Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drunk or a kid? answers!

Okay here we go with my answers, I guess some of the stories might need a little explanation...

1. Kid, let's face it, if a guy had peed on me while I was drunk I wouldn't tell you about it! No this happened when I was 5 and the boy was 4, we were at his house just down the street and he told me to go home, and as annoying as I can be I stayed! So he peed on my leg, and I never played with him again! Though I am now friends with him on facebook...

2. Kid. You didn't see that one coming, I guess that could have happened when I was drunk. But it was a summer when I was at my cousins, and the boy next door was really annoying and my youngest cousin told him that I was famous and had been in a lot of cornflakes commercials and I just followed the fun. To this day my cousin still calls me Connie Cornflakes.

3. Drunk. It was on a ski trip to Austria we had won at work with a shampoo brand. Me and 2 colleagues went with about 10 other people from other stores and everything was paid for. So with everything paid right from getting on the plane to the after skiing and the taxi back, well that's just disaster waiting to happen. I got quite drunk and for some reason thought I was a ninja, maybe because I thought I so great at skiing... NOT. Anyways I tried to do a circular kick and ended up falling and spraining something in my thigh, though I didn't realise until the day after, I guess the alcohol was covering for the pain.

4. Drunk. That was at my bachelorette party, we were split into 2 teams and had to compete in a lot of different game. One of them I had to compete with another girl in who could fit the most marshmallows in her mouth. I had to go first, which I to this day still think is unfair, and when I reached 12 she was looking at me a bit scared, but I was thinking, of course she is, I would do the same in hope of her stopping so I could beat her. So I continued and ended up with 23, and then it was her turn she only got to 13. I was drunk at the time, but I would do it again if I was competing with someone.
I don't have a picture of me with the marshmallows in my mouth, but I have one with the stripper. He was so fun and it was so awkward at first, but I got another drink, and I guess my inner porn star came out;)

Thanks for playing along, and thank you Carrie for posting about this fun game!

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