Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter Eggs....

Sometimes it's dangerous to surf the Internet... you would think surfing the Internet on crochet site would be pretty harmless... though I usually to so many ideas to what I want to make next.

That was what happened this time too, though these were quite fast... well at least not a project that demand months of time, and I could use yarn from my stash, so I had to make a few Easter eggs. Though after making them I would like to make some in some finer/thinner yarn, because I think the details will be prettier, but I like the ones I made in cotton yarn as well.

I found the recipe here, it's in Danish so some of you might not have much use of it, sorry.

The finished crocheted eggs, but not much egg shape to them...

I boiled some water, added sugar, after it had dissolved I soaked the eggs for a bit.
Then I pumped a water balloon up inside the egg.

And left them to dry. The recipe said at least 24 hours, but since I was working last night, which was 24 hours after I soaked them, I left them until this morning, so about 36 hours.
Blew up the balloons, and there you have the finished eggs, but I could hold my hands still while taking the photo, so therefore you get a bit blurry picture of the finished project.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. Here the weather has been amazing, and we have spent all day today outside, getting the garden ready for spring, and putting up Jonas' trampoline.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sometimes we make mistakes, I believe we all do. Some are worse than others, and some are easier making right again than others.

One of my last mistakes was signing up for a German course at work... It sounds like a good idea. It was during work hours, they paid for it, and I thought I needed to improve my German.... Well what can I tell you, my German was way better than I thought, and the class is SO boring.... But now I can't quit!

You have to learn from your mistakes, and I have learnt that I will re-think ever signing up for any course again, no matter if it is free or not. But for the next 8 or so weeks I'm stuck in German class every Wednesday from 9.45-12.45

On Wednesday there were also another mistake... The Baker department discovered they had baked the wrong cake for a customer. Luckily they discovered it about an hour before it should be picked up, and managed to make the right one in time... But the other one they made, well this was a good mistake, because we ate that in German class:) that is a mistake they don't need to learn from;)

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A little bit of this and that...

Yeah I'm still here, but the last few weeks has been crazy busy at work, and when I pick Jonas up at the school he is so tired, because he is no longer napping. So I just haven't had time or energy to blog.

So what have we been up to the last couple of weeks? Well not much really.

Last Saturday I was at a party with my co-workers. We had an okay time, at least I had fun with the people from my own department, but things were a bit crazy that evening.

Otherwise we have pretty much all three been sick. Jonas started last Friday with coughing and a fever, but by Monday he was ready to go back to school. Frank has been near death, as men are when they catch the flu. I have had a cold, and still have, but it seems like it has mostly hit my voice, and I can live with that. 

This Friday we were at an 80's concert, which was really fun. We went with some of our neighbours and had a great time.

Today I keep checking facebook, because one of my co-workers daughter is in the hospital and was having surgery this afternoon/evening, so I keep checking for an update. On Thursday they discover and lump or something on her one ovary (she is only 7) and during the night between Thursday and Friday she was transferred to another hospital, where they Friday morning operated her, and found a cyst on 5x6 cm on her one ovary. They had closed her again, and had to wait to see if the ovary was still alive. Due to her pain today they had decided to operated this afternoon instead of waiting. So now I keep checking facebook for hopefully a positive update....

Last night I started a crocheted "My Little Pony" for her, and I still need the last details. Please send good vibes their way, they for sure need it:)

Well I'm off to check facebook again!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buzzador - Oral B toothbrushes

I have been testing Oral-B toothbrushes through buzzador.

The first one I tried was the TriZone brush, which I at first really liked, but ended up thinking it was a bit soft, though I liked the bigger brush on it.

Then I tried the 3D white brush for little over a week, that was really hard, especially on the gums, but I felt like me teeth we really getting cleaned.

I am currently testing the last one, the Floss Action, that one is my favorite, and for sure the one I'm going to buy next time I need new brushes for my toothbrush.
I also got some of their toothpaste, and well let's just say I really dislike it. It taste like a bad piece of gum, well it is mostly the smell of it that annoys me. Besides that it is really thin, and it runs out of the tube, so we got toothpaste all over the sink etc. So I am definitely sticking to my regular toothpaste.

But there you have it, my thoughts of the Oral-B toothbrushes.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It has arrived...

In December we ordered a copy of af designer chair, The Egg. We had talked about for a few years, and then they started talking about changing the rules so it would no longer be legal to order copies from the UK. 

On the website it said it was in stock, so back then we were promised the chair would be here the first week of January... 

Well the second week of March and it has arrived, and I love it:)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Monkeying around...

Well these days with Jonas starting Early Years I have had some time off during the day, and since it is usually only a few hours I haven't been able to start any big projects... okay let's just face it I was also too lazy to start any big projects.

But I have had time to do a little crocheting. Again I did something from the Danish designer Kay Bojesen, but this time it was his monkey...

When Jonas saw it he requested a blue one with a yellow tummy, so I made one for him as well. I found the recipe here.

And the bird I made a few weeks ago, well it got a girlfriend. And I still haven't got around to buy some eyes for them... but how is the saying "Even a blind bird finds a worm"?

Hope you are all having a great weekend:)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Jonas' first days at Early Years...

So Jonas started the Early Years programme on Monday, and have now been there for 4 days. Monday I stayed with him until we went home. Then on Tuesday he was going to stay there by himself, so he only stayed for a few hours. He gave me a hug and a few kisses when I left, and was okay with me leaving... I think it was harder for me leaving him.

He is suddenly so big and independent... well all the other kids go to the bathroom themselves, put on the jackets etc. all by themselves. I know Jonas are able to do this too, but when he is at home we probably help him a bit too much. And since the potty training was pretty new to him, I was pretty sure he would have had a changed of clothes when I picked him up... but no, and he had fun. He had got a bit upset at one point on the playground, not crying or anything, but he seemed a little lost. But after talking a bit to one of the teachers there were no problem.

My big boy on he way home from "school" on Wednesday 

Wednesday he stayed a bit longer, and again no accidents! When I dropped him off on Wednesday morning when were headed to the Gym for their P.E. class. He had really enjoyed P.E., I guess mainly because this time they had brought out everything for them just to run around and play. On Wednesday he had also been a little upset at one point, but not crying or anything, he just got a hug and talked to one of the teachers and then he was okay.

Yesterday I dropped him off and he had to show me a few things before I could leave. He kept holding my hand and wouldn't really let go. So I thought he would be really upset when I left. One of the teachers came with us so he could wave at me, he gave me a kiss and a hug, and when I was almost out the door he wanted to give me another kiss. I gave him another kiss, and then he ran off, and didn't care to wave at me!
Since he is used to having a nap on both Wednesday and Thursday I picked him up around noon. Yesterday they were about to eat their lunch when I came, and Jonas wanted to stay and eat, so we did. Again he had no accidents, I'm so proud of him, but he did have a little accident on Wednesday afternoon and we were outside playing in the neighbours backyard, but ohh well he had so much fun he forgot.

Jonas relaxing, NOT napping:)

I guess all the problems we had when he started daycare was all the trouble we needed. On Wednesday he didn't want to nap just relax on the couch with TV, which meant a very tired Jonas and early dinner and early bedtime. When we got home yesterday he again said he didn't want to nap, but he ended up falling asleep on the couch.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

M and M direct - review

I usually don't review web shops on my blog, but this one just deserves a shout out!

On Wednesday night last week I was looking around for trainers, the thing is my trainers get used pretty fast at work, and I go through shoes pretty fast. The last pair lasted only a few months, and well with the prices in Denmark you can be poor pretty fast. Last year I put my first order in with MandMdirect and back then I was really satisfied. 

I ended up ordering 2 pair of shoes for myself, 2 pairs for Jonas, a t-shirt for myself and 3 pairs of boxers for my husband in order to reach the amount for free shipping. All this I got for about the amount I would pay for 1½ pair of shoes in Denmark only 600 DKK (110 US$).

And best of all, by Monday night it was delivered. You might not think that is fast delivery, but keep in mind it was being shipped from the UK to Denmark, so I think that was pretty fast. So I can for sure recommend all of you to shop at MandMdirect.

This post isn't sponsored, the words are all mine, but hey if someone over at MandMdirect should want to sponsor me you are more than welcome to contact me:)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My baby turned 3!

Well again more than a week passed between blogposts, but this time with good reason. I was preparing for Jonas' 3rd birthday... I can't believe he is all ready 3 years old. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday, though it wasn't until yesterday it was his birthday. But yesterday he was starting the Early Years programme at the International School, so it seemed like celebrating on Sunday was the best way to go.
Opening his first present, a radio controlled Jake on Skateboard. Jonas is quite into everything Jake and everything Cars.
Since he loves Jake so much we had paper plates and napkins with Jake, and the table was all ready for the guests to arrive.
Sunday was also shrovetide, and since Jonas didn't get to attend any parties this year he put on his Jake costume, though not for long, he wasn't too fond of it. I guess polyester isn't the way to go:)

Opening more presents. And yes he isn't wearing pants, he just like running around in his boxers, and it's just so much easier when potty training, so we let him.

Blowing out candles on his rainbow cake.

 Blowing out candles on his cakeman which my mum baked. It's tradition for her to bake one for everyone of us on our birthday.

And a close up of the rainbow cake, I'm quite proud of how it turned out.

So my baby is now quite and has started the Early Years programme, but that is a whole other story!