Monday, April 28, 2014

How time flies...

I can't believe how time just flies, Jonas is growing up way too fast. He is so much fun, and learning new things all the time...

On Saturday he had a haircut, it's not like it was the first haircut, more like the 10th or 12th haircut, so that wasn't a big deal. But the hairdresser asked him if he wanted wax in his hair, and he said yes... suddenly my little boy seemed so big!
I can't believe how naughty he looks:)

This weekend there was a sale on bicycles, and since we had been talking about getting him a bike, well we might just take advantage of the sale. So we got him his first bike, a spiderman bike. He had a bit of trouble figuring out how to use the pedals, but he is starting to get the hang of it.

After starting the Early Years programme, he has also started saying a few English words, which is quite fun. The first sentence he learned was "May I be excused", though Jonas doesn't quite know how to pronounce excused, so it sounds like "May I be a juice". He is also starting to know the colours in English, and sometimes he will be asking me "mum what is x called in Early Years?" to him it's not English it's Early Years. 

And soon we will be going on vacation, in 26 short days we will be flying to Turkey. We tried explaining it to Jonas on Friday, we told him we would fly to Turkey and go in the swimming pool. We showed him pictures on the computer etc. So when we arrived at his swimming class on Saturday morning he told me it was the wrong swimming pool. So I tried to explain that we have to sleep a lot of nights before we are going. When I asked him if he remember what we were doing on Sunday when he woke up, well he answered "Fly to Turkey"... so it might only be days, but I'm not sure he quite gets that:)

Have a great week everyone:)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Belated Easter

Once again more than a week passed without me blogging, but being off work for 5 whole days was so nice and so busy. But busy in a good way.

Thursday before Easter there is an annual Motorcycle gathering in our city. We usually go there and look at the motorcycles, and this year was no exception. We started out having breakfast at some friends house and then went into town. When we first arrived there wasn't too many motorcycles, so we went to the playground for a while. When we got back from the playground there was a lot more motorcycles, though it looks really empty on the one picture I got. Jonas ended up falling asleep in the stroller, so we sat outside at a cafe and had a beer before going home.

On Friday we went to visit my parents, my brother was all ready there from the day before. They had arranged an Easter Egg hunt for Jonas, and he loved it.

He was spoiled rotten and had to get Uncle T. to help carry some of the Easter Eggs. My aunt also came, and we had a nice Easter lunch. We spent the night at my parents, and drove back on Saturday. 

We spent Saturday relaxing, doing a bit of yard work, and playing outside, the weather was fantastic. On Sunday Jonas and I went to Legoland again so Frank could get some work done. Again the weather was fantastic, so we were not the only one visiting, so there was a bit of a longer line than last time. But it didn't matter because if I would have let Jonas he would have spent the day looking at trains, boats and cars in miniland.

On Monday we went to Fanoe (a small Island just off the coast of Esbjerg). We went to have lunch with Franks parent in their summerhouse.

So all in all we had a great Easter, but we could have used a few more days to relax, so the upcoming weekend is very much needed.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Organic cows...

Today was the day where all organic cows in Denmark were let out of the stables after being stuck there all winter. A lot of organic farms around Denmark has an open house arrangement where you can come and visit.

 We went to a farm, and first got to look around the farm, visit the stables, taste the organic milk and yogurt. 
 Jonas didn't want to be photographed today, so you will have to do with the cows... at noon there was a countdown for the doors to open, and let the cows out.

They came running, or pretty much dancing because they were so excited to finally be outside. They really seemed to enjoy springtime.

It was the first time we went to visit a farm on the day the cows were let out, it was fun, but after an hour walking around we were ready to see the cows dance, and we could go home. It's a bit funny to think that all over Denmark people gather at farms to see cows run out of the stables... quite silly really, but it does attract a lot of people.

Have a great week, and Happy Easter.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A little update...

I can't believe I haven't been blogging for almost 2 weeks. I guess I have been a bit busy, I have been working nights for a few days in the beginning of this week, but that just messes up everything for a few days afterwards. I have today off, it was very much needed, because working during the night doesn't give you as much sleep during the day....I guess I'm not cut out for it, but I do still enjoy it, but after a few days I guess I need some time to catch up on my sleep.

So what have I been up to... on Saturday Legoland opened again for a new season, and Jonas and I went. It was raining a little, a bit cold etc. but we dressed for the occasion and had fun.
 Jonas in front of a little Lego city, he loves seeing the trains go by, and the little cars driving around. I actually think he would be satisfied if that was all we got to do there...
 Taking a picture of the dangerous lion Jonas, though by the time I got to take the photo he was leaving again.
 In the small boats, he kept telling me if we were turning left or right... he is actually quite good a know what is left and what is right.
 Jonas and me sailing in the small boats.
 On Friday it was our 5th wedding anniversary, but since Frank had a company party to attend, we waited a celebrated a little Saturday night. One of the presents at our wedding was 3 bottles of wine, one for our first anniversary, one for our 3rd anniversary and one for our 5th anniversary. Though I can't believe it's been 5 years all ready....
Yesterday before leaving work one of the guys got cinnamon. It's tradition in Denmark that when you turn 25 and aren't married you get cinnamon, and if you aren't married by 30 you get pepper. He was expecting it, but he thought we would do it in the morning, so he had put his old clothes on... but we waited till he was off work, and took him outside... For some reason they always over do it at our company, usually you would only get a small bag, but he we have plenty of cinnamon in stock at our baker, so he got a whole lot more than I ever got.

Well that will be it for now, hope I will get around to blogging a bit more often...