Monday, November 3, 2014

Finally, it's official!

Finally I'm able to blog about what has been on my mind for a couple of months. Which is probably also why I haven't been blogging much lately.

On Friday I handed in my resignation at work. I had a bit of mixed feelings about it. I have been there for 12 years, and I have loved it, but over the last year I have become more and more sick and tired of it... So I figured it was about time for me to move on, but move on to what? I had days where I just wanted to quit, but the reason in me stopped me from doing so before I had another job. 

Then just before my summer vacation our former head of stock came by, and we talked for a while. He mentioned he soon would need more employees at the new place he was at now, so if I was interested I should give him a call. I told him that he caugth me on a good day, and I wasn't going anywhere, mostly because my boss was standing next to me.

During my summer vacation it kept popping up in my mind, but I could decide what to do. When after my vacation I had a really bad day, and to top it off my boss made a comment about my mood, which just pissed me even more of. So I was talking to a girl from another department, and I mentioned that I should just go ahead a contact this guy, I just needed to get hold of him phone number. To which she replied "I have his number"... well it turned out he had just started his vacation, but as soon as he was back I contacted him.

It all dragged out a bit, but then last week he called and said he could give my a contract by Thursday so I could hand in my resignation on Friday. 

So by December 1st I'm starting working at Viking Life Saving Equipment, where I will be receiving goods. I will no longer have to work evenings or weekends, and will be off work between Christmas and New Year, not having to work on holidays... I can't wait. 

Though having to hand in my resignation was the hardest thing I had to do in while... it's been a great place to work, but by stopping now I can look back at 12 good years, but I'm afraid that if I had stayed the bad would outweigh the good things, and I would look back at 13 bad years, even if the first 11 years had been super. Though I have to say goodbye to a lot of great colleagues, but as the girl from the other department said, the ones you really are going to miss are the ones you are seeing outside work all ready, so that isn't really going to change,

If you made it through this loooong post I congratulate you:) Just so the post won't be all pictures I will leave you with a picture of Jonas dressed like a bat for Halloween.

Not the best picture, since it was a bit dark in the morning. But I had to get a picture of him before him going to Early Years. In the evening we went trick and treating with a few of the other kids from his daycare who lives close by. I was a really nice start to the weekend. 

Happy belated Halloween.


  1. Jeg håber, at du kommer til at trives i dit nye job. Dejligt at du får "normale" arbejdstider.

  2. Good for you, you need to go somewhere that makes you happy.


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