Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm still here...

I haven't disappeared completely, but I seem to have been hit by a bloggers block.
Well sort of, when I get an idea of what to blog about I either don't have the time or the energy to do it, and when I have the time and energy to blog... well then I don't have the ideas!

Since my last post nothing much have happened, I have been working, spending time with my family and I guess that is pretty much it! Though I don't know when I will be blogging again, because now the weather is finally great here in Denmark, maybe a bit too hot. So the next couple of days I will be enjoy the weather, because we never know how long it will last.

Though I will leave you with a picture from this weekend of Jonas in his sandbox, I guess that sums up pretty good what we have been doing the last couple of weeks. I know I said the weather was great here, and he is wearing a sweater, but on Saturday I wasn't as hot as it is now.

Ohh and another BIG thing has happened since my last post, Jonas has started walking... well at least a few steps, but he is taking a few extra steps every day now, so pretty soon he will be running around:)


  1. It's so great to have another Connie and Jonas post. I can't get over how much he has grown. When you and I become friends he was just a tiny little one and now you're talking about steps, and walking and running! How time flies. Please do enjoy the sunshine and the warmth for me@ We're heading into winter and the mornings are already -5, and we didn't even have much of a summer to begin with!

  2. Cutest photo ever! He's so happy to let you take his photo haha.

  3. This is a great photo of Jonas! SO cute!

  4. Aww, this little man has grown so much! I love his sweater. You know, I find that when I'm in the mood to blog or if I have a bit of time I'll start a couple of posts, individual ones, just ideas etc. I try to get some content in and then I come back to them later when I have a bit of time. At the moment I have about 12 draft posts, none of them close to being complete but it does make it easier to finish them because they have been started ;)

    1. Maybe I should start different posts as well, that way it should be easier blogging:) Thanks for the advice:)


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