Friday, January 29, 2010

The simple things

I came across a blog called Soul Aperture, she had post about the simple things, and for every other blogger that leaves a comment and make their own simple things post she and her family will donate $1 to doctors without borders. So here it is, my list of simple things.

  • Pancakes with nutella and banana
  • Watching my sleeping cats
  • Going to the gym
  • A warm cup of fresh coffee
  • The excitement of reading the blogs I follow
  • Discovering new blogs
  • Seeing the sun on a winter day
  • Looking through old pictures
  • E-mails from old friends
  • Watching desperate housewives
  • Watching the European championship in Handball (not so much last night, when Denmark lost to Croatia)
  • The excitement of starting a new job on Monday
  • The feeling of lying down in a bed with new clean sheets
  • Being able to drink a glass of water straight from the tap
  • Reading a good book

Well I could continue this forever, but that was at least some of my simple things.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pancakes with nutella and banana...

Well ever since I posted my last post I haven't been able get the pancakes with nutella and bananas of my mind... It for sure didn't help that Wendy posted a comment with a link to the menu from our favourite place in Ljubljana Cafe Romeo. So I went shopping and made myself a pancake with nutella and banana:D Here it is...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's in the mail

I got an e-mail from Katiegh over at {poprocks} receiving my book swap partner. I got Marchelle from a girls world. I haven't seen her blog before, but I'm looking forward to reading more about her and her world. I just got back from the post office, and my book is now in the mail for her, and hopefully she will like it...
I'm done with sorting papers but it took me most of Monday and half of Tuesday to get it done, well in one of the boxes I found some old letters that my husband and I had written to each other. After we had dated for about 6 or 7 months I was off to Slovenia as a part of my studies, so we wrote each other really long letters. I had completely forgotten about them, but then I found them, I had to read them... and with me writing letters 6-8 pages long, well it took a bit of time to get through them. But fun relive all the memories, though I didn't always have much to tell, so a lot of it was where I had eaten dinner, where we had been drinking beer or that Wendy and I had been to Café Romeo and had got pancakes with nutella and bananas... no wonder I gained weight over those 4 months...
Now I'm looking forward to springtime, the weather really sucks now. I thought the snow was bad, but now its just above freezing, so the snow is starting to melt and its raining outside... so I hate to say it, but I would prefer the snow and the sun from yesterday, instead of the cloudy raining weather today...

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well the first week of my vacation is over, and I got one week left. Lets face it, I did pretty much nothing last thing, besides from going to the gym 3 times and a few loads of laundry, I did nothing... what a great feeling, just have time to do nothing. My motto last week was "tomorrow I'm going to do nothing, I did that today too, but I didn't finish..." Well I got other plans this week, got to get things done, like sorting all different kind of papers from the bank, insurance etc. maybe a bit of cleaning, and for sure some more laundry. So I guess I don't have time for blogging, need to get started on sorting papers...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Book Swap

I have just joined a book swap over at poprocks, you should check it out. She has the amazing idea that you should send a book that have had some kind of meaning in you life, or a book that somehow describes you to another blogger, and you will receive a book from another blogger as well. How exciting is that?

I got hooked on the idea right away, and I have now found a good and meaningful book in English, so I'm ready to get my partner. I always have a few books on my wish list for my birthday and for Christmas (this year I had 5 on there). For Christmas I got lots of clothes, earrings and an electric toothbrush which I'm all happy with, but no books... Everyone had been thinking the same, "we always give her books, and she always gets at least 2 of the same, so this year she is getting something else"... Nice of them to think about me not having to go to the stores between Christmas and New Year to swap my presents, but now I miss something to read. So the book swap came at the right time... If you want to join, you have to hurry, you can enter the book swap until the 20th of January.

Ohh, for every person entering the book swap she will be donating a book to a local childrens shelter, so even if you are not a bookworm that should be good reason to enter:)

My little bookworm, Gustav. Hmm guess my old schoolbooks will put you to sleep:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The end and the beginning...

Tomorrow will be my last day in my current job. I will miss most of my co-workers, but I will for sure not miss the work for now, I'm ready for change...
I'm not totally stopping in the department store, just changing to another department. I will now be in the department for gardening, tools and paint... I will be pretty much lost when I start, but I'm also super excited to try something new. I will get a really great and funny boss, the most amazing co-workers, okay that might actually come to a draw between them and my current co-workers...
It won't be starting the new job until February 1st so tomorrow afternoon will be the end of almost 2 years in the department for office applies, kitchenware and perfume, but also the beginning of my 2 week long holiday (very much needed).
Our department store won a community award in December, and for the money we won, they have hired one of most popular Danish stand up artist to perform for us for 45 minutes tomorrow morning before opening. That is so cool, I almost can't wait:D
Enjoy your weekend...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How hard can it be...

Well for quite a while I have been looking at all these different pearls etc. that people use for making jewelry. Well I ended up thinking how hard can it be to make these, by now almost everyone makes them, so why not give it a try? This week they have different pearls, and other jewellery making things on sale in the store that I work in, so today I bought just the basics and gave it a try...

Well its actually not that hard, but harder than I thought it would be. But I will for sure be continuing, I believe practice makes perfect. Tonight I have made 2 pairs, and would love to make more, but I have stopped for now, because I only have one colour pearls, different shapes and sizes, but just one colour, and who wants 20 pair on dark beige earrings?

Well here is some pictures of the earrings I made...

My first pair of homemade earrings:)

My second pair of homemade earrings

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Pictures

A few New Years Eve pictures, more might follow...

A Danish Tradition with table bombs with confetti, and this was a big one...

Me trying to blow a whistle...

Me and my sister in law with Dracula teeth...
Some of the fireworks at midnight

More fireworks...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

2009 have ended and 2010 have begun, and what a beginning, we had a blast of a party at our place (pictures will follow soon). I had been working long days the last few days, so I had feared that by midnight I would be too drunk to see the fireworks, but somehow the alcohol didn't hit that hard, and instead of getting tired, I got more energy. We celebrated New Year with a friend of mine from kindergarten and her husband, my husbands sister and 4 of her friends. The best thing was my friend and her husband sleeping over, and they helped clean up this morning, so then they left at noon, the dishes were done, the floor vacuumed, empty bottles removed etc. So all that was for left for us to do, was to relax and eat the leftovers of our fab dinner.

Looking back on 2009 its been a year with ups and downs. In April we got married, and had a wedding better than we could have imagined it. In the church my old conductor played a few hymns, and it was hard to keep the tears away while walking into the church hearing him play. Unfortunately I never got to properly thank him for it, just 2 weeks later he suddenly died from an infection, and we all (the old brass band) played at his funeral.
My husband and I in front of the place we had our wedding

This summer we spent our vacation visiting a friend working and living in Singapore for a few years, and from there we went to Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. It was the most amazing vacation, getting away from everything at home, I guess I at that time all ready was getting tired and stressed about work. It had not been one of our big wishes to go to Asia, but then the opportunity to visit a friend came up we took it, and I must say Asia is a lot more than I had imagined.

Me in front of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

2009 was also the year I turned 30, and in August we arranged a theme party, the theme being the TV show "Survivor", we had split the guests into 2 teams a red and a blue team. They then had to compete in different small competitions as eating with chopsticks, diving for apples in a bucket, solving sodukos etc. It was such and success that it now will be an annual thing.

The red team at our survivor party

The blue team at our survivor party

August was also the month that I got enough of my work, and I broke down crying, told them I couldn't handle it any longer. Most of them were really understanding, and I they tried finding something else for me, which I will be starting in February.

The last part of the year has work wise been some long months, but I can now begin to see the end of it. On the home front this year has been one of the best, only with a few bad things happening. So my wishes for 2010 it that it will be just as good, and it all ready looks to be a good one, we have at least 1 or 2 weddings we are attending in 2010. One of them is my brothers, he proposed on Christmas Eve. The other wedding are we still a bit unsure if we are attending, its a Finnish friend of mine from my time as an Au pair in Maryland, USA, who is getting married. She now lives in Canada and they are probably having the wedding in The Dominican Republic, and I would love to got, but I just have to figure out how we can arrange our vacation and the economic side of it as well. We have also planned a summer vacation to USA, so the look out for 2010 is good, and I how it can full fill my expectations.