Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is so close...

I can't believe that Christmas is so close... I haven't completely gotten into the spirit of Christmas yet, though the snow we have been getting over the past 5 days have helped. Though I can't remember when we last had snow for Christmas in Denmark, so in some way I would like it to stay till Christmas, but I would also like a bit warmer weather, go global warming! The past 2 weeks have gone by so fast, I have finished my Christmas shopping, and that might be good because it looks like I will be working a lot the next 3 days, and have been working a lot the past 1 weeks.
I had Monday off this week, though I didn't do much, since I had been working late Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and went to a Christmas get together with some former colleagues on Sunday night, which I really enjoyed. So on Monday I was sleeping till 10.30 and went to the gym, which was a bit surreal, first there was only 4 others there, and these 4 were all over the age of 60, and talking about their grand kids. So I just kept to myself, finished my training, a bit faster than normal, and went home. The rest of the day I spent wrapping my presents and taking care of the sofa and the TV, they had missed me much that weekend:)
Though nothing much have been on TV the past 2 weeks, well not that the screen have been black, but I think about 80% of what was shown on the main 2 Danish channels have been about the COP15, all the talk about global warming just got enough, they had a journalist in the airport looking out for Air Force One and Obama, but lets face its not all that interesting.
In hope of getting in the Christmas spirit within the next 3 days, I wish you all a merry Christmas...


  1. Hope you and Frank have a very merry Christmas Connie! I did something terrible this morning - I was so upset - I broke my Studenski Services Ljubljana mug (the one with the dancing dragon). It fell on the floor and broke into a million pieces, so I can't even glue it back together :( It's my fault for not being very awake and trying to make coffee whilst still half asleep!

  2. I know what you mean, I somehow got a blue and a white mug with me back from Slovenia, and a few years ago Frank borrowed it to work, and now its lost... so I only have a blue one left, and he is for sure not borrowing that one...


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