Friday, December 6, 2013


Finally the weekend has arrived... as much as I love my job, this week has been loooong... well probably because I was working till midnight Friday and was out partying  on Saturday. 

Tonight my husband is at his company's Christmas party, so Jonas and I have been hanging out and having fun. For me dinner when home alone is almost always nachos... I love nachos, and my husband, well not so much, he sees it as a snack. Well let's just say I don't mind my dinner being a snack... a large snack. As always I end up making to big a portion, but my eyes can always eat more than my stomach.

Since Jonas isn't into nachos either, well he like the tortilla chips, but you can't feed your kid that for dinner (yeah I know double standards). He had a piece of bread/sandwich and a yogurt, and as a Friday treat he was allowed to eat in front of the TV. 

Sorry for the poor quality of photos, blame it on my phone!
We really know how to rock a Friday night when daddy is out:) Have a great weekend everyone!

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