Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Orange is the new Black

I know I'm a bit late to the game, but I just started watching Orange is the new Black. And what can I say, I have seen 2 episodes and I'm hooked.

I can't wait for tomorrow when it's my day off, and I will have a few hours to myself because Jonas has to go to daycare. He has to go because they have their end of year concert at 1 pm. So that will leave me a few hours to do some quick grocery shopping and then a few episodes of Orange is the new Black.

Are any of you hooked on this show?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend is almost over, but what a wonderful weekend it has been:)

Friday evening we had invited my parents in law and my sister in law and her boyfriend over for dinner. It was my belated birthday celebration. We had a really nice evening, and I got 3 new dresses and a new top, so almost a new wardrobe. My sister in law is the best at buying clothes for me, I guess she is a bit more patient than me, because if I don't find something I like right away I give up. I almost always get clothes from them for my birthday and Christmas, and so far I haven't had to take anything back, which is why I always tell her I want clothes:)

We didn't have any plans for the rest of the weekend, except for Jonas swimming class on Saturday morning. Otherwise this weekend has been spent relaxing, napping (all 3 of us have been napping), playing, knitting, watching TV and doing a little laundry.

Today we made a bonfire, tomorrow is our midsummer, where it is tradition to have a fire and burn a witch. Though it's suppose to rain tomorrow, and it might be a little late for Jonas to go to the public bonfire, so we decided to make our own little bonfire, though without a witch.

We did make "snobrød" which is a dough you twirl around a stick, and bake over the fire, translated it will be twirl-bread. 

Jonas started making his, but he had on the ground, in the dirt, deep in the fire etc. And in the end he handed it over to Frank to finish it while he rode his bike. 

I actually didn't think he would eat it afterwards, but he really loved it, so it was a success. Next time I guess we also have to make marshmallows.

Happy midsummer everyone!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cooking with Connie

Every once in a while I will do a post in the series Cooking with Connie. 

This last weekend we went to visit Frank's brother and his Colombian wife in Sweden (it's a long story, but short they moved there because she is not allowed to be in Denmark, she had to leave the country for 3 months or so, before she can apply for rights to live here). So now they live in a cottage far out in the country in Sweden. In the cottage was a bunch of old magazines, including a cooking magazine from 2010. 

I saw a really easy recipe for a pasta with chicken and blue cheese, so after we got home I had to try it out. You cook the chicken breast with salt and pepper, and cut it up. Boil the fresh pasta, and mixed it with blue cheese, chicken, chopped hazelnuts and fresh basil. 
sorry for the poor photo taken with my cell phone.

I know there is not fresh basil in my picture, I didn't have any, and the store I shopped at on the day didn't have any either, so we had to do without. But I have to make sure to buy some for my garden.

The result was surprisingly good, and so fast and easy to make. Of course you have to like blue cheese, but we do in our household, we had a cheese platter for dessert at our wedding! So I'm for sure making that again, and it might become my go to recipe on a busy day.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A finished project... again

I have finished yet another project. I saw a lot of people online making a really cool blanket, and had to give it a go myself, but since I didn't really need another blanket, I decided to make it for my parents. There is just something nice about making blankets, because it has a lot of little pieces, though they are all the same, but after a while you can pretty much do them in your sleep, but that also means it is really relaxing making it.

After I started it my brother saw it, and really liked the colours, and said he could use one as well, so I might have to make one more. My husband also liked the effect of the 3D, and said he wanted to keep it, so who knows how many I might end up making. 

But for now it will only be the one, because as always I have quite a few projects in mind. Beside when we were in Turkey I bought a lot of cotton yarn, which was really cheap, and I kind of promised Jonas a blanket from that. But first I want to finished the cardigan for myself that I just started. 

So many projects, so little time:)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get ready for a picture overload:)

Okay the last 1½ week just passed by in no time, getting back to work, my birthday last Wednesday, working most of the weekend, and all of this week, just left me more than tired when I get home, so blogging has been the last thing on my mind. This post will be mostly pictures from our trip to Turkey, and not much text.
 Jonas at the pool, and yes I know it should have been turned, but I'm too tired and my computer way too slow for me to bother deleting it and uploading it again. He loved being at the pool, as long as we stayed more or less in the shade. Then the sun would come over to our seats, he looked at Frank and said they needed a break in our room.
 During one of their breaks I tried the Turkish Bath - Hamam. And I also got a face mask and a massage. It was really amazing, and I really enjoyed it.
 With my chocolate face mask, I honestly have no idea what that should be good for, but the picture is quite fun to have.
 At the hotel playground, and as the responsible parents we are, we had beer at the playground... the pool was just behind us, and so was the pool bar, but I would leave Jonas on the playground by himself. 
 As I wrote last week the food at the hotel wasn't amazing, so some nights we went out for dinner. Twice we actually went to the same place. I was a Dane who had started a restaurant in Alanya and the food was amazing, the service great, so why not go back?
Jonas made friends with the waiters, especially this girl. When he saw her he would either run to her or wave at her, and she adored him too. She got quite a few hugs and kisses from him.

So overall an okay trip, the flight was really bad, because we flew with an old and really noisy plane, which resulted in headaches, and the food at the hotel was boring. But we really got to relax, which I guess was the whole point of the vacation.

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm back...

We actually got back from Turkey on Saturday evening. We had a great vacation, but one thing is for sure, we are never going to an all-inclusive again... well at least not in Turkey. The food was the same everyday, and after a few days that just gets boring. We thought it would be easier having all inclusive with Jonas, so that we didn't have to go out every night looking for a place to eat. But let's face it, there are restaurants and bazaars everywhere in Alanya. We ended up eating out 3 evenings out the 7, just because we needed something different. I'm not saying every all inclusive is bad, because the first and only time I had been to at all inclusive before was back in 2010, when we went to a wedding in Punta Cana, and that was amazing, but then again it had 7 ala carte restaurants and a big buffet, so it wasn't the same everyday.

Nonetheless we had a good vacation, we spent a lot of time by the pool, which is a bit boring, but Jonas loved it. We usually started in the morning, and had chairs in the shade, and around 11 am the sun came to those chairs, well then Jonas would like to have break, so him and Frank usually took a break and I got to tan a bit. 

We didn't get to see much, but we got to relax. I also got to try the Hamam (Turkish bath), which I really enjoyed, but since I haven't got my pictures from the camera yet, you will have to do with just the one of Jonas in the pool doing a handstand.... well I didn't a handstand, and came up, he told me I looked like a whale... honestly a WHALE, couldn't he have said a mermaid or a dolphin, but a WHALE come on! I guess you should hear the truth from kids... but Jonas said he also could do a handstand... look at the that and he has the nerve to call me a whale:)

He loved being in the pool, and as the days went by he got more and more brave, which meant having to keep an eye on him at all times! The first few days he would happily stay in the baby pool and only go in the big pool with us... but oh boy in the end he would try to sneak over into the big pool if we were looking away for a second....

You will get more pictures later, now I have to fold the last laundry, I got a bit of a setback yesterday then the dryer suddenly broke down, of course it will do that when you got 3 suitcases full of dirty clothes! So we had to go get a new one, but it delayed my laundry! Though now it's only folding left!