Monday, November 7, 2011

A nice weekend:)

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. It seems like after knowing that Frank has a job from November 14th, well we just seemed to be able to enjoy his time off a bit more. Friday night Frank went to see our local soccer team play their last home game for the season, and they won 4-1 and are currently number 1, though that is not too impressive since last year they were last and had to go to another league, but hopefully next year they will be back in the best league again:)

Saturday was a relaxing day, not doing much. In the evening a friend of ours stopped by, and we watched the Danish Music Awards... I must admit I didn't know a lot of those new Danish artists, well then I heard some of the songs I had heard them before, but I had no idea who was singing them... I guess I don't listen much to the radio anylonger! But it was a great show, and the 2 guys hosting it was the best!

Sunday we went to visit and friend of mine from Kindergarten and her husband. They had prepared the best lunch... we had tapas and I couldn't stop eating, so I ended up skipping my dinner last night:) We had a really nice time, and got to catch up again, we haven't seen each other since our Survivor party in August.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and have a great week:)


  1. Wow! You're still in contact with a friend from kindergarten?! That is so awesome! Relaxing weekends can be great, and I bet you were all the more relaxed because of the good news about Frank's job! How's Jonas doing?

  2. I'm with Vanisha, I can't believe you're still in touch with someone from kindergarten. That's awesome!

  3. yay for Frank's new job! That's such good news!


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