Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've got a lot of shopping to do:)

Oh boy you need a lot of things when expecting a baby! And boy do I love looking around deciding what to get and what not to get:)
On Sunday I was working, and a girl from another department came out with a lot of car seats, which had been on display, and sometimes we can buy them cheaper. So I asked if I should buy one of those. Though she said those weren't in too good shape, but if I just waited a minute she had one tugged away, which was meant for her cousin to buy cheap a few months ago. But he had never picked it up, so I could buy that one. So now I got a car seat for only 25% of the price I can find for online... how cool is that?
Well this is not the first car seat I need, the baby wont fit into this before its about a year old, but I don't mind storing it at that price. Ohh and don't mind the frosties in the background, it's not an attempt of product placement:)

Now I'm on the outlook for another car seat, which can be used from birth, but a co worker of mine talked about selling hers. Neither me nor my baby will be too good for hand me downs. Besides she said she had hardly used it, so I will have a look, and probably buy it. At the same time she said she had a lot of maternity clothes, she had just been cleaning out her closet, and I could take a look if I could use any of it. So yesterday she brought me this big box of maternity clothes...

So it's just sitting there waiting for me to go through it. Isn't that just great, a whole box of free clothes? Especially since I'm only going to wear it for 4 or 5 months, I would really hate myself for having to spent a load of money on clothes I'm not going to be able to wear anymore in the spring.

Just when we had found out I was pregnant a friend of ours wrote on her facebook status that she was selling their Trip Trap High chair. I was a bit confused as what to do, because a new one will cost a smaller fortune, but at the same time we weren't ready to tell them I was pregnant.

Well after our vacation we invited them for my belated birthday dinner. After a few minutes I asked if they had sold their high chair, to which she replied no, and I asked if they wanted to sell it, and she got the point right away and congratulated us. Then she said if she had only known, because then she wouldn't have bought me a birthday present, I would have got the chair instead. But then she realised that my husband has a birthday before me giving birth and said it would be his birthday present.


So we also got a high chair, well not yet but we will have it before the baby is here, and its free. The cool thing about this chair is that it can be used for bigger children as well, as the baby gets bigger you can remove the bar and adjust the seat level. Our friends son had used it until he turned 6 years, so it won't be completely new, and our will be a wooden colour, so even if it has a few "bruises" it won't be that noticeable as a painted one would be.

So I'm looking for bargains all the time, and the good thing is that I don't need everything right now, so I have plenty of time to look around, but that also means that I will find a lot of stuff that I might not really need, but that I do want:)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The joys of pregnancy...

Okay I should definitely not complain, I'm fortunately not one of those women who has to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I have only experienced a few differences since getting pregnant, one is that I'm more tired than usual, and I guess soon I will have to give in and start taking an afternoon nap... the thing is I have never been a heavy sleeper, and I'm afraid if I sleep during the day, I won't be able to sleep during the night. As I said I don't get nausea, only if I don't get my meals fairly regularly, which meant on vacation I couldn't wait till 15.00 before having lunch:) But I did lie about not running to the bathroom every ten minutes, well not every ten minutes, but I do have to pee a lot, like 3 times last night... The third thing is I have started to get teenage skin again, NOT so much fun.
But let's face it, if these are the only things that are going to change, when I will be fine. Okay I might soon have to go shopping though, but honestly isn't it a little early buying pregnancy clothes? I don't look pregnant yet, just a little chubby, I can no longer suck in my stomach to look thin! But a plus is that my breast have gotten bigger... I know they won't stay that way, but I will enjoy them as long as I got them, even if it means that I also have to invest in a few new bras.
I know I have always said I don't want children, but I honestly didn't think people would believe me, besides that was our standard answer, because we were tired of getting asked when we would reproduce... But I guess some people did believe it, because when we told my parents my mums first reaction was to say "but you guys didn't want children" so we had to calm her down, and tell this was a happy thing and all planned. My father reacted as we expected... he started to cry:)
My husbands Godson who is 7 was also really excited about it, and he is hoping it's a boy. He also gave us a bit of advice "Connie, when the baby comes you have to remember that you and Frank are in charge!" How cute was that? Though Frank had to ask him who was in charge of him, and when he answered his parents, he asked if he always did was his parents asked him to... to which he didn't really answer:) Later he asked his mum what he would be to the baby, when it was his Godfathers child, and his mum told him that it was "just" his Godfathers child. But hey if it will make his day I would love to call him a cousin. Let's face it our baby don't seem to get any cousins anytime soon with my brother and fiance breaking up, and both Franks sister and brother being single...
I don't hope I bored you, but these are the things that takes a lot of my time at the moment, but can you blame me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Survivor weekend, part 2

This weekend we had our "Survivor" party, and it was loads of fun. Unfortunately it was raining part of the day, but we managed anyways. The first test the two teams had was a little math quiz, and they had to enter the result on a laptop, if they entered the right number the words family increase came up. The red team were first and yelled the words, and the cheered because they won, but they didn't realise what they just had yelled. It wasn't until on of the girls from the blue team gave me a hug and said congratulations, they realised what was going on, and then they freaked out. I can't come up with a better way to tell all our friends, they were all there, so how much better could it be!

And now to the pictures, at least some of them.

The blue team had really outdone themselves. They were wearing headbands with their names, and had printed out tattoos for them to wear. Aren't that just cool?

One of the games was a wheelbarrow race... do any of you remember when you were kids, and you played wheelbarrow? Well that was what they did, but they had to bring along their mascot without dropping it:)

Another game was shooting gummibears... but not just throwing them. Nope you lick them, stick them in your nose and shoot... This picture is my brother who had the record with 2 meter and 20 centimeters....
Another game was lighting a fire with a firing steel. Which was a bit harder than we expected, but they did manage to start a fire.

Another game we named water world, the teams had to transport water with a bucket over their head and another bucket taped to the top... it was so much fun seeing them run with a bucket over their head.

Another game was a cucumber baton... they had to transport a cucumber between their legs from one end of the lawn to the other and back, giving it to the next and so on. Some people had some really funny walks.

In the end only 2 people were left, and they had to stand on the plank. In order for it not to take ages they had to move to one leg, but that still took some time.

But in the end we had a winner...
It was a really fun day, it couldn't have been better, or well if the rain had stayed away it would have been perfect.
Today I went to my first ultrasound... it was suppose to be a nuchal translucency scan, but my stupid doctor forgot to send in my paperwork, and I'm now too far along for them to do that. I super upset when I found out yesterday, and didn't know what to do. Then this morning they called from the hospital they had a opening this afternoon. So we went, and got to see our little baby, which was very surreal, it was there, but I don't feel anything yet. We even got a picture but our scanner doesn't work, so you have to wait for that. Luckily they could measure some different things, compare them to the blood test and it seems like everything is like it should be:) But I'm not just 14 weeks pregnant, I'm actually 15 weeks pregnant! My due date is February 16th, but my husband is still rooting for the 12th of February which is his birthday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I got a little secret!

Well not so much of a secret anymore! Something I have wanted to tell for a few months, well something I have wanted to yell out from a top of a mountain...


Yep, finally I can tell you, yesterday we told all our friends, and on Friday I told them at work. I've have been debating if I should have put it on here before, but a few of my friends know about my blog, but I'm not sure they are reading it, but just in case you had to wait too.

We are super excited, I'm now 14 weeks pregnant, which is a bit surreal. My parents and in laws are also super excited, it's the first grandchild on both sides. So imagine all visits we're gonna get when we reach the end of February:)

Well just wanted to tell you! I'm gonna post picture from our party yesterday another day, but this was just too big to wait telling!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Survivor weekend!

I'm getting ready for our annually "Survivor" theme party, I'm allowed to called it annually since we had it last year, and we plan on having it the next many years as well. It's this Saturday, and all the guests have been divided into 2 teams, the red and the blue team. They are going to compete in different challenges, and they have all ready received their first challenge, which is to make a team mascot. I will let you in on the price (only because I don't any of them are reading my blog), the winning team will get a full brunch, with eggs, bacon, sausages, waffles etc. The losers not so much brunch, they will have oatmeal and cornflakes... after brunch or cornflakes they will start really to compete, and one by one they will be voted off. Because like the TV show, there can only be one winner.
Just a few pictures from last year. We are having the party in the garage, which actually looked better than we expected when planning the party.When the guests arrived they started out at the patio with drinks, red and blue drinks of course...
One of the challenges was to shoot goals blindfolded, which I guess was a bit harder than we thought, because the guy in the picture was the only one who scored.
Another challenge was to dive for apples, plums etc. which was won by the blue team, this guy gave it all in order to win, though the red team didn't put up much of a fight:)
Like the TV show they much go on the plank. I guess she was a bit smarter, and went up there barefooted, which gave her the victory! GIRL POWER!

I'm really excited about the party, last year it was a huge success, and everyone had so much fun, which they hopefully will have again this year.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm still a little shocked!

Well after getting home from our big grocery shopping on Wednesday my husband looked at the phone, and told me that my mum had called. I was all like yeah I will call her back after having lunch, it's always like this after getting home from vacation, she calls all the time to tell me different things that has happened during our vacation.
So I had my lunch and called her back, well this thing hadn't happened during our vacation, well it might have, but it hadn't been official until Wednesday. My brother was home, which I found weird since his vacation was over, but it turned out that him and his girlfriend had broken up, and their wedding is/was just 5 weeks away!
To say the least I was shocked... I hadn't seen this coming, neither had my parents or anyone else for that matter. I don't know exactly what happened, I've talked to my brother a few times since Wednesday, but I have decided I don't want to ask too many question, I'm just here to listen, but I for sure would like to know WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! I guess in time I will know, but for now I can just wonder.
We are trying to look on the bright side, so we are saying it's better they break up now, instead of 5 weeks after the wedding. Now they just need to get everything sorted out, like selling the house, finding a place for their dog (none of them will be able to keep it, since they both will be living in apartments) and getting everything cancelled for the wedding.
I guess you never know what the day brings until it's over!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A few vacation photos

I guess it's time for me to finally post some of our photos from our trip. But for some reason my Internet connection is really slow, so I will just post a few photos and see how long I care to wait for them, so it might not be too many, but I will try to capture the highlights of the trip.
The first picture is Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino in Singapore, come on that is one crazy building... when we were here last year they were only starting the buildings, but we didn't expect to see this when we got back! We didn't really do a lot of sightseeing in Singapore due to having seen most of it last year so that was mainly spent shopping and relaxing.
One of the statues that stands by the river in Singapore is kids jumping in the water, and I figured it would be fun to take a picture with me pushing them into the water, which resulted in my sister in law and my husband calling me "mean Connie".
After 3 days in Singapore we continued to Borneo where we spent the next 5 days at the beautiful "Damai Beach Resort".
The place was perfect for relaxing, either by the pool, and at the beach which was just on the other sides of the pool chairs.
Every night we could enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach over the Chinese Ocean. You can't really capture it in a picture, it was just breathtaking.
In Borneo we went on some trips, one of the days we went to a wildlife rehabilitation center, where we saw orangutans at feeding time. I was so amazed by them, they were just hanging in their arms as if that was the easiest and most relaxing thing in the world. The looked really cute, but I doubt you should get too close, especially to a mama orangutan, they say they become really hostile if you annoy them... so I tried to stay on their good side, which seemed to work:)
One of the days we went to Bako National Park, in order to go there you had to go on a long boat, which my Sister in Law wasn't too fond of, since she is afraid of water and can't swim. As you can imagine seeing the above sign before getting on board the boat didn't really calm her down. I was trying really hard not to laugh at her, I know that is so mean, but I just can't imagine how you can be afraid of water, as a kid I loved going swimming. Most other fears I can relate to, but being afraid of water... sorry that just seems so far away from something I should be scared of.

At the national park we go to see the proboscis monkey, which only lives here wild. Just as the orangutans they were really cute, and even my sister in law thought that sight was worth the boat trip. They are amazing to watch, they seem so human like, and just as we were taking pictures it was like it said "That's enough" and it pulled a branch in front of it self like a curtain... I guess it had had enough of the paparazzies:)

We were eating our lunch at the national park, but my husband ended up eating standing up. There were a lot of small and angry monkeys trying to steal your food, and after they stole my husbands two bananas and his banana cake he had had enough, and was protecting the rest of us trying to fight of the monkeys with a stick. Without the stick they were just getting closer and showing the teeth at him. I do think he kind of enjoyed hunting monkeys... at least he could get some anger out of the system:)

On our last day on Borneo we went of a city tour of Kuching. Our guide told us that Kuching meant "cat city", and they sure love their cats, they had a whole cat museum. At the entrance you could take your picture with your face in the hole of a cat, and of course my sister in law and I had to have our picture taken, the whole thing just seemed so tacky you had to do it:)

After Borneo we spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur, but since we had also visited Kuala Lumpur last year we didn't do much here either besides a little shopping and a lot of relaxing. But of course you have to have you picture taken in front of the "Petronas Towers".

After a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur we headed home. I love to travel, but its also good to be back home. I hope you enjoy my vacation:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm back!

We got back last night at dinner time after having been on the way for 36 hours... you can imagine I was a tiny bit tired!
I'm tired of waiting in airports... first we waited 9 hours in Singapore airport, then the plane was a hour delayed, but we were all ready sitting in the plane.... the 3 or 4 hours of waiting in Dubai... and then we thought we had arrived in Hamburg it would be easy getting our suitcases, finding the car and 3 hours drive... but first we waited an hour for our luggage.
But besides all the waiting on the way home, we had a fab time, and I will blog more about it later, but now it's time for grocery shopping and doing the laundry!
Looking forward to catching up with all of you!