Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Birds and beads

One of Jonas' teachers are moving to Sweden, she is from Venezuela and married to a Swede, now their dream of moving to Sweden one day has come true, and she will be leaving the school on Friday.

I started thinking that I wanted to make her a gift. I decided to crochet a Kay Bojesen bird for her. Jonas chose the colours, and made a matching peg board heart of hama beads (which I forgot to get a picture of before we wrapped it).

While making the bird, I came to think that after the summer, Jonas will "loose" all the teachers he has now, so it wasn't really fair only to make a bird for Miss Sabrina. So I decided to make one for all the teachers and teaching assistants, which makes a total of 6.

I ended up making them all over the weekend, which now results in me having a sore wrist! So I have to keep the crocheting to a minimum the next few days, which is so hard! Jonas also made a card for Miss Sabrina, and she will be getting it all tomorrow, since Jonas won't be there the rest of the week, because we will be in London:) which I'm really excited about, we gave my parents a trip to London for their 50th wedding anniversary in December.

So I will not be bringing my crochet hooks or yarn to London, it will be my time to rest my wrist:)

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

12 MOC June

Back in February I got a text from my brother with a picture he had seen on facebook. It was 4 people wearing crocheted shorts! I had seen it before, and I had laughed at it as well. My brother texted me the picture asking if I could make him a pair. I figured he was joking, and just responed "off course, if you pay the yarn".

We texted a bit over a couple of days, and it turned out he was serious! And I was in trouble, I have never made anything without a recipe, and I could find one online!

I decided to just give it a shut, but first I had another project to finish. It kept rotating in the back of my mind how to do it, I talked to a friend of mine, who is superb at sewing. She guided me to make a blanket, sew fabric on the back, cut the out and sew the together.... Luckily she agreed to help:)

All the trouble I had to go through to get them done... First I had not bought enough fabric, then the blanket wasn't big enough.... When we finally got them finished, the legs turned out to be too wide, so back to the sewing maching (which by the way isn't my strong side).
I took the picture with my phone and are now in the Ipad so you will have to make do with a screen dump from Instagram.
I finished them, now his challenge is to wear them:) a fun project, but not one I would do again:)

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