Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas is here...

Ohh Christmas is here, and I'm a bit excited, almost like when I was a kid. The snow is still here, though starting to melt, but its a white Christmas:)

We are spending Christmas eve at my husbands parents together with his sister. We take turns spending Christmas at my parents and at his parents, I think its the 3rd time we are spending it at his parents, and this time I'm more excited about it than usual, I must be getting older and more mature... but lets face it, Christmas at mum and dads are just a tiny bit better;)

So tonight we are at his parents, with the big dinner and all the presents, and tomorrow we are going to my parents for a few days, and more presents waiting, because I haven't been able to meet up with my brother before Christmas, so their presents are waiting tomorrow.

And then on Sunday I'll be back to work, and taking back all the things people have been given, and they don't want, need, fits or have got several of, somehow by then the real joy of Christmas has gone...

Well until when I'm going to enjoy a White Christmas, with carols, candy and presents, yeah... Merry Christmas everybody...

Our backyard covered in snow

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