Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 14

Wednesday again... time for my 14th post in the Wedding Wednesday series. Today I'm going to tell you about the first place we lived together.

The front of our first house
We had been together for about a year when we moved in together. I had been living in a dormitory, and in January 2002 I went to Slovenia as a part of my studies, so when I got home I moved in with Frank in his townhouse. You want to hear something funny... he bought that house when I was 13... okay maybe not so funny, but it really shows our age difference of 9 years.

Our backyard

We lived in that little house until 2005 when we built a new bigger house. Our first place worked pretty good, we had a fair sized livingroom, a bedroom, an extra room, bathroom and kitchen... but in the end it just seemed too small. So we sold it, and wanted to buy something bigger, but the house we wanted wasn't on the market so we decided to built instead.

Our kitchen, yep it was green:)

So that was it about our first house.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm curios and nervous...

Tonight my boss called, and asked if I had any plans on Wednesday at 8.30 am. Everyone is being called into work, everyone who has the day off, is on maternity leave etc. There would be some information for us, he didn't know what would happen, he was just told that he had to get everyone from his department into work.... so I curios, but also a bit nervous!

I have been told "off the record" that they fired the boss of the electronic department (which I by the way don't get, he is pretty much the only one left who knows everything, not only everything in his department, but also for the rest of the store, I bet it's because his salary it too high). But they wouldn't gather the whole store "just" because of that... I think a lot of people has been fired, and there will be some organizational changes as well.

Oh boy am I happy to be on maternity leave right now, it just makes it so much harder for the to fire me... so hopefully times have changed by the time I go back to work. But now I keep thinking about what could happen, who they might have fired etc. So I'll probably won't get much sleep the next two nights, because I will be wondering....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 13

Time for another Wedding Wednesday post, today I'm going to write about my thoughts of marriage, the hard parts and the easy parts.

To me married life isn't much different from before. People asked me "how is it to be married" well let's see... the toiletseat is still up, and I'm still not complaining about it, life is just too short for that... besides I probably complain about a lot of other stuff, just not the toiletseat:)

Our life didn't change because we got married, and honestly if people expect their relationship to change because they get married... well then you probably should marry someone else! In our case we had lived together for 7 years before getting married, and I think that was when the big "change" happend... we had to get used to sharing our space.

Honestly I don't have any big thoughts about marriage, so I'm not going to pretend to be some kind of therapist giving out advice. Though I do believe that it takes a bit of comprimising from both sides to make a marriage work, but isn't it like that in all kinds of relationships?

I guess that's it, a bit boring post, but it will have to do:) Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

In the navy...

yes, you can sail the seven seas, in the navy.... okay enough of the Village People, but that song is just stuck in my mind right now, and knowing the lyrics to it have kept me from changing any diapers today...

We were at some friends house last night, and after having talked a while someone said something about the navy, and I started singing... next thing my husband and I were discussing the lyrics... he said "no way, they aren't singing you can sail the seven seas" and I was sure that was the lyrics, so the next thing we were making a bet. Our friend asked what are you betting? meanwhile she was turning on her laptop to google the answer. We are really lousy coming up with things to bet about, last time I won a bet I got the last chocolate milk in the fridge... well she suggested the loser would change all the diapers today, and that seemed pretty fair to both of us.

So if you know the Village People, well then you know I haven't been changing diapers today... and why did I know the lyrics for that song? Well... back in 1998/1999 when I was an Au Pair in Maryland I went to a dance at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Every year all the Au Pairs in Maryland is invited to a dance at the Naval Academy. And guess what Viivi, Camilla and I listened to in the car on the way to the Naval Academy.... yep you guessed it, the Village People:)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 12

It's time for another Wedding Wednesday post, and today is about the honeymoon.

To us it wasn't like a real honeymoon, everyone else called it our honeymoon, but we would have gone on that vacation even if we hadn't been married, but for the purpose of this post let's called it our honeymoon:)

We went to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. We started our planning our trip to Singapore, because a friend of my husband were stationed in Singapore for 2 years working for a Danish oil company. So we were going to visit him, and hey we got free accommodation:) I love visiting new places, but the best part of visiting places where you know people is you get to see parts of the city that you wouldn't see if you were there as a tourist. We got to eat at all the great places, because our friend knew where to go, we got to see things that wasn't in the guide books etc. So we had an amazing time.

Our friend knew where to get the best king crabs in Singapore, a bit messy, but sooo good!

Our friend had taken a week of work so we travelled together to Vietnam and Cambodia. But because the plane tickets to Vietnam from Singapore is quite expensive we went through Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. So my husband and I went there ahead of time, so we could see Kuala Lumpur as well.

Just a little bit of the beauty of Halong Bay, Vietnam

When our friend joined us we spent 3 days in Hanoi in the north of Vietnam, well one of the days was spent in Halong Bay. Then 3 days in Saigon/Ho Chi Mihn City in the South of Vietnam and last 3 days in Siem Reap, Cambodia, which were spent exploring Angkor Wat.

My husband and me in the Angkor Wat area in Cambodia.
We had an amazing trip, and before heading on that trip we had seen what we wanted to see in Singapore, so the last 4 days we had in Singapore were just bonus days. We did a little shopping, relaxed by the pool etc. So we had the perfect combo of a vacation, we got to see a lot of things, but still had time to relax... I hate spending a vacation by the pool, well we pretty much did that in November in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, but I was pregnant, we were there for a wedding and we did go on one trip. But honestly I hate having travelled for hours just to stay at the pool, then I could just find somewhere close by!

So our "honeymoon" was perfect, we went back to Singapore last summer, and the city is still as perfect as it was the year before. And Vietnam... well I don't know how to put it, it was amazing, the people were so nice, and you felt so welcome, even walking in parts of Hanoi that didn't seem like the best parts of the city we felt perfectly safe (you can't do that everywhere). Cambodia and Angkor Wat was an experience by itself, it's har to imagine how they built all those temples... but after seeing "old rocks" again on day 2, well you just don't do it justice, you get a bit fed up with, but it's still amazing.

One day we will go back to Vietnam, I dream of travelling from North to South. Showing Jonas this beautiful country, but he will have to be a bit older so that he can understand.

On our honeymoon we fell in love.... with Vietnam:)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A photographing weekend...

It's been a long, relaxing and photographing weekend... and best of all it isn't even over yet, because today is a national holiday!

We haven't been doing much, except for taking photos of Jonas... I have been surfing online and was really inspired by a Finnish woman called Adele Enersen she has taken a whole series of pictures of her daughter called "Mila's daydreams", I am telling you she is so talented and creative. I found a lot of pictures via google, she hasn't posted too many on her blog, but you should go check her out here.

So here is a few photos, some inspired by here, and one just because...
A little trip to outer space!
In the whiskey barrel
And I got the laundry done:)

And the best news I got this weekend... well it came to me on Thursday, and I couldn't wait for my husband to come home so I could tell him... and after that I couldn't wait to tell you, but I wanted her to tell you first... but if you haven't seen it yet, well I'm going to tell you:) Wendy is expecting a baby in December... yeah, so she is not only getting a visit from Santa this year, but also from the stork.... isn't that exciting? Congrats Wendy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Must Haves from Fiji

So back in April I signed up for Krystens Summer Must Haves swap. I was paired up with Vanisha who lives in Fiji... well she lives in both Fiji and Australia... confused? She is from Fiji, but is doing a PhD at the Australian National University, and right now she is back in Fiji doing field work...

For some reason, which can only be blamed on the post office, though I'm not sure in which country... well she send out my package in mid May, but it didn't arrive until this Thursday! For some reason my package has been through the UK to get here. Well it doesn't matter it's here now, and I love it.

When I opened the package there came a really nice fragrance, which turned out to be the soap, pineapple soap to be exact, made in Fiji, actually all the products are made in Fiji. Besides the soap I also got a Sarong (Sulu in Fijian), don't you just love the colours of that? Can't wait for a chance to wear it. Then there was a fan to keep me cool in the heat, a frangipani flower for my hair and a bag to carry it all in... so now I'm ready for the summer... if she would only have sent a small part of the beach from Fiji (which I'm sure are a lot nicer than the Danish beach) it would have been perfect:)

Thank you so much Vanisha! And have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 11

It's Wednesday, and you know the drill... today I'm going to talk about the favourite and the least favourite part of the day.

The least favourite part of the day is easy, and if I have to change anything that would be it... I guess it would be stupid to change something I liked...

I absolutely hated that we spent almost 2 hours at the photographer after the church before going to our reception. If we could do it again I would have preferred to spent time with our guests instead. We would have gone to the photographer before the church, I know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but honestly I would rather have the time with our guests. My old conductor from the band I played in played at the church, but they had left the reception before we got back... 2 weeks later he was dead, and I never got to thank him... how is that for bad luck?

Driving of to the photographer, little did we know that we would spent 2 hours there!

I know we got really great pictures at the photographer, but we would have had that anyways, and besides my hair might have been even better, because before getting in the car to go to the photographer my husband told me to shake my head to get out some of the rice, but he lent me a helping hand, and messed with my hair... I can still hear every girl outside the church hold their breath, like they were waiting for me to freak out... any other day I probably would have freaked out, but I was just too happy.

The favourite part of the day, well I can't pinpoint just one thing... just spending the day with all of our friends and family, everyone being happy and I had the time of my life... I really wouldn't want to change a thing... well except for the time spent at the photographer.

Dancing the linedance we were taught at my bachellorette party

So that was it for my favourite and least favourite part of the day, luckily the favourite parts outshine the least favourite part so much that I kind of wish we could do it all over again:)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jonas got baptised

On Saturday we celebrated Jonas' baptism... and my birthday. Jonas did amazing in the church, unfortunately we weren't allowed to photograph or record during the ceremony, because I would have loved a recording of what happened.

We got up there, and Jonas was okay, he had been crying or anything... and as soon as the priest looked at him and started talking, he put on his best and biggest smile... which made her loose focus, and every time she said a sentence he smiled even more, so it ended up with her laughing, us laughing and the whole church laughing, it was hilarious. So she ended up saying I guess this didn't turn out all that solemnly, and afterwards when she gave us a bible she told him that she would never forget him. She lost it completely, she tried taking a deep breath, but her hands were shaking from laughing, it would have been so fun to have had that on tape:)

Me and Jonas at the church after the ceremony, not the best picture of me... well the best of those we have from the church the others are awful...

After the church we had lunch and a small celebration at home, and the weather was perfect... well I'm not the one to complain, but maybe it was actually a bit too hot:)

Otherwise I have been busy with getting ready for the party so I haven't had time to read blogs or anything, so soon I will try to catch up... depending on how long Jonas plans on napping, because he has reached another milestone... his first tooth has just broken out and another one is on the way, that combined with the heat makes a bit of an upset baby, though surprisingly he slept through the night... then again he hardly slept at all yesterday.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 10

Wednesday again, and the topic for this Wedding Wednesday post is the cake and food.

I will start with the cake, since that was the first that were served for our guests. Since my husband doesn't eat much cake (he will eat a chocolate cake, but not fruit, berries or cream) we decided that we would serve that a the reception right after church. Quite often we had been at weddings and were hungry by the time we got to the reception, but had to wait till dinner before eating anything. Besides after a full dinner, then coffee and the "get lost" food in the end, people are often too full to enjoy the cake. So we didn't cut the cake ourselves, and I couldn't care less, our guests loved that they got the cake after church while we were at the photographer. Actually I didn't even taste the cake until the day after... it was covered with white chocolate, had some strawberry filling and the rest I don't remember, but everyone told us it was the best wedding cake they ever had... I think it was partly because they were hungry at the time. We had been looking around for cakes, and I believe that as soon as it says something with Wedding... they will charge you double or more! But our chef knew a guy who could make this one, and it was cheaper than any offers we had, so we took it, and I love it.

Our first course was fish (and I hate to admit it, but I can't remember what kind of fish) I think it was salmon and halibut with some seaweed (kind of like sushi). It tasted really great, and we were happy with our choice.

Our main course was entrecote wrapped in bacon, potato lasagne, vegetables and the best pepper sauce... I went for seconds just because of the sauce... I love food, and well people who say a bride doesn't eat because of her nerves... well they obviously haven't met me:)

Our dessert was a cheese plate (since my husband doesn't eat cake and dessert), and that had a mixed reaction, some loved it and others wished that my husband liked ice cream. But it was our wedding, us who paid and then I guess it was just fair we got something we loved.

After dinner there were served coffee, and in Denmark it's common to serve something for your guests right before they leave. So after the music ended there were some bread and different kind of meat. It's common to call it "get lost" food in Denmark, but I think it's a nice way to end a great party... then again I love my food:)