Thursday, August 12, 2010

A few vacation photos

I guess it's time for me to finally post some of our photos from our trip. But for some reason my Internet connection is really slow, so I will just post a few photos and see how long I care to wait for them, so it might not be too many, but I will try to capture the highlights of the trip.
The first picture is Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino in Singapore, come on that is one crazy building... when we were here last year they were only starting the buildings, but we didn't expect to see this when we got back! We didn't really do a lot of sightseeing in Singapore due to having seen most of it last year so that was mainly spent shopping and relaxing.
One of the statues that stands by the river in Singapore is kids jumping in the water, and I figured it would be fun to take a picture with me pushing them into the water, which resulted in my sister in law and my husband calling me "mean Connie".
After 3 days in Singapore we continued to Borneo where we spent the next 5 days at the beautiful "Damai Beach Resort".
The place was perfect for relaxing, either by the pool, and at the beach which was just on the other sides of the pool chairs.
Every night we could enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach over the Chinese Ocean. You can't really capture it in a picture, it was just breathtaking.
In Borneo we went on some trips, one of the days we went to a wildlife rehabilitation center, where we saw orangutans at feeding time. I was so amazed by them, they were just hanging in their arms as if that was the easiest and most relaxing thing in the world. The looked really cute, but I doubt you should get too close, especially to a mama orangutan, they say they become really hostile if you annoy them... so I tried to stay on their good side, which seemed to work:)
One of the days we went to Bako National Park, in order to go there you had to go on a long boat, which my Sister in Law wasn't too fond of, since she is afraid of water and can't swim. As you can imagine seeing the above sign before getting on board the boat didn't really calm her down. I was trying really hard not to laugh at her, I know that is so mean, but I just can't imagine how you can be afraid of water, as a kid I loved going swimming. Most other fears I can relate to, but being afraid of water... sorry that just seems so far away from something I should be scared of.

At the national park we go to see the proboscis monkey, which only lives here wild. Just as the orangutans they were really cute, and even my sister in law thought that sight was worth the boat trip. They are amazing to watch, they seem so human like, and just as we were taking pictures it was like it said "That's enough" and it pulled a branch in front of it self like a curtain... I guess it had had enough of the paparazzies:)

We were eating our lunch at the national park, but my husband ended up eating standing up. There were a lot of small and angry monkeys trying to steal your food, and after they stole my husbands two bananas and his banana cake he had had enough, and was protecting the rest of us trying to fight of the monkeys with a stick. Without the stick they were just getting closer and showing the teeth at him. I do think he kind of enjoyed hunting monkeys... at least he could get some anger out of the system:)

On our last day on Borneo we went of a city tour of Kuching. Our guide told us that Kuching meant "cat city", and they sure love their cats, they had a whole cat museum. At the entrance you could take your picture with your face in the hole of a cat, and of course my sister in law and I had to have our picture taken, the whole thing just seemed so tacky you had to do it:)

After Borneo we spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur, but since we had also visited Kuala Lumpur last year we didn't do much here either besides a little shopping and a lot of relaxing. But of course you have to have you picture taken in front of the "Petronas Towers".

After a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur we headed home. I love to travel, but its also good to be back home. I hope you enjoy my vacation:)


  1. Oh my gosh, it looks positively heavenly! So glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. wow! that looks like the best vacation ever! what a lucky girl you are! i hope your life isn't too dull now in comparison to that fabulous trip. :)

  3. Oh my goodness what AWESOME pictures!! Looks like a fun vacation!!

  4. This is such a great post!! My moms always called me 'a wild woman from Borneo' when I was growing up. I don't know why...too funny.
    My aunt was in the military and after she retired, she lived in Kuala Lumpur for a few years. She said it was absolutely beautiful, but was glad to come home to the States. I've seen some of her pics and I would agree, the scenery is breathtaking. :)
    Sounds like you had an amazing the pic of you being 'mean Connie'. :)


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