Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas is over...

I almost tend to say Christmas is finally over... as much as I love Christmas, I am also happy that it is over. Those days over Christmas has been busy, filled with lots of people, we have enjoyed their company, but now it's enough... for Jonas at least, the last couple of days he has been exhausted, and have been sleeping a lot, I guess he has a lot to catch up on.
Christmas was crazy, he got a million presents, and the sad thing is he doesn't get why, and he is mostly interested in the wrapping paper...
Here is just a few pictures from our Christmas days. We decided that Jonas should get his presents little by little, instead of all at once. So on the 23rd he opened the first present from my parents. The little car itself wasn't really the most interesting thing, but the plastic orange in the little basket was his favourite... especially if someone would pick it up when he threw it:) A friend of mine had bought him some Lego Duplo (her husband just started working at Lego), he got that present in the morning on the 24th, but at first he loved the paper, until we got the box opened and he could throw the blocks... My brother went crazy and got him a train that rides on tracks that takes up half the floor space in the living room. Jonas likes to ride the train some of the time, but not if he is too tired. All the "boring" gifts as clothes, shoes, books etc. for him we opened while we opened our presents in the evening of the 24th. On the 26th we went to a family Christmas party at my parents house, and my cousin and his girlfriend brought along Jonathan who is 4 months older than Jonas. He is walking and starting to talk, which meant every time he saw a santa figure he went "ho ho ho". Though it doesn't look like any of them like to be photographed during lunch...
The next couple of days will be spent relaxing and getting ready for New Years Eve. We are spending NYE at some friends, which we also did last year. The will be lots of adults and kids, though most of the kids are between 10-15, but I guess they can be babysitters for the smaller kids;) Though I am staying sober so I can drive home, because it is usually hell getting a taxi on NYE and I can't be bothered with all the trouble with getting the car seat in the taxi etc. I can have fun without drinking... I did last year, so I will again this year.
Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. It's scary how quick they grow! Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas card Connie, I loved it. I hope 2012 is a beautiful year for you and your family.

    Happy new year!


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