Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day and the Eurovison

So almost 2 weeks away from blogging, can you believe one third of May has all ready gone! 
Well happy mothers day to all mothers out there. Jonas had made a mothers day gift for me at daycare, it was all wrapped when Frank picked him up on Friday, but since I was closing and not home until after bedtime, well I guess the wait was too long, and he unwrapped it for me:)
A little candlelight holder, and I love the card, which I think I will use as a bookmark. Today Jonas and I spent the day in Legoland.

 Frank had some work to catch up on, and Jonas and I needed to go to Legoland once more before our vacation, because if you come 3 times before June 1st you will get a free ticket for a friend. 

Last night we were watching the Eurovision, it was a bit exciting, since Denmark was hosting the show. Last time we hosted it was in 2001, back then the hosts kept rhyming, which was a bit embarrassing. This year... well they weren't rhyming, but they tried to be funny, making a song etc. and well again they failed. I honestly don't think we are capable of hosting such a big event.

My favorite song was the Netherlands, but unfortunately it only got 2nd place. I'm not sure what to think about the winner Conchita Wurst, the bearded lady. She/he sang very well, it was a good song, but I can't help thinking if she/he would have won if she didn't have a beard, and if it had "just" been a beautiful lady singing. Anyways congratulations to Conchita, and I hope Austria will be a better job hosting the Eurovision next year.
We ended up watching the Eurovision on a smaller channel, the main channel was showing it as usual, but their sister channel was showing it as well, and the commentators were 2 guys who has their own radio show. They are hilarious, and all their comments just made us laugh. They had been given a set of rules where they weren't allowed to talk politics, they weren't allowed to talk about their favorite etc. Well they broke a few rules, but hey they said what we all were thinking... who wouldn't comment on Ukraine and Russia given each other point?

Well hope you all had a great weekend. 

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  1. That is so cute that Jonas opened your present for you! Too funny!


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