Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 years ago...

I started my job at the department store... well it was 10 years on Wednesday. So I guess it's about 10 years and a week ago I called my old boss (I had worked there after school, while studying), and asked her if she needed someone to help out at Christmas time, just until I got a real job...

10 years later I'm still there, though not in the same position any longer... I never thought I would be in the same place for that long, but the great colleagues are worth it. And I think the possibility of switching from one department to another, well that is probably why it doesn't feels like I had the same job for 10 years.

I was celebrated with breakfast with my own department and lots of gifts:) Sorry for the poor picture, my cell phone doesn't take that good pictures. I got the 3 books "Fifty Shades" which I have heard a lot about, but I haven't got around to reading yet (they just came out in Danish in the last couple of months). I had planned on putting them on my Christmas wish list, but that isn't necessary now:)

Here is to 10 more years, or should we say 5 years to start with, I do believe they also celebrate 15 years:) Have a great weekend everyone:)


  1. Aww! Congrats on 10 years! It's wonderful that you've found a place you love!

  2. Tillykke med jubilæet.
    Glæd dig til læsningen af fifty shades

  3. STORT TILLYKKE. Dejlige gaver fra kollegaerne

  4. Congratulations Connie! 10 years is a long time. I'm glad that you're in a place that you enjoy working and that celebrates your being there xoxox


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