Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You know you are a mum, when...

you catch yourself singing childrens songs when your kid is nowhere around...

This is how we like to spent Sunday afternoon... well maybe tomorrow afternoon:)

Last night I stopped myself halfway through one of the songs we sing for Jonas only to brush my teeth (Jonas had been asleep for a few hours...) honestly I should start listening more to the radio than then few childrens CDs we have. I doubt Jonas really cares what we are singing, as long as we are singing to him!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 6

Monday = Time to jump on the scale!

So let's just get right to it:

Last weeks weight: 81,4 kg

This weeks weight: 80,2 kg

Loss/gain: -1,2 kg

Finally I get some action! I'm ready for another week!

I'm totally okay with this weeks result, since on Thursday I went to the movies, and you can't go to the movies without candy, well at least I can't. Friday was my brothers house warming party, but since we had decided to drive home instead of spentdng the night I guess I didn't drink much alcohol, and Saturday night we had a block party, which meant quite a bit of alcohol... I was asked if I was on any medicine this year, because last year I hadn't told people that I was pregnant at the time of the block party so I said I was on some medicine that didn't mix well with alcohol, because I had got sick from all the ac mixed with warm weather and a long flight home from our vacation! So this year I wasn't on any "medicine", so I got quite a bit of wine etc. Which I doubt is good on any diet.

But this week and the coming weekend we don't have any parties to attend, so hopefully that means I can eat a bit more healthy and no alcohol to mess things up. Besides that I have too long walks planned (that is the great thing about only having 1 car), so tomorrow I'm meeting with the girls from my midwives group, and it takes about 50 minutes each way to walk to her house, but it will be good exercise, I'm just hoping it won't be raining that bad tomorrow, otherwise I will have to dig out my rain wear! On Wednesday I'm meeting with the other mothers group, but that is only 30 minutes walk each way, but still some exercise:)

Otherwise I'll try to eat healthier, but I'm skipping the diet shakes for now, but I have them if I need an easy meal at some point, but after a while they get boring. But this being week 6 means I'm halfway through... but not halfway through my weight loss, I lost 2,6 kg since I started, but still have 6,2 kg left to go... I'm not sure I get there at the end of my challenge, but if I'm just getting the right direction I will be okay with it, and I will be super happy being under 80 kg again, which hopefully will be next week, but then again I have also pulled some small numbers, so I might not be until week 8 I will be under 80 kg.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This and that

Well this will be a post about a little of this and that...

Friday Jonas started his baby swimming class, and he really enjoyed it, and so did we:) People often talk about how you feel lighter in water... well I have never really thought of it, then again I didn't really go swimming during my pregnancy (which probably the time I would really have felt lighter in water), but after having been in the water and going up the stairs with Jonas on my arm, well he suddenly felt really heavy. Well I did actually go swimming when I was almost 6 months pregnant, when we went to Punta Cana, but I guess since I had a really easy pregnancy I didn't feel much of a difference to whether I was in the water or not... except from when I had to get out of the water, I had to use the stairs I couldn't just jump up the side of the pool:)

Speaking of Punta Cana, we went there to attend the wedding of this cute couple...

and just the other day I got a e-mail from her, and guess what? She is pregnant:) And the funny thing about it... she is due on Jonas' first birthday! But I know better than anyone, that the due date is not necessarily the date you give birth, but it's still a bit fun:)

As mentioned before this Monday my Mum turned 70, and we celebrated her birthday on Saturday. The brass band I used to play in wanted to come a surprise her, which was really fun. I went in first with my horn, and said that I hadn't prepared a speech, but I wanted to play a song instead... the look on my mums face was priceless. She tried to look like she was really happy about it, but you could see she was thinking "is she really going to do this, and will that be any good?" thanks mum! Well then I said, "no not by myself, I brought along some friends" and the rest of the band came in, and she seemed to relax a bit... did she really think I would play solo? and if I did, did she really think I would be that bad, so I would embarrass myself?

Well I guess that will be it, enjoy the rest of the week:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 5

Hmmm... another Monday, another time on the scale! Let's just get right to it!

Last weeks weight: 81,5 kg

This weeks weight: 81,4 kg

Gain/loss: -0,1 kg

Honestly what the h... is happening here? Why can't I loose the weight? I was drinking diet shakes Monday-Friday instead of eating breakfast and lunch, they don't taste very good and I feel really hungry and I guess I threw it all away during the weekend! Yeah we went to my mums birthday (which by the way is today, Happy 70th birthday Mum), we went to brunch, and I tried to convince myself that I didn't eat all that much... but let's be honest if you aren't really hungry at dinnertime, well then you ate plenty at brunch, and that didn't keep me from eating a lot for dinner anyways....

Besides I only got around to use the wii once last week, I guess it took a few days for me to get over the Survivor Party. So when I turned on the Wii My Fitness Coach on Thursday the bitch told me "long time no see, you were suppose to have been here on Tuesday"... hey this is a game, you're not suppose to make me feel guilty! But the Wii Zumba, well I don't really have the rhythm for it, and the Wii Fit doesn't really allow you to make a program, so at the moment I guess I have to stick with the bitch at My Fitness Coach:)

But this week I will again replace my breakfast and lunch with a diet shake, and since we have my brothers housewarming party on Friday and a block party on Saturday, I guess I will have to try and eat less, and go for the healthy choices... and plan something for dinner on Sunday, so we won't end up picking up Burger King like last night (yeah I know that was probably also a part of the low weight loss this week). I will also try to meet up with "My Fitness Coach" twice this week, I don't want her to tell me off once again. My walk with another mum has been cancelled this week, since we are going to the movies on Thursday instead (once a month they have "take your baby to the movies- day, where they set up changing stations, bottle heaters, lower the sound and accept crying babies), but instead I actually walked to pick up groceries today, it took me 30 minutes each way, and with the sun shining it was a really nice walk:)

Hoping this will be a good week to loose some weight, and just looking forward to getting past the next weekend, because then we don't have a lot of plans for a couple of weekends, which mean I can probably eat a bit healthier during the weekend as well:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Survivor Party 2011

This Saturday we had our annual Survivor Party, and we were so lucky with the weather, it was probably the only day with sunshine and hardly any rain in the last 2 weeks. Ahead of time the two teams usually get an assignment, and the winner will get the brunch and loosers will have cornflakes. This year their assignment was to find a leader on each team, and dress up the leader. The red team chose to dress one of the guys up as a female politician from the labour party. On his purse and boots they had written Gucci, which was a big story years ago because journalist didn't think she related to her voters. The red team should have won, but then again last year the blue team should have won... but due to me being pregnant we had another fun way telling them, and the red team won last year, so this year we named the blue team the winners.

The red team eating their cornflakes and oatmeal... they were definitely not satisfied, but that is part of the game:)
The blue team got brunch with eggs, bacon, pancakes etc. It's funny how people can get mean when it get to this... all couples are split up, so if the wife is on the red team her husband will be on the blue team. So one guy on the blue team yell to his wife "aren't you mad we didn't eat at home..."

Well after breakfast in was on to the games. We had found a lot of inspiration from the show "A minute to win it" which Meghan recommended, after she told me about it and I found some games... well then they started talking about it coming on Danish TV this fall... This game they had to hoist an m&m laying on 2 pencils, by pulling yarn behind their ears.

Here they had to transport empty beercans from one chair to another using a spaghetti... the red team lost again... they couldn't stop laughing, so they couldn't get the spaghetti through the hole.

The blue team was quite fast at getting the hang of it, maybe the blue hair helped.

The red team all had wigs or hats, the rest of the team got tired of my brother not hearing what they said and thought it was because his wig was in his ears to they gave him a haircut... they said he always wanted a mohawk, so he got one:)

Well Jonas has a "nice" uncle who thought he should try his hair... doesn't he look just a little cute?

One of the games they had to walk on stilts... again the red team lost, on the picture the blue team is all ready on their way back...

They also played soccer with "binoculars" made from empty toilet rolls, I think it was more fun to watch than play, but that was one of the few games the red team won.
Here they had to move cotton with their face... no use of the hands, well except to put vaseline on their faces, also a game that was more fun to watch that play I guess...

Between games it was time for drinking and having fun... and well I don't know if the red team should have chosen this guy as their leader instead... he got pretty drunk during the day, and ended up switching clothes with one of the girls...

The winning team with their champagne...

The losing team... but honestly if you didn't see the champagne doesn't the red team look like they won? I definitely think they were drinking more and maybe having more fun... at least they did more crazy things...

I just love these parties... and I think the reason so many of our friends love them as well is that once a year they get to behave like kids and play games... and just be foolish.

I am all ready looking forward to next year, and have a few games planned all ready:)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bye, Bye Babyweight, week 4

Monday again, and last week my goal was just not to gain weight this week. During the week I did manage to use the wii twice, I did the 1 hour walk with another mum and I did eat a few m&m's this weekend during our survivor party, but otherwise I didn't eat candy, but I did eat cake and chips, and unhealthy food. So if we had not had the party I think I would have done pretty well, but the party was so much fun, I will post pictures later this week:)

Back to the scale:
Last weeks weight: 81,6 kg

This weeks weight: 81,5 kg

Loss/gain: -0,1 kg

Only a small loss, but at least I didn't gain any, and this week I'm ready for revenge:)

I have bought these diet shakes, and have decided not to follow it completely, because I love my food and I could not live of those only. So I have decided that Monday-Friday this week I will replace my breakfast and lunch with these shakes, and if I feel like more I will eat fruit. Our dinner will still be real food... I bet Frank would be a little pissed if I served him a diet shake for dinner!

I will try to use the wii twice again this week, and I will be going for a walk with one of the other mums as well and Friday Jonas will start his swimming classes... though I don't think that will count as exercise, just humiliation by having to get in a swimming suit!

On Saturday we are going to my parents place to celebrate my mum's 70th birthday (though that isn't until Monday), and instead of a big party she has invited all the guests for brunch at a little inn nearby their house... so no way I will replace my breakfast and lunch with a shake during the weekend:)

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I thought I was stubborn!

Here I thought I was stubborn, but someone is more stubborn than me, and that is Jonas... this is what he looks like when he doesn't want to eat, and I want him to eat... in the end I gave up, I probably got about 3 spoonfuls in his mouth... which is about the same amount in his hair, a couple of spoonfuls in his ears etc.

Yep his is stubborn, wonder where he got that from, because I still have it:)

Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 3

So it's Monday, and time to jump on the scale! This week started out really great, I did the zumba, ate healthy, ate no candy or cake (and best of all didn't really have the urge for it either). But then came Thursday afternoon... Thursday morning I took Jonas to his 5 months check up, and the vaccination gave him a fever and made him fuzzy, which meant he didn't really want to sleep... and he didn't sleep at night time either, which meant no sleep for his mommy! So Friday I needed sugar to keep going and I ate cake. Losing one nights of sleep just takes me a few days to catch up on (I'm really bad at sleeping during the day), so I didn't eat healthy and I had chips and cake, no candy though. The lack of energy also caused me not going to the gym, but it did manage to push in an extra zumba workout on the wii, Jonas likes to watch me jump around, I'm just glad he has no words yet:)

So to the truth:
Last weeks weight: 81,7 kg

This weeks weight: 81,6 kg

Loss/gain: -0,1 kg

At least it's a loss, which is more than what I expected after the end of this week.

My goals this week is again to eat no candy (I am actually able to do this:))

2 workouts on the wii (I will not be going to the gym this week, since we have the Survivor party coming on Saturday, which will mean some alcohol and unhealthy eating, I might try to keep it to a minimum... as if I could do that)

1 hour of walking with the pram (I'm meeting with my mommy group, and we meeting 30 minutes walk from here, so we will walk on Wednesday)

So as long as I won't gain weight this week I'll be happy. Have any of you ever tried any of those weight loss products where you replace a meal by a shake? I don't know if I should try it, but I really love my food... and I doubt those shakes tastes very well!

And please keep you fingers crossed for great weather on Saturday, I would love for it to be nice and sunny though right now it seems like I should just be happy with no rain. Though it changes depending on which website we check!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So I'm busy planning our annual survivor party, do you remember last year? The party is next Saturday, and I still have quite a bit to do, but most of it is the fun things!

Trying to make fire using a power steel

I can't really tell you much about the games yet, because I know one of my friends check my blog every once in a while, I think mostly to see if there is pictures of Jonas that I haven't put on facebook. But I can tell you that I took some of your advice to finding party games back when I asked for help.

Summer has finally arrived here, but honestly almost too warm (I know I shouldn't be complaining), Jonas has a hard time sleeping when it's too warm, but by then end of the week it should be a bit cooler.

Ohh and keep your fingers crossed, my husband has been called in for a job interview tomorrow, so hopefully he will get it, and we will not have to be completely poor in a few months:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 2

Well it's Monday again, and time to jump on the scale... I was really fearing it this week! I'm really proud of myself for hardly eating any candy, I had a few pieces of licorice on Monday night, and a few winegums on Friday, I didn't eat any cake at all this week... but we did eat out quite a bit this week, and that is not good for eating smaller portions, because if it's on the plate, well then I'm really bad at leaving it there...

I did manage to go to the gym twice this week, but after eating out so much, I didn't think I would have done much good. So I was dreading my meeting with the scale this morning, and if it wasn't because Jonas wanted to get up, when I might have stayed in bed to avoid the scale:)

Here we go, the truth told by my scale!

Last weeks weight: 82,7 kg

This weeks weight: 81,7 kg

Loss/gain: -1,0 kg

Yeah... I lost a whole kilo! I think this will motivate me to eat less candy and cake again this week:) I will also try to go to the gym, but since Frank started working again this week, I will probably only manage to go once. But I will try to do a Zumba fitness workout on the wii during Jonas' naptime.

So this week I'm definitely even more motivated to keep going, and hopefully soon the babyweight will be gone!