Friday, December 20, 2013

Is Christmas really just 4 days away?

Okay I can't believe that Christmas is just 4 short days away... the last couple of weeks have just been crazy/busy. It seems like the only day I had off was last Wednesday, which Jonas and I spent driving the bus into town, go swimming and ride the bus back. He thought it was so much fun, and was extremely tired afterwards, so tired he fell asleep on the bus ride back home:)
Otherwise it's been a mix of work and different Christmas gatherings. Then last my parents called that my uncle had passed away. He had been sick for quite a while, and when he passed away he was all prepared for it. He had talked to his 2 sons, his brothers (my father), and was ready to go. He was sure he was going to meet up with his wife again. I started to worry that the funeral would be on Saturday, where I was working. It was a really busy weekend, and would pretty much be impossible to trade away. Well the funeral ended up being this Tuesday, which was my day off. It was a really beautiful funeral, and nice to see lots of my family which we only see every second year at family reunions, though the occasion could have been better.

Though since I had planned to get a lot done on Tuesday, so I could get ready for  Christmas, well I was left a little behind. Though driving 1½ hour each way did put me a bit in the Christmas mood, I finally got time to listen to my Christmas Cd's. Luckily I have the weekend off, and will be getting the rest ready for Christmas. My parents will arrive on Sunday, so my mum will help get a little cleaning done, and cook Christmas dinner. 

On Christmas Eve we will be 10 people here for dinner and opening gifts. Both our parents, my brother and Franks brother and sister. So in case I don't get around to blogging again before Christmas, which I probably won't, the Merry Christmas everyone:)

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