Monday, June 4, 2012

I think I am ready...

Our suitcases are packed, well most of it, just missing the last minute things. So I actually think I am now ready for our vacation:) 

Today is actually my birthday, and at work I had some of the most boring assignments, which I told my boss I thought should be forbidden on your birthday, to which he just laughed, and said it would be nice if it was done before I went on vacation! Anyways it turned out to be pretty rewarding in the end, but I still hope that I don't get those assignments again on my next birthday. 

I was meant to be working all day until 10.00 pm today, but a really sweet co-worker thought that since I had been working all weekend, it was my birthday and I was going on vacation, well she offered a few weeks back to work for me, which I really appreciate now:)

I guess all that is left to say is.... "Scotland here we come!"


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Happy Birthday, Connie! I hope you have an amazing time in Scotland!

  3. happy birthday!
    have fun in scotland, i just got back from my trip there....if only it wasnt so cold....

  4. Happy birthday! I hope you have a blast on your trip sweets.


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