Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vacation time...

Yeah I haven't even started working again, and I am all ready thinking about our next vacation. we have ordered the plane tickets, and made reservation for a hotel in Edinburgh, so I get to meet Wendy again. We first met back in 2002 when we both were studying in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She came to visit in 2004, and since we haven't seen each other, so in about 3 months we will be flying into Edinburgh, and I am super excited.
Wendy and I in front of a statue in Ljubljana in 2002
It's amazing how things changes, before we got Jonas we would get the plane ticket and a cheap hotel with an okay location, but it didn't really matter what else was at the hotel. This time we wanted a place that offered breakfast, there should be parking since we want to rent a car, but it should also be located very central since we don't want to drive every time we need to go somewhere. It was also important that it was possible for us to heat water for Jonas' bottles, and we found a hotel that had all we wanted, so we are now ready to go... well the 2 biggest things are ready.
Wendy and I in Legoland in 2004

So now I can pretty much start counting the days to seeing Wendy again, and to meet her little Elsie:)

Friday, February 24, 2012

One week left...

In exactly one week I will be starting work again... can you believe I have been on maternity leave for more than a year?

I got mixed feeling about going back... I'm a little excited, it will be fun to be around my colleagues again, but at the same time I'm panicking a bit... all the things I thought I would get done during this year just really have done themselves... I still have books to read, clothes space to clean out etc. but I guess from now on that will be left to weekends and evenings...

Luckily now Jonas loves, not just like, he loves going to daycare:) It started changing the middle of last week, and then this week has just been amazing. So that definitely makes it easier starting work again, knowing he won't be crying all day.

Well just wanted to wish you a Happy Weekend, my last before going back to work!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Fastelavn" - Shrovetide

"Fastelavn" is a Danish tradition where kids dress up and go from house to house singing a song and get candy, so it's very similar to Halloween. "Fastelavn" stems from an old Christian tradition, where they 7 weeks before Easter celebrates Shrovetide ("Fastelavn"). In the Christian tradition "Fastelavn" marks the start of 40 days without meat, though I doubt that is the reason why most people celebrates "fastelavn" today.
At most "fastelavn" parties kids will hit a wooden barrel with at stick (very much like a pinata), the one who gets the barrel destroyed ends up being "Cat King". The game is called hitting the cat out of the barrel, and until the 1830's they put a real cat inside the barrel, because they believe that a town could be spared of the plague is a black cat were killed. Today there is only candy in the barrel, and sometimes the barrel is decorated with a painting of a black cat. I guess out cat Gilbert should be glad that tradition has stopped, otherwise he should be hiding most of the month of February.
Jonas and his friends celebrated Fastelavn with the other kids from the daycare. He was dressed as a spider, since I figured it would be the best costume for him since he probably would be too impressed with a big costume. So he was dressed in black, and I had put some velcro on his back and some velcro on some stuffed socks. So he suddenly had 8 "legs" at least if you count his own arms and legs:) I had knitted a hat for him, and put eyes on it, though he wasn't too fond of the hat:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY projects

As I mentioned in my last post I had been using some of my time on a few projects.

A couple of weeks ago my parents brought me a truck load of coffee bags... well they brought a lot, some of their friends etc. had been collecting for me as well. In there was a bunch on purple bags, which you can't buy in the stores, at least I haven't seen them, and these we "professional" I guess it's because it's used at a company for their coffee maker. Luckily they drink a lot of coffee, because I had enough for a purple purse.

I have also been crocheting patches for a blanket... well there is still a long way to go, but here is how far I have come until now.

And then I have a little extra project. On Monday it's "fastelavn" (if I use google translate it's translated to Shrovetide, which I have never heard before). But in Denmark kids dress up for "fastelavn" kind of like Halloween. So I have been making a costume for Jonas, because on Tuesday they are celebrating "fastelavn" at the daycare. I will do a post later on the whole tradition of "fastelavn" afterwards, and hopefully with pictures of Jonas, if he wants to be dressed up...

This weekend I will be at my parents house, well we will be spending the nights there, but I will be with the orchestra I used to play in. We will be playing a little, having fun and eating, so what could go wrong?
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Catching up...

I'm still here, and I have no excuse for not blogging for so long! The best excuse is that I haven't had much to blog about, so now I'm back doing a little catching up. So since my last post here is what has been going on.

Last Monday they called from the daycare that the woman taking care of Jonas was sick, and asked if I wanted another spot at another place for him. I figured since he was still trying to settle in and I wasn't working it was better to keep him home. It turned out she was sick all of last week, but Jonas loved staying home. So today was his first day back, and we were going to try that I would stay for a little before leaving him there, but it was like he knew I was going to leave, because he was clinging to me, crying a bit etc. So when I waved goodbye he was really upset, but after I had left it had been a little better. He was still upset, but he was in a fairly good mood while they were eating. And the best thing was when I picked him up there was no

screaming when I opened the door... he started crying a little shortly after, and went totally crazy when he saw me... but since he hadn't been there for a week she thought he had done pretty well... yeah there might still be hope...

On Thursday night I was at a clothing home party, and I got a few dresses and some leggings (this company makes the best quality of leggings). So now I'm impatiently waiting for it to arrive...

This was one of the dresses I got via

On Friday a friend of ours and his new girlfriend and their brought together 5 kids came to visit and to have a photo shoot in my husbands "studio". I figured since they were staying for dinner we would just order pizza, because who knows what they will like and more important what they don't like... and honestly cooking for 9 people just didn't seem all that fun. We have a new pizza place nearby, that make really great pizza, so we ordered 3 family sized pizzas... oh boy, did we get pizza! I think there was more than 1½ pizza left... 2 family sized pizza had been more than enough, they we bigger than most other places!
The pictures turned out pretty amazing if I have to say it, I might be a bit biased since it's my husband being the photographer.
Yesterday was my husbands birthday, which was really low key, since we figured both out families will be here in a couple of weeks for Jonas' birthday, so we will celebrate his birthday then too.

Otherwise I have been crocheting and I am also in the process of making a purple purse of coffee bags, but more about that another day.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, February 3, 2012


The last couple of weeks I have been spending more and more time at my neighbours house (she is also on maternity leave). She does quite a bit of knitting and crocheting, and now I have been taking crocheting "classes" at her house.

My first piece was a ball for Jonas, mainly because it should be a pretty easy piece and since Jonas loves balls and things that rolls it was a win win situation:) Since it was pretty much the first thing I have been crocheting I think it turned out pretty well!
My next project is a blanket, though that might take a bit longer and depending on how it turns out there might be pictures:)

Okay I said I had been spending time there the last couple of weeks, and let's face it, it hasn't been crocheting all the time... she is an excellent baker too. So when she sends me a text message that she has been baking and I should come over for coffee... well then I doesn't take me long to change any plans I might have:) Especially during this cold and snow we have been having, I bet anyone would take an invite for coffee and fresh baked bread with cheese... in the long run though I think it's good I'll be starting work in a months time, otherwise I would get a massive weight gain from this:)

Enjoy your weekend everyone:)