Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How embarrassing...

After work I went to get some groceries, and because I just need to get out of the door at work, I went to one of our competitors! I just have had one of those days, that when I'm off I just need to leave, and I don't care to shop in our store.

While the cashier ran all my things through, I was going to pay with credit card, and then the most embarrassing thing... she told me the card was blocked! I was very cool, and figured I had taken the wrong card (got a new one a few months back, and had kept to old one to make sure the new one had been opened), but the new card wasn't in my wallet. Well I remember putting it in my pocket at work, so I could pay for lunch (yep I never have cash on me, not even a few change). So I grabbed my pocket, and that was when I realised I had emptied my pockets at work, and my credit card must have slipped into my tray at the office! That was about the time my face turned really red.


So I ran to the car, drove back to work, got the credit card, drove back to the store, ran inside paid for my groceries, and walked pretty fast out of there... I guess that's bad karma for shopping somewhere else...

I will for sure never leave my credit card at work again!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I won a giveaway!

I can't believe it I won a giveaway over at the wonderful Christine Marie. She is now my all time favourite:) Believe me I have entered a lot of giveaways, but so far without luck! Christine Marie was guest blogging over at Meghan's The Perfect Compilation Tape while she was enjoying her trip around Europe.
This is just a great way to end a pretty great day. I got of work early, had to bring home some really good chocolate ice cream. Then we had a BBQ for dinner, with corn on the cob, my absolute favourite during the summer. Then we enjoyed a cup of coffee, and I had the last of my ice cream... yep I had the last, I didn't share! Well the hubby doesn't like ice cream so I don't have to share! I bet you wish you had my husband;)
Well I'll be waiting patiently by the mailbox for my giveaway prize:)

Enjoy your week!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a week!

First I want to thank you all for your kind comments, it always helps to know that someone is thinking about you:)

On Wednesday was also midsummer day here in Denmark, and all over the country they set up big bonfires and burn a witch. I hadn't been to one of those since I was a kid, and we had decided to go this year. I must admit after my uncle passing away I wasn't much in the mood for it. But then again I thought it would be good to get out of the house for little while. But being a bit beside myself I of course forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of it, so you have to do with one found online.


On Thursday I talked to my boss, because I had to get time of for the funeral on Tuesday. I think I mentioned it before, but I will gladly do it again, I have the best boss ever! I realised we hardly were anyone on work on Tuesday due to the holiday season starting. So I told him I could come in in the morning, but he told me to take the whole day off and not worry about it, they would manage!

On Thursday night Denmark were playing their 3rd game in the World Cup. They played Japan and had to win in order to stay. But they didn't win, they lost 2-1, and play horrible! On the day Japan definitely deserved to win, so congrats to Japan for moving on!

Well tonight we are having some friends over for a BBQ, which I'm really looking forward to but the weather could be a bit warmer. Earlier this week they promised lots of sun over the weekend, and we planned a BBQ, so I guess we will be eating inside tonight. But hopefully tomorrow will be sunny, because then I want to find my sun-bed and relax with a book in the sun!

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's a sad day...

I started out so good, the sun shining, got a lat birthday present, things just seemed to go my way!
Then my mum called after I got home from work, and I could hear straight away something was wrong... my uncle (my mums brother) had died this morning.

My uncle giving a speech at our wedding.

He had got pneumonia last week, which wasn't any big deal, but the pills he got didn't seem to work, so this morning my aunt wanted to call the doctor again. My uncle went to the bathroom and my aunt wanted to make the bed before calling the doctor. While she was in the bedroom she heard him fall, and he was dead right away. They believe is was a thrombosis, but he is going through autopsy.

One of my favourite photos from our wedding. It's tradition that if the groom leaves the room all the men comes to kiss the bride and vice versa. When my uncle came I thought it was one of my other uncles who had a tendency to pull my veil, that's why I'm making the scary face.

I can't believe it, he wasn't sick! And now he is gone! I don't think it dawned on me yet, last time I got a call that someone I really cared about had died, it didn't become real to me before I was at the funeral and I burst into tears.

Sorry for the sad post, hope your day was better than mine.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I know I said my interest wasn't too high when it came to the world cup soccer games, but I will admit if I have a chance to watch the games Denmark is playing, well then I'm watching.
Last night I had a chance to watch Denmark - Cameroon. The game wasn't more than 6 minutes old when Dennis Rommedahl had a big chance of scoring a goal, but he missed. Not long after our goal keeper made a huge mistake and Cameroon was in the lead... Okay let's face it, at this time I start to loose interest, and begins to do other things. I went to kitchen and made coffee, and I hear my husband yelling "Yeahhhh" and the game is now at a tie.
After the break I start to watch again, hey now we might have chance of winning... Dennis Rommedahl get a chance again, and this time he doesn't miss, and we're in the lead 2-1! But that wasn't the time to relax, Cameroon put a lot of pressure on us, had a lot of chances, but we were lucky and we won.


Dennis Rommedahl was definitely the player that saved the game, I used to think he didn't really deserve to be on the national team any longer, but now he is my new hero. He is the best Danish player so far, hopefully some of the others will learn from him and we will win against Japan on Thursday... keep your fingers crossed for me... and Denmark:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's Friday, the weekend has finally started and it's time for fill in the blanks started by Lauren.

Here we go!

1. The best thing about being in school was/is hanging out with some great friends all day long!

2. The worst thing about being in school was/is I'm going with Lauren on this one - Homework.

3. My favorite subject in school was/is Math! I loved math, it probably had more to do with having great teachers than being good at it. And I love geography, dreaming and learning about faraway places.

4. One subject I wish I could have mastered/would like to master is German. In the part on Denmark I live you get taught German from 4th grade. Though I didn't get a very good teacher until the 10th grade, and that was a bit late starting to learn what I should have learned the past 6 years.

5. I could never get tired of studying geography, whenever it would get boring, I would just daydream myself away to one of the places we were learning about!

6. The most memorable teacher I had was "body" I honestly don't remember his real name. The thing is in Denmark you are on first name basis with most teachers. An this guy had always been called "body", I believe it was because there was a lot of body, he was very overweight, but as big as he was as nice he was. He had the best way off teaching and the most patient teacher ever. Oh and he was my math teacher for 3 years and probably one of the reasons I loved math!

7. If I could choose between going to school for the rest of my life or working for the rest of my life, I'd choose weighing the good and bad, in the end I'm pretty happy with working. Though going to school definitely had its perks!

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm counting the hours...

For the weekend that is. All week I have felt a bit under the weather. I believe it was due to our really great party on Saturday, but it was in a big tent and it was really cold. But hey when you are drinking, you don't feel so cold... so now I got a cold! Last night I hardly got any sleep due to my coughing...
But the weekend isn't all I have a countdown for, in just 39 short days we are off to Singapore... I can't wait! So I think I will daydream my cold away, and look at some pictures from last years vacation...

Me and my husband having a "Singapore Sling" at Raffles Hotel, a must in Singapore.

My trying to make rice pancakes, with a little, okay a lot of help from the nice old lady! It's in South Vietnam.

One of our 500 pictures of Angkor Wat in Cambodia!

And last a few monkeys in the park in Singapore.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little thing that made me smile

I know I yesterday said I wasn't really into the whole World Cup thing, but after seeing people changing their profile pictures on Facebook, well I got a little caught up with it.

Someone have created this page called "5 million people, 1 mission", they are trying to get the entire Danish nation to change their pictures to red and white.

You are able to edit your picture to look like a soccer fan, and here is my result... so liking the World Cup Games or not, this made me smile:)

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The weekend is here

Finally the weekend is here, it have felt like the longest week ever. But now the weekends is here, and I'm ready to enjoy it.
Tonight will be a slow and relaxing night, I'm all ready on the couch with my coffee. I have decided that the last housework will have to wait till tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow night we are having a summer party at work, we will be around 160 people. I'm quite excited to just party for the night. Ahead of time some of my colleagues are coming over to my place where we will have a few drinks and some nachos. So keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will be shining tomorrow, it have pretty much been raining all week.
Otherwise the weekend will probably bring quite a bit of soccer games with the World Cup Games starting today. I'm kind of excited about it, and kind of not... I'm going to watch the games Denmark is playing and probably the final (maybe that will be Denmark playing... probably not, they haven't done too well the last few games). But the next couple of weeks is going put my marriage through a few things. We have all ready watched the opening game, last night we watched something leading up to the World Cup Games, tonight we are going to watch Uruguay-France... hey come on it has only started and I'm all ready kinda sick of it. So if I'll still be married after the World Cup, you better congratulate me:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm a little Torn

No it's not Natalie Imbruglia speaking, it's me, and I'm a little torn. The lovely Salt over at Salt says is hosting a giveaway in honour of her 200th post. She had put up this adorable owl necklace, and I really want to win it:)
You can enter the giveaway in several ways, and if you blog about it you will get 3 entries... so this is what I'm torn about. I would love to get the extra entries, but I kinda don't want to spread the word... you know what I mean?

Then again I don't have that many readers and I do believe that most of you if not all of you all ready are followers of Salt so you probably all ready seen the giveaway.

I'm feeling lucky, so there are no need for you guys to even enter the giveaway:) Even if you aren't going to join in on the giveaway you should visit her blog, it always puts a smile on my face, and I'm sure it will do the same to you.... but remember don't enter the giveaway:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

What is age really?

Remember how excited you were about you birthday when you were a kid? Back then getting older could only go too slow, if someone asked you how old you were, you answered 4½ or 5 3/4. Why don't we do this any longer? I think I'll start to do that again, so if someone asks in 3 months how old I am, my proud answer will be "I'm 31 and 3 months!"

Me and my "niece" at my 30th birthday last year!

Why is it that we aren't that proud of our age any longer, why don't we (okay I can only speak for myself), so why don't I get as excited about my birthday any longer... I figure it's like everything else you have done several times. Let's face it the first time you drove a car it was exciting, but after driving for 13 years, not so exciting any longer, the first time you go on a airplane, you are excited, after having travelled a bit, the plane ride it not so exciting, it's the destination. So I guess after having had 30 birthdays, the 31st not so exciting.

Though I wish I could get that excited about my birthday again, maybe I should try planning a bit more than work for my next birthday... I have plenty of time to do it!

A few years ago they started a project for retarded to get into the workplace at my work. One of the ladies one day came up to be, and said "You know what? It's my birthday on Thursday", she sounded really excited about it, and I congratulated her, asking her how old she turned, she very proudly told me "I'm turning 42"

I should probably learn a bit from her, so next year I promise I'll be excited about my birthday, and I'll try not to make it a 14 hour workday!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I can hardly wait...

Yesterday my sister in law came by for dinner and most importantly to plan our summer vacation. At Christmas time we had talked about going to the USA, but hey the tickets are almost the double of what we sometime can get them to. So now we have bought tickets for Singapore:o)

On July 26th "I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again" well I know I'll be back at August 9th. First we will spent 4 days in Singapore, which I'm pretty excited about, we went there last year as well. So the hubby and I have decided we want to go at eat crabs, we don't care if my sister in law don't like seafood... her loss!

Then we will fly to Borneo, and live at Damai Beach Resort, which looks really cool. Here we want to go and see orangutans.
Last we will spent some days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We also went here last year, but Kuala Lumpur is mostly for the shopping, which is a lot cheaper than in Singapore. So maybe a Marc Jacobs purse or a pair on Gucci sunglasses will find its way to my suitcase... who knows?
I'm super excited about our trip, and have almost started counting the days:) So the last few days I have been caught up in all the vacation planning, so I completely forgot it is my birthday tomorrow. It wasn't until a colleague asked me if tomorrow wasn't my birthday, I realised I had forgotten all about it. I had planned on baking a cake for my co workers, but I forgot... so I guess I'll just buy everyone breakfast, that's the easy way out:) I feel like my birthday was last weekend, because we celebrated it on Saturday, and tomorrow I have to work from 8.00 am to 10 pm... not much fun on your birthday!

But that can't bring me down... because I'm going to Singapore, Borneo and Kuala Lumpur! Yeah!!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remember to stop and smell the roses...

According to the calendar today is the first day of summer, and with 22 degrees Celsius outside I believe summer is here!
After getting home from work I was sitting outside checking e-mails (so glad that the hubby insisted on getting sockets on the terrace), enjoying a cup of coffee and the sun burning on the skin.

The cats loved being outside in the nice weather, though I think the heat might have gotten to poor Gilbert, he was just sleeping...

Gustav on the other hand was lying on the wall, but not for too long, because then something moved in the grass and he was running after it.

He was running around the garden, enjoying that we were out there with him. Kept busy and needed to look at everything, but not too busy, he literally stopped to smell the roses (how cute is that?).

Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer.