Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Birds and beads

One of Jonas' teachers are moving to Sweden, she is from Venezuela and married to a Swede, now their dream of moving to Sweden one day has come true, and she will be leaving the school on Friday.

I started thinking that I wanted to make her a gift. I decided to crochet a Kay Bojesen bird for her. Jonas chose the colours, and made a matching peg board heart of hama beads (which I forgot to get a picture of before we wrapped it).

While making the bird, I came to think that after the summer, Jonas will "loose" all the teachers he has now, so it wasn't really fair only to make a bird for Miss Sabrina. So I decided to make one for all the teachers and teaching assistants, which makes a total of 6.

I ended up making them all over the weekend, which now results in me having a sore wrist! So I have to keep the crocheting to a minimum the next few days, which is so hard! Jonas also made a card for Miss Sabrina, and she will be getting it all tomorrow, since Jonas won't be there the rest of the week, because we will be in London:) which I'm really excited about, we gave my parents a trip to London for their 50th wedding anniversary in December.

So I will not be bringing my crochet hooks or yarn to London, it will be my time to rest my wrist:)

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  1. They're so cute! I crocheted stuffed owls for a bunch of brand new babies which was fun and also my first crocheting project.


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