Monday, April 5, 2010

A year has passed...

I can't believe that at this time a year ago we had been married for about 24 hours! Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary! We started the morning in Berlin and drove the 6 hours back, and were really tired.
The box that we weren't allowed to open until yesterday

But lets face it, none of us are really romantic, I want to be, and I love the romantic movies, but when I try to be its just not for us, it comes over all awkward. If my husband would do all these romantic things I would worry... because he has never been that way before, so why would he suddenly start! I guess that's just one of the reasons we fit together!
My husband got the box opened
But we did celebrate when we got home. At our wedding a friend of mine held a speech and in the end all the guests go a red paper heart, on which the should write something.
All ready to drink and start reading
All the hearts were put in a locked container and we weren't allowed to open it until our first anniversary! Inside the box was a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses and a whole lot of hearts.
All the hearts, just waiting to be read!
We had a lot of fun reading them. I had dreaded some of the notes, because I was sure a lot of people would write something about having kids, but there were none of that kind, but a lot of fun comments about how drunk people had got:) Here is just a few of them.

This one is from the girl who were our toastmaster, it says "I'm drunk and you paid... thanks for a great day."

A friend of my husband wrote this "You are now legally allowed to have sex"

A friend of my from Sweden, whom I got to know in the USA 12 years ago, gave us 3 bottles of wine, the first to be opened on our 1st anniversary, the second bottle is for the 3rd anniversary and the third bottle for our 5th anniversary.The bottle of wine to celebrate our first anniversary as husband and wife
But since we just go home, and hadn't planned anything for dinner we ended up eating pizza and drinking red wine. The rest of the bottle we took with us in front of the TV and watched a few movies. So we had a relaxing and fun anniversary, just like we liked it to be:)

A closeup of the wine bottle and the tag

These were some really great ideas, and it brought back some great memories. I might be using the one with the hearts for my brothers wedding, its so fun reading the thoughts of happy drunk people a year later:)

Hope you all enjoyed Easter, I for sure did, more about our trip to Berlin will follow.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What an awesome way to celebrate - I wish I had thought of it!!!

  3. I love the way that you celebrated! Happy anniversary a teensy bit late! It definitely sounds like a wonderful weekend. :)

  4. Congrats on making it an entire year! :D Those hearts are such an adorable idea, I love it!


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