Sunday, August 17, 2014

Block Party

Yesterday we attended our annual block party. In the morning/noon there were activities for the kids. Jonas loved it, and really had fun all day.
 Chasing clothes pins as tails on the other kids, Jonas had a blast, though he didn't always realise that he had lost his pin.
 Egg run, Jonas was really slow, but I was quite impressed at his balance, and his concentration. He was very proud that he didn't drop it, but I think 2 other kids passed him, in the same time he used:)
The block party was Christmas themed, and instead of dressing up as Santa and his helper I dressed up as a Christmas tree (my cousin had a dress I could borrow), and we made Frank a gift costume, though he took his off pretty fast, because it was really not handy moving around in. Though the hula hoop in the bottom of my dress gave me a few challenges as well. We had a great time, but are really tired today.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Lately I seem to be drained of energy. 

I have to drag myself to work, and I don't care to be there. Since I got a new position on October 1st last year, well thing just changed. I decided not to be a sales leader anylonger, and "just" have a regular job. It's been hard, especially because I stayed in the same department. It's been hard finding my place, some still see me as a leader, at least it feels like that, because I get asked everything, I still have some of the same assignments as I had before, which also makes it hard finding my place. 

Back in October we also got a new boss in our department, and let's just say that she doesn't fit in that position. She still has a lot to learn, and sometimes it feels like everyone expects that it's my job teaching her everything... Well then they are not paying me enough. 

At times I feel like I'm the only one taking any kind of responsibility to get things done. Just a simple thing as checking her e-mail, well she doesn't do that everyday, maybe twice a week if we are lucky... Well this resolves in a lot of lost information.

If it was for my colleagues, well then I don't know what I would do. We try to stick together, and I guess we have to ride this out.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Survivor party

So this weekend was our 6th survivor party, the weather unfortunately started our really wet and rainy, but it clear up during the day. 

Get ready for a picture overload, and a few comments along the way.

 The first competition was skiing, each team got 2 boards and some rope and had to walk from one end of the backyard to the other and back.
 Here they had to flip a blanket to the other side while all 3 of the were standing on it.
 Using a flyswatter as a racket, and a balloon as a ball. They had to get the balloon to one end of the backyard, switch player and back in the basket. If the balloon touched the ground they had to start over, though we had to change that, because it was too windy.
 Throwing cards at a watermelon, they only had to get one card to stick, but this one guy was really good at it and had to show of:)
 Hole in one... well getting a pencil in the bottle, but since we didn't want it to be too easy, each team had to have 2 players getting it in the bottle.
 Building a Lego car, one had to guide and one had to build. We ended up having to stand between them, because of course they tried to cheat looking over each others shoulders....
 Placing m&ms on top of a straw with another straw, this was guy actually super fast, the girl he competed with got none placed by the time he finished... maybe she was more drunk than him.
 Who could eat 10 crackers the fastest without drinking. Well two of the girls started spitting at each other, and were disqualified.
 3 finalist at the plank, though one guy didn't last long. He actually didn't get much of a chance to get up there, but as a referee you have to be strict, otherwise this last game will take way too long.
 The final 2, we ended having them stand on one leg, jump from one leg to the other etc.
 Here they had to touch the plank, and in the end she fell of and he won. It was actually the second time he won, he also won back in 2012.
 Celebrating with champagne...
And his very nice teammates throwing him in the pool. Well they were nice enough to let him get his pants of first.

All in all again another great survivor party, though thinking up new games is getting hard, so if anyone has any good suggestions please let me know!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A finished project

I have today off, and for once I really feel like I have got a lot done. This Saturday we are hosting our 6th annual Survivor Party, so Jonas and I started the day of getting our shopping done. When we got home we got things arranged, did a little cleaning and as I write the last load of laundry is being washed.

I also got around to take a picture of a cardigan I finished last week, though I haven't got around to wash it yet so it's rolling a bit, but I hope washing it will help. Sorry for the bad picture, this selfie thing just aren't something I'm good at. 

I have now started a new project, a blanket for Jonas. I bought a lot of cotton yarn when we were in Turkey, it was a bit cheaper than here. At first I thought the price was pretty much the same as a lot of yarn here, but the quality seemed a bit better. I wasn't until I got home I realised that it was 100 g balls, instead of the regular 50 g. So it was actually really cheap. 

The picture isn't the best, the colours are much better live, the part I have crocheted is more green.

Have a great day:)

Monday, August 4, 2014

A summer update

Yes I'm still here, I guess July wasn't the month for me to blog. It's been crazy hot here for so long, I can't remember a summer this hot, and at times really humid, though hardly ever any rain. 

The great weather combined with 2 weeks off from work, well that just kept me off the computer, not like totally isolated, still checked my mail, facebook and instagram, and read blogs, but I didn't have the energy to blog.

I still haven't bothered to move the pictures from our camera to the computer, so you will have to do with cell phone pictures. On Thursday before our vacation my parents picked up Jonas, and took him home, so he could go on vacation by himself. He loved it, and was really excited to go. He was riding his bike in the driveway, when my dad opened the trunk of their car. That was his clue to run inside get his suitcase and jump in the car... my dad only opened the trunk to put something in there, then weren't about to leave. So for next 20 minutes Jonas sat in the car calling my mum and dad:)

There were no pool at my parents, but this seemed to work just as well:)

We also went camping for a few days. Well we rented a small cabin on a camp site, and our neighbours had their caravan at the same place. We had a couple of really nice days, but honestly camping is not on my top list of vacation types. We had a toilet in the cabin, but no shower, which almost freaked me out, well mostly because of my broken foot, and showering with a broken foot isn't easy. Though by the time we went camping my foot was a lot better, and I could remove the dressing so I could shower.
The Canoe ride with my brother

We had a few BBQ, Frank's sister and boyfriend came over, we went for a BBQ at Franks parents. And we went to Legoland with my parents, Franks parents and my brother. It was a really nice day, but way too hot, but Jonas loved showing everything of to them all. 
He was a fast learner, my brother told him where to put his hand and he thought it was so funny.

Saying goodbye in the parking lot

I went back to work last weekend, and this last week has been busy. Though yesterday we did have a chance to visit the harbour, where the Tall Ship Races 2014 were visiting. I must say there were some really impressive ships there.
A small view of the harbour
So all in all a busy summer, I will try to get back in the rhythm of things, and blog a bit more regular.