Thursday, August 19, 2010

Survivor weekend!

I'm getting ready for our annually "Survivor" theme party, I'm allowed to called it annually since we had it last year, and we plan on having it the next many years as well. It's this Saturday, and all the guests have been divided into 2 teams, the red and the blue team. They are going to compete in different challenges, and they have all ready received their first challenge, which is to make a team mascot. I will let you in on the price (only because I don't any of them are reading my blog), the winning team will get a full brunch, with eggs, bacon, sausages, waffles etc. The losers not so much brunch, they will have oatmeal and cornflakes... after brunch or cornflakes they will start really to compete, and one by one they will be voted off. Because like the TV show, there can only be one winner.
Just a few pictures from last year. We are having the party in the garage, which actually looked better than we expected when planning the party.When the guests arrived they started out at the patio with drinks, red and blue drinks of course...
One of the challenges was to shoot goals blindfolded, which I guess was a bit harder than we thought, because the guy in the picture was the only one who scored.
Another challenge was to dive for apples, plums etc. which was won by the blue team, this guy gave it all in order to win, though the red team didn't put up much of a fight:)
Like the TV show they much go on the plank. I guess she was a bit smarter, and went up there barefooted, which gave her the victory! GIRL POWER!

I'm really excited about the party, last year it was a huge success, and everyone had so much fun, which they hopefully will have again this year.

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