Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a ....

This morning we went to the hospital to get the second and last ultrasound. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant, and the ultrasound was going to show if something was wrong, and hopefully the sex of the baby!

The nurse had hardly got the scanner in hand before I told her I wanted to know the sex if she was able to see it. So she started measuring everything, showing us the little heartbeat, both arms, both legs, the kidneys, the stomach, the brain etc. all while I was thinking "can she see what it is? does she all ready know? why isn't she telling me?" I guess she was just teasing, because in the end she told us it was a boy, so in 20 short weeks we will be parents to a healthy baby boy:) Hopefully this is going to make it easier to come up with names, but if you have any suggestions I'm all ears:)


My mum asked what we had been hoping for, and honestly we were just hoping for a healthy baby, but knowing the sex ahead of time is just so much more practical. So even though it's not a 100% sure, we are now planning for a boy. Everything just seems so more real now.

My brother was hoping for a boy, so he would grow up a be a soccer player, and hopefully play for his favourite local team, but if he weren't any good he could stay with our favorite team:)

So now we can start buying blue things, I'm so excited!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is it going to be?

Over the last couple of weeks I have really started wondering if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, not that it matters. I have an ultrasound coming up on Wednesday, and if the baby is in the right position they will be able to tell if its a boy or a girl... I always thought I didn't wanted to know, but now I'm just way too curious, so if they will be able to see - well then I want to know.
A lot of people have been asking me if I have any idea as to what sex the baby is, but no I don't! Some people don't get, they are like "But you must have a feeling!" but no I don't have a feeling... what should I feel if it's a boy? Should I feel different if it's a girl? Then there is all the old wives tales... if you don't have any morning sickness it's a boy... well then I guess it's a boy, or all the other tales... some will say it's a girl other it's a boy. My sister in law has a feeling it's a boy, my mums friend says it's a girl... what am I suppose to think it is? Well come Wednesday I'll hopefully know for sure!

Then there is the talk about baby names... well I always thought that was going to be easy. But also this is a bit different than what I expected. Let's face it... I haven't given it much thought so far, because what it the use of thinking of girls names if it's a boy and vice versa? But I don't want the baby to have a name that is too common, so there will be 3 or 4 of them in the same class, but I don't want it to be too geeky either so he or she will be teased. I always though I wanted a name that would be easily pronounced in English too, but now when I start to think about names that might be up for debate. Whenever I ask my husband he says "Frank Jr. if it's a boy and Frankie if it's a girl" I guess he has just as hard time as me coming up with a good name, and his suggestions are not even up for discussion! Let's face it Frank Junior... the picture that pops into mind is Phoebe's (friends) younger brother, and as charming as he is, that is not going to happen:)
Hopefully some of my questions will be answered by Wednesday, and then I can come up with a really great name!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Am I getting spoiled or fooled?

I'm looking at it like I'm being spoiled... when you're pregnant a lot of stores and companies are offering free gifts. I know they are doing this in hope of getting new customers, but I do feel I have a judgement of my own, and I'm not fooled by the free gifts, but then again I'm not stupid so of course I will take the free gifts!

So far I have picked up 2 of my free gifts, which have included a pack of diapers, shampoo for me and the baby, lotion, oil etc. for the baby, nursing pads, several magazines, stain remover and best of all a diaper bucket for used diapers, which will kill the smell of the diapers... Here is a picture of what I have got so far...

I still have one store where I can pick up a free gift. Then there will be a gift I can pick up 4 weeks before giving birth, then I have signed up for getting free baby food, which a company will send me around the time the baby will be 4 months. There are so many places you can sign up for free gifts online, so I actually can't keep track of how many I have signed up for. I'm only keeping track off the ones that I have to pick up myself. The rest will be sent to me at home, so I'm preparing to get excited to open the mail over the next few months.

Is there anything better than free gifts? And is there any reason not to say yes to free gifts from big companies?

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a disapointment!

I'm so disappointed you wouldn't believe it. The party last night had been blown up to being the biggest thing ever... and what did we get? I don't know where to begin... first we had to sit on benches at the tables, so nowhere to lean on, and my butt is killing me today... not the best place to sit, and definitely not the best place to sit when being pregnant! When we arrived at each plate there was 1 beer, 1 alcoholic welcome drink and 1 bottle of water and then there were wine at the tables. So this was all we got to drink for 3 hours till the bar opened. I must admit the great food didn't taste the same when drinking water. I of course had plenty of water, because no one wanted that, but we had hardly begun dinner before people ran out of beer, and a lot of them don't drink wine... so after negotiating for a while they would open the bar for 10 minutes for people to get beer, but no I couldn't get a soda!

When the bar finally opened some colleagues went to get drinks and asked for a coke for me, which the bartender couldn't make... what the f*** you can make rum and coke, but a plain coke... what is up with that? So I was drinking water all night, I didn't care to try another bartender. Though I found some coffee at one point which was nice for a change.

Then we all thought some big name would come and perform... but no! We got 3 cover bands, the first one was so lousy, I can't begin to describe them... the next one was actually really good, but we were all a bit too disappointed to give them credit for their great job! The last one was a Michael Jackson cover, and honestly... he wasn't that good!

And then there was the little thing about the toilets, how does 21 toilets for 2800 people sound? Like a lot of queue... yep about half an hour before you had to go you would have to stand in line... when you're pregnant you have to go quite often, so imagine where I spent most of my evening!

Uhh sorry for the negative attitude, but this was really not what I expected. If I had only known I would have stayed home, and not having been tired today, we got home at 5.30 this morning...

On a happy note then I just realised that this is my 100Th post:)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's party time...

First of all thank you for all the get well wishes, it always makes me feel a bit better.
Tonight I'm going to a really BIG PARTY. The chain of our department store is celebrating their 40Th anniversary. So tonight we are all going to a big party, well we are too many for them to fit all in one place. So we are being split up in 2, and our store is partying with 7 other stores, and we will end up being 2.800 people in one place! There will be free bar (not like I'll be drinking), great food, and the entertainment is still a secret. Those of my colleagues who were there 15 years ago for the 25Th anniversary said back then a really big Danish band were playing and one of the most popular TV host at the time were their host. So I'm really excited, when they throw a big party the usually go all out, so I'm ready to party!
At first I hadn't signed up for the party, due to my brother getting married today, but after they cancelled their wedding I tried to get a ticket for the party, and lucky me, I ended up getting one. And the dress... well I had bought one in Kuala Lumpur I thought I might wear for the wedding, so now I get to use it anyways. It's not a dress I would usually wear at a wedding, but I didn't want to spent a whole lot of money on a dress that I would be able to wear this once, and then hopefully I will be to thin to wear again:)
Have a nice weekend, and a happy wedding day to Kimbirdy over at Fill Your Well, she is getting married today, I'm so excited for her, and are hoping she is having a fab day with lots of love!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A few lazy days...

It started Sunday night... I was getting a headache and coughing a little! I went to work Monday, which was my long day (from 8 am till 9 pm) and I was in charge of our department till closing! I don't usually mind being in charge, hey that's my job if I didn't like it I should probably find something else! But as Monday went on I did mind! Luckily one of the guys called in sick (he is never sick) and he was closing with me (this wasn't the lucky part), the lucky part was one of our employees said she would go home and come in later in the afternoon instead! Well she is able to close the department, but doesn't like to. But when she got back to work to find out I had been running to the bathroom throwing up most of the day she felt sorry for me. She said I should go home, but knowing how she feels about closing the department I said no! Though at 8 pm I was exhausted, and had to go home... but just getting home an hour earlier was really a delight!
After having been to the bathroom a few times I said to my boss (you remember I have the best boss ever!) "I really hope that this throwing up has something to do with my pregnancy" to which he replied "Of course it is". I couldn't get myself to explain to him that I haven't had any morning sickness yet, and I felt a fever coming on, not something that should come with morning sickness. But honestly the last few weeks everyone has just been sick! I guess now it was my turn!
On Tuesday I had to go to work... well had to and had to is maybe too much said. But I had a meeting a 11 am which I really wanted to attend and I had a few other things to do as well. Well after the meeting, which ended at noon, I headed home, and into bed! So I slept all day! I got up when my husband came home, but that was just to move from the bed to the sofa. I didn't move from the sofa except to eat dinner!
Sleeping all day... well that in resulted in a really lousy sleep last night, and now I'm exhausted! I have been to work, and I'm feeling better, except for a sore throat. But I'm tired... and I refuse to take a nap, because I can't bear another sleepless night! So I'm trying to keep awake another few hours, so I can watch Desperate Housewives and then I will go to bed.
Now I will go make another cup of tea... I'm not much of a tea drinker, I'm a coffee girl, but whenever I'm feeling a bit under the weather I drink tea and feel even more sorry for myself:)
Hope you're all doing fine! And sorry about the whining!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm enjoying the silence...

Do any of you have an idea of how much a 7-year old boy talks?
Ohh my God... we have been babysitting my husbands Godson since 1.00 pm, and I don't think he has been silent for 5 minutes at a time. He is so sweet, but boy does he talk a lot:o) And he asks many questions. I have just tugged him in (with his gameboy, I know not the real parenty thing to do, but I'm not a parent until February). So now I'm enjoying a few hours of silence before heading to bed myself. We have spent the day playing Dragon Balls and what else on the PlayStation, he has been playing on the computer (not even that is done in silence) and he has played with his Star wars Lego, and though I never seen a Star wars movie I think I now knows who is bad and who is good (the guy with the green head and big ears are good).
But having him over also mean we have to monitor whats on TV, so we have more or less only been reading the news online, because yesterday there was a bombing in Copenhagen. Well the bombing supposedly didn't go as expected because only the bomber was hurt. He tried to bomb a hotel in the center of the city, but he failed. He tried to run, but later got caught. He had lost one leg, so it kind of impressive how far he had got before getting caught.
The man denies to cooperate with the police, but he speak French, and they expect him to be from the Northern part of Africa. He don't know what his name is or where he is from... or well he isn't telling. The police does not yet know if it was a act of terrorism, but the fear it might be, with today being September 11Th. So until further notice they are on highest alert at airports etc.
It's a bit scary, so far most terrorist attacks have been in other countries and so far away that we haven't really been exposed, but now it's getting close... too close. Luckily this guy failed, but who knows what will happen next time?
I hope everybody is all right, and I will continue to enjoy a bit of silence.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fridays Fives

Beth over at Just Me and My Life... has a post called Friday Fives every Friday, and this is my first time playing along, for some reason the theme this week was something I couldn't miss.

5 things I remember about September 11Th... can you believe it's been nine years all ready?

1. I remember driving to the post office and they said on the radio that a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers. Since it wasn't at the regular time for the news I thought it was a joke, and didn't think more about it.

2. I remember getting home turning on the TV to watch another re-run of 90210, but the news was still on. I was annoyed, checked the time and then I realised that what I earlier had heard on the Radio wasn't a joke.

3. I remember calling my boyfriend who hadn't heard anything about it yet. One of his friends was in New York on vacation at the time. He is a person that would get up early to go see places, and we worried he was in the Twin Towers... later we found out he was safe, but had been in the Twin Towers just the morning before.

4. I remember nothing else was on the news. No one talked about anything else. I wasn't in my country, not even my continent, but I remember everyone talking about wanting Bin Laden being caught.

5. I remember my parents being on vacation in Turkey, and having to pick them up in the airport a few days later. All ready by then the security in the airports had been increased. I remember being worried for my parents, though they were no where near New York.

I hope some of you will take the time to remember, this did not only change New York, or the USA it changed the world... So take the time to remember either online, or just in your mind. If you choose to remember online link up to Beth's blog!

My weekend started yesterday!

Can you believe my weekend started on a Thursday afternoon? Well as I have said before I have the best boss ever... A few weeks back he asked if I could take an extra closing shift this Monday, due to people being on vacation etc. I knew he had taken an extra the week before, and was thinking I didn't really want to, but we need to help each other out so I said yes, to which he replied "you can take Friday off then!" So for sure I can take an extra closing shift, though it meant 14 hours work Monday and Wednesday and 8-9 hours Tuesday and Thursday... But it paid off:)
Tomorrow we are babysitting my husbands Godson, and he is spending the night. He asked if he could bring his playstation games (which of course he can), and we are just going to really enjoy ourselves. I believe I'm allowed to spoil him rotten as long as it not my own child, and besides it's only the second time he is spending the night, so it's not something that happens all the time.

But I do have lot to do on my day off, I need to:

  • Fold the laundry and do the last few loads
  • Watch the episode of "Desperate Housewives" that I recorded on Wednesday
  • Drink my cold chocolate milk in the fridge (I think that is one of my cravings during my pregnancy)
  • Go shoe shopping, I need a new pair of black shoes for next Saturday
  • Do a little grocery shopping, you need a lot of junk food for babysitting a 7-year old:)
  • Tidy up a little, then again my husband is home early on Fridays so I guess that will be his job:)
  • Catch up on all the blogs (I haven't had time to read many this week)
  • Go to some friends house for dinner

Uhh I got a busy day:) Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another universe...

Yesterday we went down to my parents place and celebrated my mum's belated birthday, which was just really relaxing and nice.

Today we went to another universe... well we went to Danfoss Universe which is a theme park based on teaching kids about science and technology. My husband and I have been there once before, back when they opened in 2005. Back then we weren't too impressed, and I remember we thought I was more of a kids park. Well my parents have season passes (because the live only 10 minutes away, and every once in a while they can go to a free concert there), and on Sundays they can each bring in a guest for free.

So we decided yesterday that we wanted to go today, because there have been a lot done to the theme park over the last 5 years. I had seen in some commercials that you could ride a segway, and well I wanted to try that. My mum said there was always a long line at the segways, but if we got there by the time they opened it wouldn't be too bad. So we went there at 10 a.m. And we were first in line for the segway...

It was really fun, and the hardest thing was actually to keep it completely still. I want a segway now, wouldn't it be cool riding that for work? Well it is probably not going to happen, unless I win the lottery or the prices will really go down:)

We also tried a few other activities, and had quite a lot of fun. We were making waves, on a thing called the human wave... well I was the worst of the 4 of us, and my mum kicked our asses really bad, but hey she got season pass so she has probably been training:)

We also tried the tread mill, so I won't need to go to the gym today, I was competing against my dad and lost again... and my husband and my mum were competing against each other.

We tried a lot of other activities as well, and we walked around the park, which is really nice, with different cool buildings and beautiful flowers all around.
We were there for a few hours, which was fine since we had gotten in for free. If you have to pay full price you should spent the whole day there. In the parking lot they had another attraction where you could lift a car, and here is a picture of my very strong husband lifting a car:)

Unlike last time we were a bit more impressed by the park, but it will probably be another 4 or 5 years before we go again. But we do believe it will be fun to bring a kid there, especially when he or she will reach the age where they will start understand what is going on with the technology.

So all in all we had a nice, relaxing and fun weekend...

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's weekend, and I caved in!

Finally the weekend has arrived, I'm unbelievable tired, so it's very much needed. This morning I even caved in, and are now wearing maternity pants... I hate to admit it, but my old jeans weren't feeling too comfortable any longer, especially as the day turned into evening. The thing is I don't feel I look pregnant yet, just like I ate too much over the summer:) But I must admit I love wearing them, the are just really comfortable, so who cares, and why had no one told me they were so comfortable?
Tonight I believe I will spent on the couch in front of the TV, doing absolutely nothing! Tomorrow we will be heading down to my parents to celebrate my mums belated birthday. I can't wait, a weekend of doing nothing! Just sit and be served, is there anything better? We asked if it was okay to stay till Sunday, to which I of course knew the answer, but you got to ask, right? My mum said she thought we would, so we are staying.
This week at work have been super bad, and I don't hope it will continue at this speed! If it does, well then I'm not gonna last over Christmas... I'll be on sick leave, but hey December won't be the worst month to spent at home... so who knows, I just hope it slows down, but I'm not the one to make those choices.
Hope you all will have a happy weekend!