Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Easter Elephant...

Well is there something called an Easter Elephant? Maybe not, but I finished a crocheted Elephant this Easter so I guess I can call it an Easter Elephant.
Just wanted to post a picture of it, but since it's getting a bit late, the picture is a bit dark, but it will have to do, since I probably should be heading to bed since I'm working tomorrow morning, and with daylight saving time this night I get one hour less sleep. The good thing is that I'm only working for a few hours, so it won't be too bad. I guess I can take a nap while Jonas is napping tomorrow.
There you have my Elephant, I stuffed it a bit too much so it can't sit by itself, so it's leaning of the yarn for another project I'm working on.
Hope you all will have a Happy Easter.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes I just feel old...

Sometimes you just feel old... well maybe not you, but sometimes I do feel old, not physical (okay sometimes my body feels old too), but mentally... someone says something, or you read something and you just feel old.

Like this fall, we had a couple of new guys starting in our department, I know they are working after school, and they were only 16 and 17 years old. But when I saw their date of birth it hit hard, they were born in 1995 and 1996, then I felt old, I'm twice as old as them.

Then today it hit me again. We were doing some really boring work, where you didn't have to think, but it gave us the opportunity to chat a little. I don't exactly know how it came up, but one girl mentioned Kurt Cobain, and our apprentice didn't know who he was... first I was a bit shocked, how could he not know who Kurt Cobain was? It turned out that thankfully he did know who Nirvana was, but he had no idea that Kurt Cobain was their lead singer... we talked for a bit about him, and when we told him he had committed suicide in 1994 he said "that's why I don't know who he is, I was only 3 years old in 1994"... again I felt old!

Do you ever have that feeling? 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting ready for Easter...

Well, I usually don't have a lot of decorations up for Easter, but I found a really easy recipe for crocheted Easter Eggs....
So I made a basket of Easter Eggs, the best thing is probably that Jonas are able to play with them without breaking anything... on the downside there are missing a few, because he has been throwing them around, and I can't find the last couple of eggs.
I like the colours, and you are able to use all your leftover yarn that isn't really enough for anything. I know this is a little early, but I will wish you a Happy Easter anyway.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Some long days

I have just arrived home from a 2-day course, remember I went on one in November, I actually went on the little over 2 hour drive in November, to find out they had cancelled the course. But this time I got to stay, and the course was a lot better than I was expecting. There was a lot of things I think I can use on a daily basis. Though it was quite a few long days, I left at 6.30 yesterday morning, and we were in class until almost 8 yesterday evening. I was really happy when we finished at 2.30 this afternoon, which was 1½ hour earlier than expected. Unfortunately we ran into quite a lot of traffic on the way home, and it took a little over 3 hours to get home. 

The best thing about getting home was getting a great bear hug from Jonas. This is the first time I have been away from him for 1½ day... I know he have had fun with his dad and in daycare, but it was really nice to get a big hug from him when I arrived home:)

Now 2 days of work is waiting Saturday and Sunday from noon till 10 pm, but then I will have Monday off to enjoy with Jonas. Wonder what we will be up to.

Have a great weekend everyone:)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some birthday pictures

I finally got around to getting the pictures from the camera to the computer... better late than never, so here you have a few pictures of a sick birthday boy.
 My big 2-year old boy having breakfast, though trying to get hold of the flag was the best thing.
 Opening the first present of the day, a box of Lego Duplo, which is always a hit. In the morning he seemed to be doing fairly okay, and we thought he was over his sickness.
 Just before lunch my parents came and he got all excited about the cars he got, and I wasn't allowed to see them, he kept saying "mine, mine" I guess that is typical for a 2-year old:) 
After his nap he had a fever and we went to the doctor. When we got back my Brother and his girlfriend had arrived. The first present was a pair of gloves, the second was clothes, Jonas didn't even finish unwrapping the second one before he went on to the last one. He seemed to say "hey uncle you could have done better, let's check the last one and see how lousy you did on that..." my brother had been away on a business trip and had asked me to buy something for him since he would run out of time. I bet I don't get that job Again, but honestly he isn't really missing any toys, but he need new gloves and then I bought some summer clothes as well... and a book about tractors, which he seemed to like.
Since Jonas is all about trains and tractors I baked a train cake, which Jonas didn't eat any of, but it looked nice. He wasn't really eating anything those days due to him being sick.
Getting his cake with candles, and when we started singing a birthday song he kept saying "no, no, no" I don't think we were that bad a singing, but it made us stop, and he went into the living room to lay on the couch to watch Tractor Tom and relax, while the rest of us celebrated his birthday.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

An All England Champ

When we woke up today it's was snowing again... snow in March, come on give us some summer. Though the cold weather called for inside time, and the finale in All England badminton was being played, and we had a Dane in the finale, Tine Baun. A while ago Tine announced that All England would be her last professional tournament. 

We watched the finale, it got a bit exciting...

Jonas cheered when she was ahead in the game...
 And she won:)

Congratulations to Tine Baun, can you imagine a better way to end a career as a professional badminton player?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Jonas

On Sunday it was Jonas's second birthday, and we had been looking forward to it, since last year he was sick on his birthday... well why should that change? Thursday night he ran a fever and started vomiting. I thought Jonas and I had made a deal for him not to get sick the 2 weeks my parents in law was in Mexico, but as with lots of other things, he didn't listen to me. 

A friend of ours are not working at the moment due to back problems, so he was babysitting Jonas on Friday, Frank went to work earlier than usual so that he could leave earlier and get home before Jonas' nap time. Saturday he seemed a bit better, though he didn't eat much, but we figured that this year he would be healthy on his birthday. 

Well Sunday came and he was coughing a bit more, and a little after noon he was running a fever again, and he started crying when coughing, so we went to the doctor, and my parents would greet our guests. Well it turned out he had otitis and a sore throat so the doctor prescribed him some penicillin.

My parents stayed till Monday so they could babysit while we were at work, but Jonas was suppose to celebrate his birthday at daycare, and since the fever was gone, but he was lacking a lot of sleep, we had decided for him to stay at home. I dropped the cake of at the daycare and my mum took Jonas there for an hour or so when the guests were there so he could be celebrated with gifts and cake. Afterwards he was so tired, and fell asleep after a few minutes in the stroller on the way home. 

a picture of him unwrapping his present at daycare, I bet everyone was following intensely. I haven't got around to moving the pictures from his birthday from our camera to the computer, so you will have to wait for those.

My mum left last night, since she had volunteer work today, but my dad stayed to babysit Jonas, though I doubt it was necessary, he seemed perfectly fine when I left for work, and he had been fine all day, but it was nice to have him home an extra day so he can be sure he isn't sick anymore. So after dinner we dropped my dad off at the bus station, while keeping our fingers crossed that this will be all the sickness we will have in a long time... though Frank seems to be coming down with something, but that at least doesn't interfere with my work schedule.