Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 5

It's Wednesday, which mean it's time for another Wedding Wednesday post. This week I'm suppose to show you engagement or bridal pictures, but since that isn't really something that you do in Denmark we don't have any. Instead I figured I could show you some pictures from my bachelorette party, but just to warn you the pictures at the end might not be child proved!

My friends, including my mum and mother in law picked me up at work, which was a total surprise... I had for some reason figured it would be on a Saturday. The first picture is of them waiting for me to come to the information desk... some of them had also "dressed up" for the day.

They called me from the information desk that they had a customer, who wasn't satisfied with a frying pan she had bought, and she was really mad. So I went up there, but just when I saw the guy who had called me I thought "that smile... that's not a pissed off customer" and then I saw everybody standing there with flags, ready to take me on an adventure...

First I had to drive around a bit, and then we ended up at our house where they dressed me up... real charming right, I figured the skirt made me look a bit like Carrie Bradshaw... or not! We started out with a great brunch, before starting a day full of games.

Well it turned out the day was pretty warm, and I asked if I could please put on something else, because I was way too hot. When the girls saw I had bought a tank top online with the text "Frank's girl" they agreed I could put that on!

We had all been divided into 2 teams, and then had to compete in a lot of different games, like boot tossing. You had to take a boot, throw it between your legs and over you head, and see who could throw the longest.

I was actually pretty good at the boot tossing, just one girl who was better than me... unfortunately she was on the other team. We also had games where we should do a beer baton, cake decorating and a lot of other games.

In the middle of the day we went to the local school, where they had arrange a woman to teach us to line dance... well as you can see I wasn't too good at it, I guess the beers got me confusing left and right... Luckily that didn't count as a part of the competition:)

Then we had to get the pencil in the bottle, but that was so not fair... the girl I was competing against had almost just arrived, and was sober... and me... well this was pretty late in the day, so I was not so sober, so I lost...

Well we must have won some of the games, because our team won, and got gold medals, which I still have, and I love bringing it up to some of the girls who were on the losing team:)

Late in the evening they had hired a stripper... well that almost went wrong, because the had somehow gotten the dates mixed up, and the company thought he should come on Saturday evening... so they had to send another guy...

It was so hilarious... he wasn't really good at dancing, and a few things went wrong in his show, but we had the best laugh, and just a real fun way to end a great day.

We had a great day, and I couldn't have wished for a better party. It's a party we often talk about, and have actually talked about when I'm done breastfeeding and can drink again... well we want to do the party again... well probably not the stripper, he was a bit expensive and honestly I doubt it's that fun the second time around. I think we will just impersonate the stripper ourselves, one of the girls is really good and impersonating him, so that should be fun.

Well that will be all for this Wedding Wednesday, have a great week everyone.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A busy Easter

We had a busy Easter, but fun at the same time. On Thursday my parents came, and we went into town where there was motorcycle rally. There didn't seem to be as many motorcycles there as there was when we went 2 years ago, but there were a whole lot of people... way too many so we didn't stay long.

On Friday my brother and my aunt came by for lunch, and we had a fairly relaxing day. The weather during Easter has been amazing, but on Friday it seemed to be so hot that Jonas couldn't fall asleep, so he hardly slept all day... but he didn't get upset until evening, so it didn't seem so bad.

On Saturday we visited some friends and went out for lunch. Yesterday we went to visit my parents in law at their summerhouse on this little island outside Esbjerg. So Jonas got to go on the ferry for the first time. We went for a walk when we got of the ferry before calling Franks parents so they could pick us up, so I was able to snap a few pictures from the island. It's really beautiful, especially when the weather is great.

In between everything we have done my husband has managed to finish his photo studio in the garage... well after snapping a few pictures out there he realised he needed another lamp, which is now on the way, and soon he will be up and running... though he is just going to use it as a hobby, I doubt you can charge people when you have no practice, but he is looking forward to practiscing with all the light settings and editing the pictures afterwards. Me... well I'm looking forward to getting some great pictures of Jonas:)

Happy Easter everyone, hope you have enjoyed it:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 4

It's Wednesday, and that means time for another Wedding Wednesday post. Today I'm going to tell you about the ring, who chose it, how it looks, how his ring looks etc.

Well my husband said right away he didn't want a ring, because he couldn't get used to wearing one. Some women would probably be upset that their husband didn't want to wear I ring... well not me, I figured I could then spent more money on my ring:) Though I wanted him to get a ring, but he could just get a cheap one, but he needed one to put on in the church.

Any ways we went to pick out our rings together, and on the way to the jewellery store he decided he wanted a ring after all. So we look on rings, and I always thought I would want something in white gold, and I also knew I didn't want any "bling"... no diamonds for me, I don't believe Marilyn Monroe and "diamonds are a girls best friend".

My ring (sorry for the poor quality of the picture)

So we looked at rings, and ended up deciding on a plain gold ring, nothing fancy, after seeing their selection of white gold rings, well I just changed my mind. We both thought the price was quite high, but compared to the others we had seen we figured it was okay... well little did we know, the priced showed was of course for both rings and not for one only.... I guess everyone would know that beside us, so we were pleasantly surprised when we went to pay for it!

To this day I put on my ring everyday, and I feel like something is missing if I don't wear it. The story of my husbands ring is a bit different... he wore on the day we got married and the day after, since April 6th 2009 (two days after our wedding) it has been hanging on the noticeboard, but I honestly don't mind. I know we are married, and I couldn't care less if people can see that when we go out!

My husbands ring nice and shiny on the notice board (again sorry for the poor quality of the picture)

That was the story of our rings, nothing fancy... just like us:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonderful weekend and busy week ahead!

I'll try to keep this short, but I'm not sure I can when I first get started. But we had a wonderful weekend. On Friday I was able to spent a couple of hours at the hairdresser, thank God for formula:) So I got highlights, which was very much needed with almost a year without!

Saturday we had a relaxing day, in the afternoon my husband went to a soccer game with a friend, afterwards Jonas and I picked them up and had dinner and drinks (one drink only for me) at their house. We had a great time, and weren't home until 2.00 am.

Sunday a childhood friend of mine and her husband came by for lunch. We had a really nice afternoon, though all 3 of us were a bit tired from the night before. So we tried to get to bed early, which isn't easy with a baby, but around 22.00 I was able to turn of the light, and hit the pillows:)

Today we first went shopping for a stroller, which is a jungle, but we ended up with a light weight which will be good for travelling, we have the pram for the more daily use. Afterwards I met with the girls from my midwife group. We met up at noon, and suddenly it was 15.30, the time flew by, but I guess that is what happens in good company.

Jonas all ready sleeping in his new stroller.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet with my boss for our yearly interview, so keep your fingers crossed that I will get a raise... I doubt it though, because right now they are firing people... so I'm just happy that I'm on maternity leave so they can't touch me:)

On Thursday my parents are coming, and staying till Friday. My aunt will visit as well on Friday, so we will have a big Easter lunch on Friday. Saturday we will go out for lunch at a fish restaurant with some friends, and Sunday we are visiting Franks parents at their Summer house on a little island just of the shore from Esbjerg.

Well I guess I was right, I couldn't keep it short! Anyways Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 3

So today's question is about the proposal, How did it happen? How long were you engaged? Was it a total surprise?

Well if you guys haven't realised it yet... well we aren't really all that romantic! So why try to be something we are not? I think it would just come over all akward!

So we kinda just agreed that we wanted to get married. We had been at some friends wedding, years ago, it was at a really fancy and expensive place, a lot of things went wrong that day, but the party was still one of the best weddings we had been to, and that was all because of the people invited to the wedding. So back then we said that if we ever were getting married, we didn't need a fancy place, we just wanted our friends and families there.

Then in September 2007 we were at a wedding in Sweden, and after getting home in the night we talked, and said we would have our wedding at a place close by our home... I guess that was the first time we really talked about our wedding for real. Well I guess besides from when we were travelling in the US during July of 2007, where I suggested getting hitched in Vegas. We were in our motel room, trying to figure out what to do in the evening, and I suggested we would get hitched by Elvis... but Frank wasn't up to it!

But it wasn't until sometime in January or February of 2008 I asked Frank when we should tell our parents that we wanted to get married... and he said, well I have all ready told mine, and I told him and her... well he pretty much had told most of our friends as well! So we found a date, which was Saturday April 4th 2009, which was the week before Easter. So after deciding on the date, I called my parents and told them to hold the date!

So I guess we got engaged sometime during September 2007 and February 2008. Yeah really not a lot of romance, and really not much of a surprise either... I guess you can't really called it a proposal, more of an agreement:) Nothing with him getting down on one knee, no ring or anything, but just in our own special way! So therefore there are no pictures of our engagement either!

I love hearing other peoples stories about their engagement etc, but let's face it, if Frank would have done something really romantic, it would have felt all wrong, that is just not the kind of people we are!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A smile for your Friday!

Look at this beautiful smile, I bet you can't help smiling either. It did melt my heart when Jonas smiled and laughed.Yep that is Donna Martin aka Tori Spelling in the background, we are so watching the old episodes of 90210!

Yesterday I went to see the other girls from my group at the midwife and meet their babies, and let's just say I have been inspired to make a list of what I'm grateful for. Kimbirdy does this every Friday, and after yesterdays events I got to make it too.

So here we go, this week I'm thankful for...

  • having an easy birth, yeah it took long, and I was tired, but after hearing some of the other girls stories, well to say the least mine was a walk in the park!

  • having a baby that sleeps, Jonas only wake up once a night, and have 2 long naps during the day, one girl had a baby that pretty much cried 24/7...

  • my happy baby boy, with that smile how couldn't you be happy:)

  • passing my due date with 15 days... I know I complained at the time, but after I watched a show this week with babies being born too soon... well let us just say I would rather pass my due date with 15 days than having to go through that...

  • the nice weather, I do believe spring is here to stay now!

  • going out for lunch with 2 colleagues on Tuesday

  • my husband working on turning the garage into a photo studio (oh Jonas you better be prepared to be photographed!)

Well that was it for now, have a happy, wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 2

So it's Wednesday again, and time for my second post of Wedding Wednesday. Todays question is "When did you know he was the one?"

Well I don't know... when we first started dating I figured it would only last till the end of the year, because in January I would be leaving for Slovenia for 4 months. And to be honest I didn't think much on long distance relationships.

But May turned into December, I had to move out of my dorm. Some of my stuff were moved to my parents, but a lot was moved into Franks house. We had agreed that when I would get back from Slovenia I would move in with him. So I guess somewhere between May and December of 2001 and figured he was the one...

I guess my parents realised this when I got to Slovenia. I arrived on a Friday afternoon, I was picked up in the airport of a student who had studied in Denmark. He helped me get settled in, like picking up the key for the dorm, getting the basics grocery shopping done, showed me the bus stop etc. And then I was left to myself... in a dorm which I was suppose to share, but no one had moved in yet, and no one did move in until after a week or 2. The little kitchen could function okay I guess, but there was nothing in it... no pots or pans, no forks and knives, NOTHING! I talked to a guy further down the hall, borrow a knife so I could at least get some bread. He told me the cleaning ladies could provide pots and pans etc. but they wouldn't be there before Monday! So I went back to my room and cried my eyes out, and was so ready to go back to the airport and take the next plane home. It all just seemed to suck, and on top of it all I didn't have a cell phone yet, so I went to a payphone in the hall and tried calling Frank... who wasn't home! So I figured I called my parents, who were quite surprised that I cried so much... when I lived in the USA for a year I never called home crying, so they "blamed" Frank.

There I was in a foreign country, and hated it... well after a few weeks I started liking it, and further down the road I loved it, I loved it so much that when I had to leave I cried again!

One good thing came of my phone call home. My brother was still at my parents (he lived in England at the time) and he was going to Egypt with work shortly after. He felt bad for me, and I received my first and only postcard ever from him... so now if he has to go somewhere I ask if I get a postcard if I call him and cry on the phone:)

So I guess sometime in the first 8 months I realised that Frank was the one!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A wonderful weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend at my parents house. We drove down there on Saturday, and Jonas was sleeping as soon as he got in the car, but he usually sleeps around the time the we drove, but he only slept for the drive, usually he sleeps an hour or two longer, so the weekend has kind of mess up his routines... at least it seemed like it after we got home yesterday, but now it seems like it's not so bad after all, he only woke up once during the night (which he usually does), but he woke up a bit early this morning, but is now sleeping like he usually does at this time, so I don't think it's all bad.

Jonas showing off his muscles... he is getting really strong:)

We had a great time at my parents, on Saturday the weather was wonderful, so my mum, Jonas and I went for a walk while my dad and Frank watched a soccer game. Otherwise it was a fairly relaxing day.

Me and Jonas in my parents garden, the first time Jonas went outside without his hat, but only for a short time, I don't wont my baby to get sick!

On Sunday my aunt and my brother came to my parents house for lunch, and several of my parents friends came by to see Jonas. My parents are eager to show him off, but I guess that is how it is with their first grandchild:) Though I think all the people coming over was a bit much for Jonas, so he was happy to get in the car and drive back home so he could get some sleep!

Jonas stole Grandma's chair!

Today the weather seems really nice, so Jonas and I might go for a short work later on, but not too long, I'm still a bit tired from the weekend, but I do believe the fresh air will do me some good. Hope you all had a great weekend!