Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas has entered our home

First I want to thank you for the get well wishes for Jonas, he still has as cold and so do I now. This morning I ended up taking him to the doctor because I didn't like his coughing... thankfully nothing is wrong he just has a cold, and he has to drink a lot. But him having a cold means that he doesn't sleep much during the day, I am thankful that he sleeps during the night, but it also means it leaves me a lot less time for blogging, so that is why I haven't been around for a while.
Though being a little under the weather hasn't stopped Christmas from entering our home. So here is a few pictures. First my Advent candles, where we burn one every Sunday the last 4 Sundays before Christmas. Then my calender candle, where I am ready for the countdown for Christmas tomorrow. Those candles are something I remember from my childhood, and I think almost every home in Denmark will have one during December... and yeah I am into purple this Christmas. And just to make sure we get in the right mood I have found a few Christmas CD's... Jonas loves when we dances to "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus". I really enjoy being on leave during December, and even better I don't have to work between Christmas and New Year, I don't think that have happened since before I got my first after school job! Even though he might be sick, he is still a happy camper... at least most of the time, if you don't count the 1½ hour of screaming yesterday afternoon, and nothing helped... that is just one of those times you think "why did we decide to have a kid?", but when he smiles like this while waiting for his dinner, and you know why.
I hope I will not be this far between my next posts, but for now I have decided that today is my day off, so when Jonas is sleeping I will be doing nothing (and now I'm blogging, but hey that doesn't count:).

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy weekend!

Well I have been MIA this week, and this is going to be a short post, because Jonas kept me up most of the night. He has got a cold and is coughing and his nose is running... poor baby. He decided that the best place for him to sleep was on my tummy, which means not much sleep for me.
Just wanted to wish you all a happy weekend, and Happy belated Thanksgiving to the USA. Jonas is sleeping now, so I am also going to get some rest. Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bike rides

Last week our neighbour gave us a bike seat for Jonas, they didn't need it any longer since their girls are big and in school. They also had a bike helmet so Jonas can be safe riding with us.
So yesterday Frank got the bike seat on my bike, and we took Jonas for a short ride down the road. He really enjoyed it, and if the bike doesn't have a flat tire tomorrow I will bike to meet the girls from my midwife group... so I really hope I don't have a flat tire, because if I do I will have to walk, and it's an hour walk each way.
Getting a bike seat for Jonas is making me more mobile, so I think we will be getting out a bit more, well depending on when the winter will arrive here!
Have a nice week everyone:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am watching way too much TV

But hey when you are on maternity leave, and stuck at home without a car, well besides from cleaning and cooking there isn't much to do, and who wants to be cleaning and cooking? But I must admit the daytime TV here is not so much fun, you can only take a certain amount of Dr. Phil and According to Jim.

We have this extra channel that changes every month or so. It shows a channel that we don't have, and at the moment there is a channel that shows a lot of shows that I haven't seen before, which really beats watching Americas Next Top Model rerun for the 5th or 6th time.

So I am watching "The Cake Boss" and what can I say, those cakes are amazing. Though today
they dropped a sweet 16 cake down the stairs, and I must admit my heart skipped a few beats... yep that's how much I get caught up with a TV show:) They ended putting another cake together for Lexi in just 2 hours...
I wish Buddy and his team live a little closer... on the other hand I would be eating cake all the time, so probably a good thing he is so far away.

I am also watching "Jon & Kate + 8", which they are now called "Kate + 8" so I guess they split up... yeah I didn't see what happend, but with 8 kids I think I would be too scared to leave my husband!

Well that was just a bit of what was on my mind right now:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Candy, Reading and Bingo

This have been a weekend that consisted of a few different things. Yesterday while Jonas was napping I made our Christmas candy. I made 3 kinds of truffles, cornflakes tops and oatmeal balls rolled in coconut. 2 of the truffles contains marzipan which I don't like, as well as I don't like oatmeal and coconut... This is all with good reason, because making things I don't like I won't be eating it all before Christmas and I will not gain the weight... smart huh? And just to be sure that I'm not eating the ones I like I put them all in the fridge in the garage, I know I will be way too lazy to go out there to get them:) But if I have to say it myself the cornflakes tops and my nutella truffles are amazing... but before they all went to the fridge I did take a picture.
Starting with the one in blue wrapping and going left it is nougat and marzipan truffle, cornflake top, nutella truffle, oatmeal balls, and truffle of marzipan and dark chocolate.
After Jonas' nap we read the adds, to see if something good was on sale next week, or if there was something we needed to put on our Christmas wish list.

Today our Staff Association had arrange a bingo game for us at work. There we loads of prizes... like a 40 inch TV, an Ipad, a camera, packages of books, a bike... name it and we could win it. The thing is I am hardly ever lucky at bingo, but it is usually really fun. There consolation prizes for the one sitting next to winners, so I got candy, chips and a knife sharpner (not bad at all). In the end they pulled numbers out of a hat for the rest of the prizes and I won a small trimmer for bushes and grass. So I guess I was luckier than last time where I ended up with a bottle of wine. I must say I was really impressed with all their work, and had a really fun afternoon.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead will be a good one:)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Is it really Friday again?

This week has gone so fast, I can't believe it's Friday again. I haven't had time to blog, and hardly had time to read blogs... and honestly I don't feel like I have been all that busy.
It has been a week of a couple of "firsts" for Jonas. Monday he had his first haircut, he could use a little trim, so when Frank had an appointment at the hairdresser Jonas and I tagged along, and luckily she had time to trim Jonas' hair as well. Though it didn't take long, but probably for the best because he had a hard time sitting still.
On Tuesday he had his first dentist appointment... at 8 months, honestly do they really think they will get babies to willingly open their mouth at that age? In Denmark going to the dentist is free until you turn 18, so they call you in about once a year, unless you got braces. I guess the first time is when you are 8 months, but she tried to show us how to brush his teeth etc. And it all went pretty well.
Yesterday I had invited my brother for a concert with an Danish artist. It's not because he is a really good singer, but the lyrics are quite entertaining. This was a solo concert, I have been to concerts with him before, both solo and with a band. He simply is better solo than with band, mostly because of the stories he tells in between songs. Ahead of time we had dinner at the a restaurant, the food was okay the service was just lousy yesterday, it usually isn't. We waited 40 minutes from ordering our food to getting it... good thing Frank and Jonas came along, because then we started a bit earlier than we would have if it was just me and my brother. We came 2 hours before the concert started, and that turned out to be a good thing, because we just made it to the concert 10 minutes before starting, since we also had to wait for ages to pay. Though we did get a free beer due to the wait...
After the concert we went out for a beer before heading home. But I must say that today I am really tired, so I think I will be going to bed early tonight. Right now I am just relaxing on the couch, Jonas is asleep and Frank went to see a soccer game at a friends house... so now it's quiet time.
Have a nice weekend everyone:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

A nice weekend:)

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. It seems like after knowing that Frank has a job from November 14th, well we just seemed to be able to enjoy his time off a bit more. Friday night Frank went to see our local soccer team play their last home game for the season, and they won 4-1 and are currently number 1, though that is not too impressive since last year they were last and had to go to another league, but hopefully next year they will be back in the best league again:)

Saturday was a relaxing day, not doing much. In the evening a friend of ours stopped by, and we watched the Danish Music Awards... I must admit I didn't know a lot of those new Danish artists, well then I heard some of the songs I had heard them before, but I had no idea who was singing them... I guess I don't listen much to the radio anylonger! But it was a great show, and the 2 guys hosting it was the best!

Sunday we went to visit and friend of mine from Kindergarten and her husband. They had prepared the best lunch... we had tapas and I couldn't stop eating, so I ended up skipping my dinner last night:) We had a really nice time, and got to catch up again, we haven't seen each other since our Survivor party in August.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and have a great week:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Happy Day!

Today is a happy day... Frank got a called around noon, and on November 14th he is starting a new job:)
Last Tuesday someone called him in for a interview, it all went by really fast. He got the phone call in the afternoon, had the interview in the evening, got a contract which said he had a job by November 1st but only if the company got this big order from a windmill company. I decided not to blog about it this time, so that I wouldn't jinx it (I'm not superstitious, but I figured it was worth a try). Then Friday he got a call, the company didn't get the big order, so he couldn't offer him a job! Then this Tuesday evening another company called and asked if they could send his CV to windmill company, because they were bidding on a job. Yesterday the company from last week called, and said they were bidding on a job again, and if Frank was still interested, they would like to have him. Though none of the places would hear anything before sometime next week. Then today the company from last week called and said they had a job for him no matter what, they didn't want to loose him:)

So now the contract is signed, and we can relax for the next 1½ week, before Frank starts work. The best thing is that it was the job he wanted the most he got, so today is a really good day. So we celebrated by going out for lunch.

Have a great early weekend everyone:)