Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am watching way too much TV

But hey when you are on maternity leave, and stuck at home without a car, well besides from cleaning and cooking there isn't much to do, and who wants to be cleaning and cooking? But I must admit the daytime TV here is not so much fun, you can only take a certain amount of Dr. Phil and According to Jim.

We have this extra channel that changes every month or so. It shows a channel that we don't have, and at the moment there is a channel that shows a lot of shows that I haven't seen before, which really beats watching Americas Next Top Model rerun for the 5th or 6th time.

So I am watching "The Cake Boss" and what can I say, those cakes are amazing. Though today
they dropped a sweet 16 cake down the stairs, and I must admit my heart skipped a few beats... yep that's how much I get caught up with a TV show:) They ended putting another cake together for Lexi in just 2 hours...
I wish Buddy and his team live a little closer... on the other hand I would be eating cake all the time, so probably a good thing he is so far away.

I am also watching "Jon & Kate + 8", which they are now called "Kate + 8" so I guess they split up... yeah I didn't see what happend, but with 8 kids I think I would be too scared to leave my husband!

Well that was just a bit of what was on my mind right now:)


  1. omg Jon & Kate are a total train wreck. They were fun to watch the first couple of seasons but after a while I wanted to slap both of them, haha. I feel bad for the kids though...poor poor kids.

  2. LOL this post was great for my persisting headache. I need to watch more TV!

  3. I LOVE Cake Boss! It always makes me hungry though.

  4. The cakes are so incredible! I cannot even imagine how much time they take to create!


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