Monday, February 13, 2012

Catching up...

I'm still here, and I have no excuse for not blogging for so long! The best excuse is that I haven't had much to blog about, so now I'm back doing a little catching up. So since my last post here is what has been going on.

Last Monday they called from the daycare that the woman taking care of Jonas was sick, and asked if I wanted another spot at another place for him. I figured since he was still trying to settle in and I wasn't working it was better to keep him home. It turned out she was sick all of last week, but Jonas loved staying home. So today was his first day back, and we were going to try that I would stay for a little before leaving him there, but it was like he knew I was going to leave, because he was clinging to me, crying a bit etc. So when I waved goodbye he was really upset, but after I had left it had been a little better. He was still upset, but he was in a fairly good mood while they were eating. And the best thing was when I picked him up there was no

screaming when I opened the door... he started crying a little shortly after, and went totally crazy when he saw me... but since he hadn't been there for a week she thought he had done pretty well... yeah there might still be hope...

On Thursday night I was at a clothing home party, and I got a few dresses and some leggings (this company makes the best quality of leggings). So now I'm impatiently waiting for it to arrive...

This was one of the dresses I got via

On Friday a friend of ours and his new girlfriend and their brought together 5 kids came to visit and to have a photo shoot in my husbands "studio". I figured since they were staying for dinner we would just order pizza, because who knows what they will like and more important what they don't like... and honestly cooking for 9 people just didn't seem all that fun. We have a new pizza place nearby, that make really great pizza, so we ordered 3 family sized pizzas... oh boy, did we get pizza! I think there was more than 1½ pizza left... 2 family sized pizza had been more than enough, they we bigger than most other places!
The pictures turned out pretty amazing if I have to say it, I might be a bit biased since it's my husband being the photographer.
Yesterday was my husbands birthday, which was really low key, since we figured both out families will be here in a couple of weeks for Jonas' birthday, so we will celebrate his birthday then too.

Otherwise I have been crocheting and I am also in the process of making a purple purse of coffee bags, but more about that another day.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Happy belated birthday to your husband! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I've never heard of a clothing home party. That's such a good idea! Cute dress!

  3. Birthday wishes being sent to your husband!! I love the picture, such a big family!! I hope you have a wonderful week too :)

  4. Do you celebrate valentines day where you live?

    1. Well I guess the flower shops etc. are trying to get us to celebrate valentines day. I think it's catching on more, though I personally think it's a bit too American, don't get me wrong I loved living in USA for a year, and celebrating all the holidays and traditions. But as well as Halloween is gaining popularity so is Valentines Day, but since I'm not the romantic type Valentines Day just isn't my cup of tea:)


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