Friday, July 29, 2011


For almost 5 months Jonas and I have pretty much been attached to each other, everywhere I go he goes, and if he is not with me he is with his daddy. But not today... this morning we dropped him of at my husbands sister so she could babysit for a few hours while we went to Germany to do a little shopping (beer and sodas are a lot cheaper there, and our Survivor party is coming up). Since Jonas don't have a passport yet, he couldn't go, so he stayed with Auntie Tina and her boyfriend.

We tried to take a passport photo of Jonas so we can get his passport, which for sure aren't easy, but we have few funny pictures, I think he was about to sneeze in this one:)

We hadn't been driving for more than 15-20 minutes, before both of us had turned our head to check the car seat... but there was no baby, that was a bit weird. We have gotten so used to having him with us, that it felt so strange to be alone!

He had behaved nice most of the time, except when he pulled the hair of her guinea pig, Elvis:) He had become a bit tired, but with a little help from the stroller he is easy to get to sleep, so they had enjoyed babysitting him, and offered to do it again, so I guess they weren't too scared. Though Jonas was happy to see us again, I was getting big hugs and he cuddled in my arms when I picked him up, so I guess he miss us as much as we missed him:)

It 's funny how your life can change so much in a few short months, but I love my "new" life!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 1

So the first week of my weight loss challenge is over, and what can I say.... the no candy rule, well I can't do that until I grow a backbone... though I have been eaten less candy than usual, and every time I took a piece I had a nagging thought not to do it, so I guess that is a step in the right direction! I didn't write no cake, no chips etc. and I only had cake once, that was then I met up with the girls from my midwife group, but it had carrots on top, so I guess it was kind of healthy:) I had some chips Friday night, not much, a little Saturday night as well when I was at a work party. Ohh I guess I had cake twice, but who can say no to a brownie for dessert? And then on Sunday, well I wasn't hungover, but I was tired as h... and well the chips was sitting on the counter calling my name... but I was watching the Tour De France... so someone was working out, does that count?

I did manage to go to the gym twice last week, and I felt amazing afterwards. I have been sweating a whole lot, but it's really not as bad going to the gym as I remember, so I'm still motivated to keep working out.

I have also been eating more fruits and vegetables than I'm usually doing, and I have been eaten smaller portions, so that is a bit in the right direction as well.

But here is the truth told by my scale!

Last weeks weight: 82,8 kg

This week weight: 82,7 kg

Loss/Gain: -0,1 kg

Which really sucks... so I guess I have to try even harder this week!

My goal for the next week is:

Going to the gym twice (my husband is home this week too, but we have a lot to get done, so I hope I will get to go twice)

Again eat smaller portions

Try once again to cut out candy, though that one is sooo hard

So hopefully this week will go a bit better, I haven't lost my motivation yet, but the weight better start coming off soon, otherwise I might not be able to motivate myself!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What happened?

I'm lost for words...

What the h... happened in Norway?

I keep watching the news, but I can't believe it!

Suddenly it's so close by... it's scary!

My heart goes out to the families affected by the shooting!

He must be one sick person!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Inspired by Kim who usually does a post on Fridays of things she is grateful for this week, well this week she hasn't made one, but I am going to:)

My husband having vacation (he has been home for 2 weeks, and has one week left)

Our friends, one of them have help a lot relaying our driveway this week

Spending time with the girls from my midwife group

Jonas being a big boy sleeping in his own room and sleeping through the night

Getting better sleep after Jonas moved into his own room

Jonas getting his 3rd tooth and not being fuzzy about it

Having friends over for dinner tonight

Going to a party with my colleagues tomorrow night

Getting to the gym for the first time since October!

Well that is just a few things I'm grateful for this week! Have a great weekend everyone:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bye, Bye Babyweight!

Well it's now 4½ months since I gave birth, and well the weight haven't come of yet... everyone told it would come of easy while breastfeeding, which was true the first week or two, because I kept eating and I lost weight... but after a few weeks I still ate, but the weight was no longer coming of! I believe the weight only came off the first few weeks because my body was recovering from giving birth.

So now it's time to get into shape again, I want to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, not that I know exactly what that was, but I do know my ass and my waist is bigger now than before, because I can still not fit into my favorite pair of jeans....

This is the only "before" photo you will get, that is from the day before giving birth, I can't believe I was that big!
The thing is this whole dieting thing has never been my strong side, every time I can keep the diet a few days, and then I tell myself that no one knows that I have failed, so I start again another time... so this time I need you guys to keep my at the game... I figured if I posted my weight here, and made a challenge out of it, posting my progress (well hopefully there will be a progress) every week for the next 12 weeks, well then someone will know if I fail... and I think that might be enough to motivate me:)

But then comes the hard part, I will actually post my weight, which I hate, but trying to tell myself that none of you are using the metric system so you won't really know my weight... yeah I know that isn't completely true, but just let me believe it... okay?

Here we go, "The Bye, Bye Babyweight, 12 week challenge"

My goal weight will be 74 kg, which is around my weight before getting pregnant, I think... yeah I would like to loose more, but I also have to be realistic, so within the 12 weeks that will hopefully be accomplished.

My current weight: 82,8 kg

I have also measured myself, which can NOT be recommended if you don't want a total shock... again I will go with the lie about you not using the metric system. These will only be measured again at the end of the challenge.

Waist: 88 cm

Hip/ass: 111 cm

Thigh: 66 cm

Upper arm: 32 cm

So in order to reach my goal, this coming week I will try to do the following:

Eat smaller portion (stop before I'm completely full)

Go to the gym twice (my husband is home the next 2 weeks, so that should be possible)

Not eat candy (that is a hard one, maybe I should write eat less candy)

I'm not sure how this first week will go, because on Saturday I'm going to a party with my colleagues, and let's face it alcohol is not the best thing for a diet, but I can't keep coming up with excuses for waiting to start this, so on Saturday I will look a bit more lightly on my diet and have fun, but hopefully still loose weight!

Keep your fingers crossed for me to succeed this! Because I really can't afford to buy a totally new wardrobe, and as much as I love leggings, well I can't wear them all the time either!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 16

Wow, another week has passed and I have been MIA... it's been a really busy week, and I almost forgot it was time for my last Wedding Wednesday post.

Today I'm suppose to show the most recent photo of my husband and me... well my husband might take a lot of photos, but he isn't in a lot of them. So the most recent photo of the 2 of us is from last year when we went to Berlin during Easter....

I am also suppose to tell you what I love most about my husband... I guess that is his humour, and the fact that he is so easy going, his motto is "what we don't get done today, we probably won't get done tomorrow either", so he doesn't complain when the laundry doesn't get done, or that I postpone the cleaning for yet another day:)

Okay this will be a short post, because my parents in law are coming over for coffee, so see you later!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 15

First I want to thank you all for your kind words at my last post. Right now I'm not worrying about my job, at least I have one when I get back, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my husband will find one soon... even daydreaming that he will get a job that will bring us to live in Singapore, USA or Australia for a few years... but I doubt that will happen, but a girl can dream can't she:)

Well onto the Wedding Wednesday post, which today is about kids...

Well we had Jonas in the beginning of March, can you believe he is already 4 months? Sometimes I look at him, and think where is my little baby that I brought home from the hospital? When he gives you a smile and has that look in his eyes that he would be getting into trouble... well he is hardly a baby anylonger but a little boy.... well I know he is still a baby, but he is growing so fast!

I'm suppose to talk about birth control as well, but I am not the one to teach you, for years we kinda just lived life dangerous... so when we wanted to have a baby, we figured it would take ages for me to get pregnant, so it was a bit scary then I after a few months found out I was pregnant... well we were super excited, but also realised that our kind of "birth control" or lack of was probably not the safest...

For years we had told people we didn't want kids, just because we didn't care for all the questions of when it would happen... so some people were a bit surprised when we told them, my mum's first words weren't "congratulations" or "I'm going to be a grandma" no her first words were "but you didn't want kids!" so we had to explain that it was all planned:)

We are only planning on having this 1 little wonderful boy, though the thought of staying home for another year is quite appealing... but then Jonas pulls one of the days he had yesterday and I don't want another one... a whole day where he is hardly sleeping, just being cranky... and even more cranky at bedtime... well such a baby will cure most people, but then you see the big smile when he wakes up and it's all worth it!

So that was is for this Wedding Wednesday, have a great week!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The job situation...

Well I spent the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday wondering what was going on at my work place... why did we all have to come in on Wednesday morning?

Late in the afternoon on Tuesday our HR manager called me to inform me about everything, so I actually ended up not going in on Wednesday. But the position I had before going on maternity leave... well by September that doesn't exist any more! Well not completely true, because there was 7 of them, and by September there is only 2, and they will be a bit different, so I'm no longer interested in it, which doesn't really matter because I guess I wasn't considered for that position! The HR department will be closed down in the store, and will only exist at the main office for the whole chain.

So quite a few changes will be made, but I haven't been fired... Yeah for maternity leave, they don't dare to fire you, because they know they will be sued by the union! So I have a job when I get back in March, but I don't know what I'll be doing, and right now I don't really care!

They have treated people very poorly in my opinion... the boss of the department store in our city said that they will find jobs for everyone affected... yeah right, that is why a girl who has worked there for 13 years was told to take a position that will only last for a year... she asked if she could think about, but that was her only choice, well that or being fired. Another girl was offered another position which was a demotion and she had to take a pay cut, she also asked if she could think about it, to which they had said "yeah for 30 seconds" and one of the guys was fired and not even being offered another position as promised.... I know a lot of those who got another position are now looking for another job, and I really don't want to go back, but hey it will be 8 months before I have to and a lot can have changed before then.

So I kept my job so far, which is more than my husband can say! On Thursday he got home, and had been let go because the company hadn't reached their budgets and were firing a few people, unfortunately one of them was my husband! Though he still have 3 months left, and there is quite a few job listings right now, so we are trying to stay positive, and hoping this way he will find something closer so home, so he won't have to commute 50 minutes each way... besides he was getting tired of the job he had, but it would have been nice to have something else before having been fired!

So this whole job situation kind of stinks right now... I try not to worry about my job yet, since so much can still happen, but keeping my fingers crossed that my husband will find a great job soon:)

Ohh sorry for the long post! Happy 4th of July weekend USA!