Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer is here:)

Well summer has arrived. So far the whole week it has been bright and sunny, and I have started to tan a little. 

On Monday my parents came to visit and we went to the zoo, of course we didn't bring a camera, but here is a picture of Jonas and the goats from when we went with the daycare in the middle of June (it was raining therefore the rain suit). We had fun in the zoo and afterwards we went to a fish restaurant for lunch.

Yesterday and today we have been relaxing, enjoying the nice weather. Though today it has been a bit too hot (I know I shouldn't be complaining when the sun is finally shining). Tomorrow we are visiting my parents in law in their summerhouse on a little island (fanoe) just outside Esbjerg. 

Otherwise we don't have any big plans for the rest of the week, though by Saturday it looks like the summer is gone again, so I will enjoy the summer to the fullest the next few days.


  1. What a sweet picture! Enjoy the time at the lake house!

  2. What a gorgeous picture! Every time anyone says 'Lake House' (Meghan's comment) I think about the movie the lakehouse! I hope the weather remains summery for you! xoxox

  3. I would love to visit a lake house! And what is hot in your part of the world? It's been in the upper 90s here - we are sweltering! I love summer though. Have a great week!

    1. Yeah I guess we don't have it hot when you are in the upper 90s, it's been somewhere between high 70s to low 80s here, but then again anything above 70 is great here. Today it's back to the low 60s again!


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