Sunday, April 18, 2010

I feel great, but where is the hangover?

We had a party with work last night at my place, we had a blast! I got just a tiny bit drunk, and got to bed at 3 a.m.
I couldn't really sleep and at 8 a.m. I was up cleaning after the party, I feel super energetic and better than ever. But I'm a bit scared, because I'm sure it will hit me at some point, and that will probably be at dinner time with my husbands parents.

I have never felt so good the day after, even if its a party where I haven't been drinking. People say their hangovers get worse the older they get, but hey if this is the way I'm going to feel, then I'm looking forward to growing old:)

I haven't made any plans for today, except for dinner at my parents in laws house, so I suddenly have a whole day extra isn't that great?

Another thing that's great is my colleagues, this is what they gave me for hosting the party.

A Le Creuset heart shaped dish filled with candy, aren't they the sweetest?

Have a lovely Sunday, I'm off to eat some leftover food from yesterday, there must be a ton of leftover food!


  1. Sounds like fun!!! Glad you had a great time, and without a hangover:)

  2. Glad you had fun and you're feeling great! Enjoy your Sunday, Connie...

  3. You are SO lucky. The opposite has definitely be happening to me the older I get!


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