Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vacation time...

Yeah I haven't even started working again, and I am all ready thinking about our next vacation. we have ordered the plane tickets, and made reservation for a hotel in Edinburgh, so I get to meet Wendy again. We first met back in 2002 when we both were studying in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She came to visit in 2004, and since we haven't seen each other, so in about 3 months we will be flying into Edinburgh, and I am super excited.
Wendy and I in front of a statue in Ljubljana in 2002
It's amazing how things changes, before we got Jonas we would get the plane ticket and a cheap hotel with an okay location, but it didn't really matter what else was at the hotel. This time we wanted a place that offered breakfast, there should be parking since we want to rent a car, but it should also be located very central since we don't want to drive every time we need to go somewhere. It was also important that it was possible for us to heat water for Jonas' bottles, and we found a hotel that had all we wanted, so we are now ready to go... well the 2 biggest things are ready.
Wendy and I in Legoland in 2004

So now I can pretty much start counting the days to seeing Wendy again, and to meet her little Elsie:)


  1. How exciting! I love planning vacations and going on them ;) Off to check out Wendy's blog - aren't blogger meet ups great?!

  2. How fun! I love having a vacation to look forward to!


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