisational changes will happen at work. So far noone has been fired, though a lot of people will find themselves in new positions, including me. I don't know much yet, I do know that the position I have now will not exist by October 1st but I also know I'm not fired. I'm not too worried about it, I have a pretty good feeling it will all turn out for the better. I also know that tomorrow I have a meeting with the head of our department store, she is meeting with everyone of us who is in a position that won't be there by October 1st, there will be new and different positions, but so far no names have been put on those positions.

I will keep you updated, but until things have been made public I won't be telling anything on here either. So you might have to wait till next week for some news. But I have a feeling that this will be a change for the best:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

What's up?

So I have been working both Saturday and Sunday, so I have today and tomorrow off. My plan was to go to Legoland with Jonas tomorrow, but I received a call that I should be at work for a meeting at 8.30 am tomorrow morning. All head of departments have been called in for a meeting at 7.00 am, all leaders at 8.30 and all employees later on in the day... now I can only speculate what's up? Have they sold the store? Are they changing the organisation? Are we all being fired? 

I don't was to spent my day off wondering, but it keeps being at the back of my mind... who knows? Tomorrow I might be out of a job, well not tomorrow I do have 6 months from when the fire me to I will be out of a job, and we have just entered a new month, so it will actually be almost 7 months... 

My plan so far is to go into the meeting, and then pick up Jonas and drive to Legoland, so I guess there won't be any sleeping in late tomorrow.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shot....

A few weeks ago our company attended a race, they do this every year. Since I'm not a runner I have never attended the race. It's actually a relay and everyone has to run 5 km. Before they left I saw my boss in his running outfit (which the company gives to everyone who is attending), and well this was probably where I should keep my mouth shot, but I laughed and said "next year I will go, and I will run faster than you!".... 

Why? Well I guess I have a year to get in shape, so it's not impossible... but why would I say that? Now I have even made a bet with him. But again why? I'm not a runner and I don't really like running! Anyways I figured I should start training, yeah I know people don't start training for a 5 km race a year in advance, but I guess it won't hurt getting in shape either. So on Tuesday I decided to run 5 km, and yes I know this isn't the way to start, but I had to find out how slow I was, and how much I needed to improve my time. 

Let's just say I need to cut off several minutes in order to beat my boss, but I also need to run slower, I think the problem is I start out way too fast, and then end up having to walk for too long to catch my breath. So I think running slower will help me run longer... 

Yesterday I thought I had sore legs, but oh how I wished I had kept my mouth shut this morning, because what I thought was sore legs yesterday was pure pain today... the only positive thing is that yesterday our boss of the whole department store asked me to help out with some office work, so I didn't have to walk around all day, but could sit down, my legs were happy:) Now I'm hoping tomorrow will be better...

But since I need to get in shape and really improve my time on the 5 km race, does any of you have some good advice for me?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Surviving Oktober Fest...

A little tricky title, but the last 2 weekends we have been partying. First we had our annual Survivor party and the weekend after our little street had an Oktober fest. So I'm actually looking forward to a weekend without me planning a party. This post will be a lot of pictures, so be ready for a picture overload...

As usual we had a red and a blue team, and the teams are always the same, but this year we had quite a few that couldn't make for one reason or another, so it turned out that the red team only had one girl and the blue team only had 2 guys. So the assignment they had ahead of time was the red team to dress up as an all guy team and the blue team to dress up as all girls.
 The red team, with moustaches, beer bellies (some more natural than others) and socks in her/his sandals...
 The blue team, girl power, though some of them needed to learn how to sit down in a skirt... crossing your legs is preferred...
Since it was our 5th year hosting this party, we had decided to make the games a "best of". We started out with a game where 3 people were tied together, they had to crawl under our trampoline, walk the plank etc. It was also the first game the first year, so it seemed fitting to have this starting out.

 We also had them shoot goals blindfolded, this girl saved the blue team, she scored several times, much to her boyfriends disappointment (since he was on the red team and he wasn't doing quite as well).

Though the first time we had this game, the goal we had borrowed was smaller, so it seemed to easy, so we decided to put in a goalkeeper, whom of course also was blindfolded. This girl started out laying down, because most balls came rolling, but then one of them lifted them, and she started dancing laying down:)

 They were also diving for apples... and golf balls, ping pong balls and plastic balls. It was just really weird seeing a balled guy in a skirt, and even if he had been told that he make up was waterproof... well not completely...
In between the games we had time to talk and have fun. The red team decided to improve on their beards, and used shoe polish to make them (I'm just glad it was me who had to get it of again). This guy and another guy talked my dad into driving them to the store because we had run out of Captain Morgan Rum, and both of them went there wearing their beard...

I doubt they could have talked her into going... but then again she was quite drunk so you never know...
They also had to eat different things with chopsticks, one of the guys were really lousy at it and they gave the victory to the blue team.
The final four, they had to pick up 3 pasta penne with a spaghetti. The slowest one lost, in the other games one had been voted out on the losing team.
 The final 3, on the plank.

 The final 2, "Girl Power" 

And the winner!

I don't have that many pictures from our Oktober Fest, so you will have to do with a picture of me in my lovely dress.

I ordered the dress online, and on the picture it looked like it would reach my knees, and well it didn't. Of course I didn't try it on until that night. I thought I was wearing nylons, but let's just say I have had shirts that were longer than that dress... so leggings were needed:)

If you made it to the bottom of all these pictures, well good job, and hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you:) Mine will be spent with friends, we have been invited our for a BBQ at some friends, who ended up not going to our survivor party because their son had been in the hospital. He got home the day before our party, but naturally they decided to stay home. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, and hearing all about their vacation (the we in the US for almost 3 weeks). On Sunday Jonas and I are going to Legoland with a colleague of mine and her daughter. So I just have to get tomorrows work day done, and a fun filled weekend is waiting.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I blame my lack of blogging on my iPad...

After I won my iPad my blogging has gone downhill... I hardly never turn on my laptop anymore. And let's face it the iPad sucks when it comes to writing and publishing a post.

I will try my laptop tomorrow.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A long promised update...

I promised an update... well honestly I don't feel much for blogging at the moment, so this post will mostly be pictures. I guess besides my vacation from work a vacation from blogging has been needed.

In the beginning of July (I think it was the beginning of July, it might have been the end of June) there was a big gymnastics event in our city. We went into town on Saturday, saw a little gymnastics at the stadium, though we didn't stay too long, since Jonas wouldn't sit still.
 After seeing a show at the stadium we walked around, and ended up on the harbour, here they had a lot of events, like this slide into the harbour, a trampoline where you would jump into the harbour, kayaking etc. Best of all the weather was amazing, which just made everything more fun. I think all the people staying at the different camps were happy too that the weather was good, a week with rain would have taken the fun out of staying in a tent.
 Jonas and I went to the petting zoo, we had to go one last time before my season pass ran out. Here he is with his favourite goat, number 22. I always figured number 22 was a male since it was a little ugly, but it turn out the number 22 has become a mum during this spring:)
 I have had my knitting/crocheting group over. When we meet up there is always food on the table, so I decided to make my own strawberry pie, and it was delicious, I might make it a "Cooking with Connie" post at some time. I also made a Coca Cola cake, it contained both marshmallows and Coca Cola of course, but it was a bit sweet for my taste, so I will probably not be making that again.
 Then came vacation time, we stayed 4 days at Frank's parents summer house on Fanoe. Probably the only 4 days this summer that the weather wasn't burning hot. Which actually fit us fine, the weather was still okay, and we spent a lot of time outside. I don't have many pictures from the trip, and Frank will probably hate me for posting this picture, so please don't look at his dirty socks;) 
 Otherwise out summer vacation has been spent painting the house... or well I have got some of it done. We went to Legoland on Monday, and the rest of this week has been spent preparing out annually "Survivor Party" coming up this Saturday, I can't believe it's the 5th time we are hosting it. A part of the preparation was putting up out goal, which Jonas thought was fun, so he played a bit of soccer.
Otherwise out vacation has been relaxing. I will try to get around to blogging a bit more when I start working again. Hope you had a great summer.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm busy enjoying summer...

I'm still alive, but I'm busy enjoying summer. The last 3-4 weeks the weather here has been fantastic. Hopefully it will continue the next 2 weeks as well, because Sunday Will be my last day at work before 2 weeks vacation. 

I will try to get an update on here during my vacation. Some of the things I have been up to is a big gymnastic event here in my town, bbq'ing with friends, and a mountainbike ride, which I was challenged to, and my butt was so sore afterwards:)

Hope you all are enjoying summer..... 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The dress

I have earlier promised pictures of the dress that my sweet friend made for me for my cousins wedding. Before leaving my parents place I forgot about it, and I just remembered before we were going to get seated at the wedding, so it went pretty fast, and well not the best picture of me, but you can still see the beautiful dress.

The wedding wasn't the best wedding we have attended, there were quite a few things that did not match our expectations. But we were seated at a table with 2 of my cousins, my brother, my parents and my aunt, and we made our own party.
A picture of the bride and groom, I love the picture she is seeking cover under her bouquet.

Now I'm just waiting for another opportunity to wear the dress again:) Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was lucky to get the chance to review Storytel through buzzador.

It's a website that enables you to listen to audio books on your cell phone or your computer. It's simple to get started, though there search menu isn't the best.

We listened to most of the first book when we drove to my cousins wedding this past weekend. So the trip didn't seem as long as it usually does. Though having a toddler doesn't really leave much time for listening to books. Though this evening I did start a book while cooking... This must be the first time I kind of wished my commute to and from work would last a bit more than 7 minutes.

Overall I linke the site, though I would like a larger selection, though that might be larger if their search menu was better. So if you are in the market for audio books, check them out. If any of you are interested in trying it out let me know, I was given a few free "books" so my friends could try it out. They do have a little selection of English books as well.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A little quick update...

I'm still here, but life has been busy and I haven't got around to blog. I won't bore you with the details, but I will leave you with a picture of me and Jonas in Legoland last Monday, the weather was great and we had a blast.

You will also get a picture of a mobile I made for my parents neighbour. She is a daycare mum, and needed some decorations in her new playhouse. So since she is babysitting Jonas on Saturday when we are attending my cousins wedding, I figured that I would make her a mobile instead of a box of chocolate.

Our weekend has just started because tomorrow we are going to the zoo with Jonas' daycare. As I said we are attending my cousins wedding on Saturday (stay tuned for pictures of my new dress), so we are leaving for my parents place tomorrow afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby, birthday and block party...

It's been a crazy week, well busy at least but also fun. On Sunday we visited some friends of our who just had a baby 2 weeks earlier. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of sweet little Kaya, but I did get some pictures of the Giraffe and the blanket I made for her.

On Tuesday it was my birthday, and when I walked into the office on Tuesday morning this was the sight I was met by.

Don't I have the best colleagues? On Tuesday night we went out for dinner, and had a really lovely evening. Wednesday was a national holiday so I was just at work for a few hours in the morning to help opening the store. 

This weekend we have a block party, or more of a town party. There is soccer games, music, bouncy castles for the kids etc. We went there this afternoon/evening and Jonas loved the bouncy castle.  

 Tomorrow evening there is a big party we are attending. I'm working from 7 am till 4 pm both Saturday and Sunday, so I'm not going to party too hard. Though I will miss out on more of the games, but I bet Jonas and Frank will be at the bouncy castle most of the day tomorrow:)

Have a great weekend everyone!