Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nearly there...

It's almost time for me to have another vacation... well one more day of work left, and I will be off for 2 whole weeks:) I can't wait! We don't have any big plans, except Legoland and the zoo. 

Frank and Jonas started their vacation last Friday, so it has been kind of boring going to work this whole week. But then after my first week off Frank will have to go back to work, so then I will be able to enjoy not having to get ready in the morning:)

I have almost started counting the hours:) Now all I need is the weather to turn a bit better:) Have a great weekend everyone:)


  1. Another vacation? Label me severely jealous.

    1. Yeah we are pretty lucky in Denmark, we got 6 weeks paid vacation every year. We might bitch about the high taxes (around 45%) but then we have free healthcare, paid maternity leave for a year and a lot of other good stuff:)

  2. Enjoy that time off! I'm trying not to count down the hours until the three weeks I have off in September!


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